This article is for people who lead a healthy lifestyle. For those who, from early spring to late autumn, work hard at the dacha. Who eats the fruits, personally grown on their gardens, in gardens, for whom it is very important to preserve the harvest of greenery, fruits, berries, vegetables for the winter without loss.

Fruit Dryer

There are several ways: preservation, salting, freezing, drying. Everyone knows about the most ancient way of drying greens, fruits, mushrooms, berries in natural conditions, in the sun. Many people remember the drying of forced heat in the Russian stove, oven. Household appliance manufacturers took care of this category of people to help recycle large amounts of the crop, while retaining all the vitamins and nutrients in urban apartments. Modern electric dryers allow you to do this quickly and efficiently. How to choose an electric dryer for fruits, vegetables and other fruits? What to look for when comparing different models? What to consider when buying? What is the best electric fruit dryer and is it possible to bring meat and fish in it? Answers in this article.

The advantages of technology over the traditional sun

Summer, sunshine, summer house - it's great! The advantage of electric dryers is that you do not depend on the weather and its surprises. Not a hindrance and time of year. On a rainy autumn day in the cozy kitchen you can easily dry the mushrooms collected on weekends outside the city. The speed of drying of fruits in a household electric dryer is incomparable with the natural one. When dried in the open, part of the fruit rots. Electric dryer eliminates these natural losses and allows you to regulate the process, making the necessary settings for temperature, ventilation, time. The entire dried crop takes incomparably less space than any preservation and freezing in the refrigerator.

Dried products are not afraid of temperature changes, do not require freezers with year-round power consumption. Absolute hygiene, the absence of dangerous insects and dust - this is an argument that leaves no doubt about the advantages of household appliances for the household. All dried berries, fruits, vegetables, etc., are washed before drying. Therefore, homemade dried fruit can be without fear of giving to children. This is a source of vitamins and trace elements essential in winter.

Types of electric dryers

Depending on what type of heating element the manufacturer uses in the device, there are convection and infrared dryers. Convection electric dryer for fruits is equipped with a heating element or heating element. Considering the price and efficiency of drying, it is considered a more economical device. The main drawback of cheap options is the same as that of a conventional electric oven - intensive heat treatment, which kills some of the vitamins. In many forums on household appliances there are comments that there are ovens with heating elements, why else is there an electric dryer for fruits. Testimonials “for” the device always begin with the argument that any heating element without additional ventilation and temperature control in time simply fries the product, and does not dry it.

To get more or less high-quality dried fruits, the oven must be kept open, be constantly nearby and periodically turn over the dried products. It is difficult to keep track, and there is a mass of burnt areas. These drawbacks are devoid of modern electric dryers with an infrared heater. Their price is higher, but the quality of the results is worth it. The drying process takes less time, the fruits retain the bulk of vitamins and natural color. Believe me, your children will be grateful to you if instead of confectionery sweets you offer them prunes, dried apricots, apple slices and other vitamin goodies from a home electric dryer.

Construction features

Electric dryers are rectangular and round in shape. Dimensions in height and width indicate the capacity of the device. It is better for professional gardeners and mushroom pickers to choose a larger apparatus, where at least ten tiers with pallets. They also need to choose in size. Pallets in height are from ten to twenty millimeters for different-sized products. Compact device for a small family and a modest kitchen. The body, pallet and sheets for products are made of food-grade plastic or stainless steel. The first option is cheaper, convenient in assembly, washing and storage.

Stainless steel increases the weight and price, but at the same time reliability, durability, durability and looks stylish. An important point - the location of heaters and fans. There are two options - bottom and side. For large dryers, the second is preferable. Horizontal warming and flushing provides a more uniform distribution of warm air over all tiers.

Important features

Choosing any device, the first thing in the technical passport look at power. The greater the workload assumed, the higher this parameter should be. A compact three-or five-tier plastic electric dryer for fruits will cost between three hundred and five hundred. If you plan to process large volumes, large fruits, or do not mind pulling the fish or meat, then choose a thousand watt meter. For the same reasons, it is better to buy an electric dryer with the ability to select the temperature, rather than just working on and off. Using a temperature controller, you can set the temperature from thirty to eighty degrees.

Additional features and details

Many are fully satisfied with simple and cheap options. In modern electric dryers, additional features and functions are provided. There are those from which you should not give up, it is not a fact that you will save. The presence of protection against overheating and power surges in the network is very important. This is a guarantee of long and reliable service of the device. The presence of a thermostat will ensure that the inside of the dryer is kept at a given temperature regulator. The time timer is convenient for controlling the end of drying products.

It is better if the stainless steel dryer has a glass door and there is an interior light, then it will be convenient for you to observe the process of cooking products. It is convenient when the set includes pallets of different sizes for products of different sizes, and the possibility of rebuilding the number of tiers is provided for in the electric dryer itself. When it comes time to use the device, all this does not seem trivial.