Very often tennis players concentrate either on singles or in doubles. The universal Elena Vesnina has successfully combined both for ten years. On her account, the trophies of the Grand Slam in pairs, won the WTA tournaments without the help of partners. And in 2016, together with Ekaterina Makarova, she was able to win the final of the Games in Rio over the legendary Martin Hingis and Sabina Lisnitski and become an Olympic champion.

Game Style

Elena Vesnina stays at various tournaments steadily, not paying attention to the type of playground, but still her playing style is closer to quick coverings of the courts. She has a wonderful first serve, she aggressively acts at the reception, forcing competitors to take risks.Elena Vesnina: a talented Russian tennis player

Elena likes to immediately identify their advantage on the court. Strong blows, she tries to drive opponents from corner to corner of the court. Aggressive power actions alternate with frequent exits to the grid, which further confuses rivals.

Carier start

In the West-Ukrainian Lviv in 1986 Vesnina Elena was born. Tennis entered the life of the girl from the age of six, when her family moved to Sochi. She was engaged in a group with Yuri Yudkin, who also started with Maria Sharapova, who subsequently left for the United States.

Junior career Elena included not too many significant matches. It is possible to single out only the quarter finals of the tournament of the Junior Grand Slam, where she lost to the Bulgarian Cecil Karantachova. In addition, you can remember the performance for the national team at the Federation Cup, where together with other girls Elena Vesnina reached the finals.

Since 2002, the athlete begins to compete in adult tournaments. Having managed to reach the finals of ITF tournaments four times a year, she managed to get in the number of three hundred strongest tennis players of the WTA rating. She also started well in the doubles. By 2004 Vesnina managed to win six ITF tournaments.

The universal fighter

In the 2006-2007 season, there is a transition to a more qualitative level. For the first time in her career, she reaches the main stage of the tournament at Wimbledon. The athlete managed to pass to the fourth round, where she lost only to compatriot Nadezhda Petrova. So Elena Vesnina breaks into the first hundred of the WTA ranking in singles.

The tennis player achieved the greatest success after all in the doubles. In different years, Elena Vesnina collaborated with many athletes. Among her partners were Sanya Mirza, Victoria Azarenka, Ekaterina Makarova and others. During this time, she twice took the titles of the Grand Slam.

The first victory was won at the French Open in 2013, then a year later the success at a similar tournament in the United States. In addition, fifteen times Elena together with her partners won at the WTA tournaments.

Vesnina is regularly drawn to the games of the Russian national team, where she uses her talent for playing in doubles. During this time, she twice with the team won in the final matches of the main women's tournament among national teams.

After a series of unsuccessful seasons, when the sportswoman even flew out of the first hundred of the rating, Elena Vesnina seemed to take a second wind. In 2016, she first reached the semi-final of Wimbledon in singles, where she lost only to the invincible Serene Williams. In addition, in a pair with Makarova, she won at the Olympics in doubles, where in the decisive match the couple Martina Hingis and Sabina Lisnicki were beaten.