Eczema is one of the most common dermatological diseases that occurs due to an allergic reaction or severe stress. Symptoms include itching and rash. Most often the problem appears on the hands. For example, the manifestation of eczema can be considered an itch after using a new soap. Every person needs to know what eczema is on the hands, how to treat it at home effectively and quickly.

Causes of the disease

In fact, there can be very many reasons. They are conditioned by the influence of both internal factors and external factors. Here are some of them:

  • Use of cosmetics with pronounced allergenic properties (eg, soaps).
  • Synthetic additives for food, flavoring and coloring.
  • Clothing.
  • Various household chemical products.
  • Imbalance of the nervous system.
  • Presence of chronic diseases.

If you notice that you have developed eczema on your fingers, how to treat it, you can check with your family doctor. But before meeting with him, the use of home remedies is quite suitable. They give an excellent result. The doctor then simply find out the reason for the appearance of eczema. If this is a consequence of an allergic reaction, then in the future you will need to avoid contact with the allergen.

Vegetable recipes for the treatment of eczema

  • Potato. Take the raw potatoes and grate it on a fine grater (to have more juice). Put everything in gauze and wrap it. Such a compress should be applied to the inflamed area and fixed with a bandage so that it does not move. Wait a few hours and repeat the same procedure.

Many are wondering why they have dry eczema on their hands, than treating it at home, but so that the effect is achieved as quickly as possible. Compresses based on potatoes are a recipe that our great-grandmothers appreciated. And if you want the disease to pass faster, then in addition to compress it is recommended to use potato juice inside. The most important rule is to drink it immediately, after being cooked to extract the maximum of vitamins.

  • Cabbage. Miraculous healing properties of cabbage were known since ancient times. Apply to the eczema a regular leaf of cabbage (raw). This is the easiest way. But in order for the result to be more effective, you can prepare a compress at home. Grind the cabbage well, mix it with egg yolk and apply it to the sore spot. The bandage needs to be changed only once a day, you can even put a compress at night.

What is eczema on the hands, than what to treat? Photos of progressive disease sometimes frighten. It is for this reason, do not wait for a free minute to visit a doctor, start to heal at home, and believe that the effect will not be any worse than from the pharmacy.

  • Carrot. This is a very useful vegetable, which in its composition has a huge number of all sorts of useful elements. To treat eczema, you can compress or drink freshly squeezed carrot juice. If you do not have time to walk with a compress, you can simply squeeze out the juice and, using a cotton pad, treat them with inflamed patches on the skin.

  • Garlic. Since early childhood, parents forced us to eat garlic so that we would not get sick. When the question arises as to why eczema appeared on the hands, than to treat this disease at home, garlic will be a life-saving circle. Scratch it very finely, to get as much juice as possible, add a little honey. Mix everything well. The resulting mixture should be rubbed into the inflamed area as long as possible. Several such procedures during the day - and you will see how the inflammation begins to go away before your eyes.

Medicinal recipes based on plants and bark of trees

  • Broth based on the bark of oak. To prepare the broth you need the bark of an oak. You can buy it at an affordable price in any pharmacy already shredded. Prepare a comfortable pan, sprinkle bark there. Fill all with boiling water and put on gas, bring to a boil. There, dry mug (two tablespoons) is added. After the broth boils, turn off the gas, cover the pan with a lid and let it brew for about 40-50 minutes.

There was eczema on hands - than to treat? Photo of the disease, which progresses, makes it clear that you can not run it, you need to immediately begin treatment. Decoction based on the bark of oak is excellent. After it has cooled slightly, put your hands there and hold until the liquid is completely cold. Then wipe hands is not recommended. Wait until they dry.

  • Kalanchoe and Aloe. These plants are very often used in folk medicine as a healing agent. To treat eczema, they are also suitable. Squeeze the juice from the leaves of plants and wipe them with the inflamed part of the skin as often as possible. You will notice that after several procedures there will be noticeable improvements.

