It is difficult to describe the state of euphoria and happiness on the verge of a frenzy, which is understood by the word “ecstasy”. What is an ecstatic state, they know only people who have ever experienced it. Somerset Maugham said about this feeling: “Beautiful is ecstasy: it is as simple as hunger. About him, in fact, you will not tell anything. It is like the scent of a rose: you can smell it, that's all. ”

Ecstasy. What is an ecstatic state?

Translated from the Greek ekstasis - "frenzy, admiration." This is the highest delight, a change in human consciousness, loss of a sense of reality and time. In a sense, this is a kind of trance. There are several interpretations of this word. So, religious ecstasy is often mentioned in literature. What is a frenzy and euphoria from long prayers, however, few people know today. Another similar emotional state is attributed to the boundless inspiration and delight of visual pleasure, that is, the rapture of beauty.

Ecstasy: what is the way to achieve it

A modern person, as a rule, perceives the word “ecstasy” only in one sense - the highest point of a sensual burst at the time of sexual intimacy with a partner.

Ecstasy and orgasm are not the same

Some sources mistakenly use orgasm and ecstasy as synonyms. What is an orgasm really? This is purely physiological, although very strong, pleasure, which is accompanied by involuntary spasms of some pelvic muscles. For orgasm is characterized by a sense of pleasure, satisfaction. Most often, this state is achieved by stimulating erogenous zones, much less often orgasm occurs spontaneously, for example in a dream.

Ecstatic pleasure is beyond the limits of physical arousal, at the level of psycho-emotional perception. Simply put, ecstasy occurs in the head. This is a kind of explosion of accumulated positive emotions, happiness, beating uncontrolled fountain. An orgasm is not necessarily accompanied by ecstasy, moreover, it is quite a rare phenomenon. At the same time, a person is able to experience an ecstatic surge, even without the sexual act itself. Just the proximity or touches of a loved one can cause such a feeling.

Female ecstasy

Well-known fact that the fairer sex the way to get orgasm much longer and complex than for men. If male satisfaction – the usual logical ending sexual intercourse, for girls it is rather a game of roulette, where luck. Moreover, a huge number of women and not familiar with these wonderful sensations. These ladies often fake orgasm, and even ecstasy, to gratify the ego of a loved one.

By the way, if you ask about what is ecstasy, women who get real, genuine physical pleasure from sex, they will tell about it much more than men. The fact is that the psycho-emotional perception of the weaker sex is much thinner, more sensitive. Ladies are able to receive true delight even simply from the presence of a loved one, and intimacy with him can lift them above reality. Thus, ecstasy can be familiar even to women who did not know orgasm.

The Right Way to Ecstasy

For love joys to bring real pleasure and delight, it is very important that both partners strive for this. There can be no talk of some kind of joint work, this path should be based on a mutual desire to make the partner happy and, of course, himself. There is no strict instruction “What is ecstasy and how to get it”. Moreover, usually such moments come quite unexpectedly, without any preparation. However, some reasonable recommendations can still be found.

A woman should try to master the art of sensual concentration. Fully abstracting from the external fuss and the desire to please the partner, you need to be only here and now, listening to your feelings. Using this tactic, time after time the girl gets more and more pleasure, gradually approaching the cherished goal.

A strong floor should not forget how important it is for a woman to have an environment in which a love act takes place. A bedroom decorated with flowers and candles will certainly create a positive effect and help the lady to get the maximum of emotions. It is also important for a woman to realize that she is beautiful and desirable. Passionate glance partner and gentle whisper with compliments - that's what she was waiting for at this moment.

Tantric yoga

Can't hurt to use the literature. Tantric yoga is the direction that studies of sexual ecstasy, to help to achieve it. The benefits you can find a lot of interesting information: what is ecstasy, photos of special postures, methods of psychological attitude. According to this doctrine, when certain techniques of male and female sexual energy is able to escape beyond physiology and to be reunited, leading to the highest bliss.

Despite all sorts of scientific theories, only true love can create those very unique energy vibrations, covering both body and soul.