Dancing on ice is a discipline where sports are closely intertwined with choreography, art and it is difficult to understand when one ends and another begins. As in any creative sphere, emotions, relationships between people play a big role here. The connection between a man and a woman makes an explosive situation in any pair of athletes, and often the most successful tandems break up due to personal clashes.

Elena Ilinykh is a figure skater whose biography consists not only of sporting achievements, but also dramatic stories of partings and returns.


The future figure skating star was born in Kazakh Aktau in 1994. As is often the case, the girl was brought to the sport by her grandmother. At first, Elena Ilinykh practiced in the usual group of health, but then experienced coaches advised her to give her to the sports group of figure skating.

At the age of four, her long journey begins.Elena Ilinykh: biography, photos and interesting factsFirst time, Lena is engaged in the "Sokolniki" from Lyubov Malyova, then goes to "Moskvich", where her mentor becomes Natalia Dubinskaya. The girl quickly progresses, already at 10 years in her arsenal several triple jumps. The first victories in the championships of Russia in the younger age category come. However, most of all Elena is attracted to dancing on ice. In the same group was engaged and Nikita Katsalapov. So in 2005, a duet is formed, which in the future is expected by great victories and grandiose scandals.

The uneasy character of two former singles leads to frequent quarrels and clashes. A year later Elena Ilyinikh decides to change her life abruptly and leaves Nikita, having moved to the USA. Not finding a worthy partner there, in 2008 she comes back and reunites with Katsalapov. Alexander Zhulin and Oleg Volkov become mentors.

The Junior way

The first victory of revived pairs follow in 2009. After winning the Russian Cup in 2009 in the Junior national team of Russia hits a duet, where Elena ilinykh Shine. Skater together with Nikita convincingly performs on the stages of Grand Prix in Hungary and Poland. Once in the final of the entire series, they are second only to another Russian pair – Monica/Halevine. They also lose at the junior championship of Russia in 2010.

Completely focusing on training, Ilinykh / Katsalapov soon ahead of their competitors in the national team. At the junior world championships in The Hague with a huge advantage, they bypass all competitors and receive well-deserved gold medals.

Even then, experts note the excellent technical equipment of this pair. Most of the executable elements are the fourth level of complexity.

Early years of adult careers

Going to the big of junior age, guys do not slow down. Debut figure skaters at the Grand Prix in 2010, where they occupy the fourth place. Interestingly, the pack for arbitrary dance Elena specially sewed in the Bolshoi Theater.

In its first national championship, they managed to finish third and to qualify for the European championship. There they took fourth place, but the most important issue for yourself ilinykh and Katsalapov decided I qualified for the world Cup along with the lead pair of the country. Finishing in seventh place, they adequately complete their first season. Many fans and experts pay attention on this spectacular and talented girl like Elena ilinykh. Photo of the skater appear on the front pages of special editions dedicated to the sport.

Despite the successful start, at the end of the season athletes change mentors and go to train to Nikolai Morozov.

Pre-Olympic cycle

The duo continue to maintain its high level.   Follow the victory at the Grand Prix, silver medals of the national championship. At the World Championship in 2012, athletes take the fifth place, becoming the best pair from Russia.

A strong character is what distinguishes Elena Ilinykh. Figure skater at the tournament NHK Trophy in 2012, with heavy food poisoning and at the same time skating at the same level. Their duet takes the second place and gets a ticket to the final of the series.

The leading pair of the country is the duo of Bobrova and Solovyov. Elena and Nikita are always a little behind. There are medals from the championships of Russia and Europe, but there is not enough smallness to win. Sometimes they interfere with their own mistakes.

Triumph in Sochi

At the Olympics in Sochi, ilinykh and Katsalapov are sent to the second pair of countries. Their claim on the free dance in the team competition, where they roll back the program to the music of Tchaikovsky. Setting a personal record on the typed points, they become Olympic Champions, along with the entire figure skating team in the team standings.

The most important tests awaited them in team competitions. The main struggle unfolded between the best pairs of recent years from the US and Canada. In this situation, when the judges knowingly gave the first two places to the favorites, the third place was a huge achievement.

Considering that the strongest duets Davis / White and Virtue / Moir were completing their careers at the Olympic Games, the pair was seriously perceived as the world's leading for the following years.

Elena Ilinnykh and Ruslan Zhiganshin

After the success in Sochi, clashes between two athletes with uneasy characters begin again.In a press constantly there are rumors that Nikita Katsalapov seriously trying with another partner. An angry Helen finds out the relationship, and it all ends in April 2014, the couple ceases to exist. Two of the Duo's exchange partners. Victoria Sinitsina goes to Katsalapov and Elena ilinykh is sent to create a new pair with her former partner Ruslan Zhiganshin. Many experts reacted negatively to such a reshuffle, noting the vague prospects of the newly created duets.

In their first season, Elena Ilinnykh and Ruslan Zhiganshin became champions of Russia, but at international tournaments they could not take awards. Now they are in the shadow of the leading pair of the country and it remains to rely only on the talent and will to win Elena, who is still one of the talented figure skaters of the planet.

Elegant appearance and charm is what distinguishes Elena Ilinykh. Photos skaters on the Internet are gaining thousands of views, many fans of figure skating are personal fans of the athlete. In any pair, she finds herself in the limelight and becomes the main character.