  • Celandine. This is one of the most effective plants for the prevention and treatment of diseases in the field of dermatology. His juice heals wounds, relieves acne and even heals purulent foci on the skin.

Faced a problem like eczema on the hands? Than to treat, do not know, and to visit or attend the doctor there is no time? Find a fresh celandine, squeeze out the juice from it and, as often as possible, lubricate the affected area. It is possible that a slight burning sensation will appear on the hands, but it is not worth worrying, because this is quite a normal reaction, and it quickly passes.

The fees for the prevention and treatment of eczema

Eczema on the hands is a very common problem today. If you are faced with it, do not rush to run to the pharmacy and spend a lot of money for the purchase of medicines. There are several good recipes, how you can prepare the fees, which are great for eczema.

Here are some of them:

  • We mix yarrow, burdock root and dandelion. All pour boiling water and give a little bit of it. The resulting collection should be drunk every day for two tablespoons in the morning before eating.
  • Chicory, chamomile and thyme pour boiling water, let us brew for a day. We moisten the cotton pad and treat the inflamed area as often as possible.
  • This collection is an excellent option for a warm season. Take black currant, strawberries and blueberries. All is well rubbed, wait until the mixture dries, and apply to the affected areas.

Treatment and prophylactic bath

If you have eczema on your hands, how to treat it, you need to think right away, rather than wait until the disease starts to progress. Bath with herbs will help to quickly solve this problem.

Plants in a dry and shredded form can be purchased at a reasonable cost in any pharmacy. Take a small pot, add all the herbs and pour hot water. Let's brew and cool. Then we collect a bath with water and strain the resulting infusion through the strainer.

Take a bathroom you need about 15-20 minutes. The advantage of this method is that it is not only an effective treatment for eczema, but also the prevention of an ailment.

Ointments cooked at home

Eczema on the hands - what to treat? Ointment cooked at home, gives an excellent result in a short time.

  • Set in front of you three completely transparent glasses. In the first we break a raw egg, in the second we pour vinegar, in the third - water. The amount of content in each glass should be the same. Mix all the ingredients in the jar and shake until a homogeneous mixture is obtained. At night, smear with the resulting ointment problem area. In the morning, wash everything off without soap. Noticeable results will be seen in a week.
  • We take a standard glass and fill it with vegetable oil. There, add two tablespoons of laundry soap (you first need to grate it on a fine grater), beeswax and fresh aloe juice. All is well mixed, the ointment is ready. Treat her affected areas of the skin every day.

Therapy with the use of essential oils

Have you encountered such a problem as eczema on your hands? How to treat it so that the inflammation on the skin has passed as quickly as possible? In fact, everything is not as difficult as it might seem. An excellent effect is provided by a preparation prepared with the addition of essential oils.

Pour olive oil into the glass (you can have sunflower oil). There we add the following essential oils (5 drops each): lavender, fir, tea tree, myrrh. All is well mixed and applied with a piece of cloth to the affected area. It is not recommended to wash off with water afterwards.

Treatment of eczema with solidol

Solidolide is not a cure, but it is often used to get rid of eczema. Inflammation comes off very quickly.

Eczema on the hands - what to treat? Folk remedies based on solidol are an effective and affordable solution. Take a small amount of solidol and heat it lightly on a water bath, then moisten the affected areas for the night. In the morning, wash your hands well.

Eczema on the hands - how to treat? Phytocomplexes

The following phytocomplexes are prepared for oral administration:

  • We take the root of dandelion and burdock, pour boiling water and insist for 24 hours. Filter the infusion and drink 2-3 tablespoons every day.
  • We make the motherwort infusion. Dry grass is filled with hot water and covered with a lid until it cools completely. You need to take daily for a month to 50 grams in the morning.

Summing up

Now you know how to treat eczema in the hands of folk remedies. You do not need to spend money on the purchase of expensive ointments. The problem can be solved at home, having a little time and the necessary herbs. Use the provided recipes - and you will be able to make sure that home remedies will quickly relieve you of such a problem as eczema on the hands. Inflammations will come down, but there will be no trace of disease and traces.