Unfortunately, it is difficult enough to meet someone who is not tormented by digestive problems. This is due to the fact that people are paying less attention to food culture. And the quality of products often leaves much to be desired. And even those who have undiagnosed disease of the gastrointestinal tract, are often faced with the unpleasant problem of constipation. As emergency assistance can serve as “Exportal”. Application instructions will help you use the tool correctly.

Expal: instructions for use, indications, analogs, reviews

The composition of the drug

One of the most popular relief drugs is “Export”. Its composition includes only one active ingredient - lactiol monohydrate. However, any auxiliary components are missing.

One of the most effective laxatives can be considered “Exportal”. Tablets require a lot of time for dissolution and absorption, the powder also acts much faster. The vehicle is white in color and crystalline structure. Before use, the inside of it is dissolved in water.

“Export” - powder, packaged in bags, the mass of each of which is 5 g. At the same time, they are fastened together in pairs, forming strips. In their packaging can be 3, 5, 6 and 10.

Mechanism of action

If you suffer from stool disorders, you should pay attention to the “Exportal”. Instruction manual clearly describes the mechanism of action that allows the layman to understand how it works drug. So, getting into the small intestine, the active ingredient begins to break up into several organic acids, which, in turn, contribute to increased osmotic pressure. Also, these substances can lead to softening of the stool. Thus, the process of defecation significantly improved, and the condition of the intestine is optimal.

It should be noted that a laxative effect after taking the drug will not come immediately. This usually happens during the day (the time during which the drug enters the large intestine and breaks). However, if you are using the medication “Exportal” for the first time, perhaps, the result will have to wait 2-3 days. The drug acts only in the large intestine.

If we talk about patients suffering from hepatic encephalopathy or hepatic coma, the drug affects them somewhat differently. After taking the drug is excretion of ammonia from the blood into the intestine, where neytralizuya ions of ammonia and other harmful substances.

Who is shown the drug

Increasingly, a drug such as “Expal” is recommended for patients with impaired stools. Instructions for use indicates that the drug is indicated in the following cases:

  • regular or episodic constipation;
  • hyperammonemia;
  • dysbacteriosis caused by taking drugs or other reasons;
  • bowel cleansing before medical examination or surgery;
  • hepatic encephalopathy;
  • violation of intestinal microflora;
  • hepatic coma and precoma.


Despite its effectiveness, not everyone can use “Export”. Instructions for use contains such information about contraindications:

  • individual intolerance or allergic reaction to the active substance of the drug;
  • intestinal obstruction;
  • metabolic disorders gelakozy;
  • galactosemia;
  • stomach ache;
  • suspected lesion of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • rectal bleeding.

Adverse reactions

One of the most popular drugs are remedies for constipation. “Export”, despite positive reviews, has some side effects. These include:

  • increased flatulence and flatulence;
  • abdominal distention in the first days of taking the drug;
  • discomfort in the intestinal area.

Drug use

Before taking a laxative “Exportal” should be mixed with water or any drink. Take it during a meal. So, if you are taking medicine with the purpose of getting rid of constipation or goiter, for the times you need to use immediately the full daily rate, which is 20 g. If within a few days will be able to reach the regular chair 1 time per day, the dosage can be reduced. To strengthen the result, the drug must be taken for several months. After that, you should consult a doctor to determine the feasibility of further treatment.

If “Exportal” is used to cleanse the bowel before a medical intervention, the regimen is somewhat different. So, the day before the intended procedure needs to be diluted in the daily rate of the drug (20 g) in water 1 liter. The resulting number should be divided into 3 parts and drink at noon, 15:00 and 18:00.

If the need for use of a drug-induced hyperammonemia, hepatic prekoma (coma) or encephalopathy, the dosage prescribed by your doctor based on the characteristics of the disease. Usually a daily dose of 0.5 g per kilogram of body weight divide it into 3 doses. After you manage to achieve soft stools 2 times a day, with consequent adjustment of treatment regime.

As a rule, to determine the effect of the drug on the body need to receive it within 5 days. If after this positive dynamics is not observed, you should stop taking this medication and consider other options.

“Exported children”: dosage

This tool is shown to facilitate bowel movement, not only adults but also toddlers. Thus, depending on the age, the daily dosage of the “Expal Kids” drug is as follows:

  • up to 6 years - from 2.5 to 5 g;
  • from 6 to 12 years old - from 5 to 10 g;
  • from 12 to 16 years old - from 10 to 20 g.

Signs of overdose

If you exceed the recommended dosage, a number of unpleasant symptoms may occur, namely:

  • nausea and vomiting;
  • upset stool;
  • electrolyte imbalance.

If you notice a deterioration in health, the dosage of the drug should be reduced or completely stop taking it.

Interaction with other drugs

If you are using enteric coated preparations, it is worth considering that the active component of “Exportal” reduces the pH level. Thus, medications may worse assimilated. In General, however, a laxative is recommended to make not earlier than 2 hours after the use of any medicine.

Additional Information

A number of additional information is worth knowing about such a drug as “Export”. So, the following information can be considered significant:

  • the medicine is released freely, without a prescription;
  • bags with the drug should be protected from exposure to high temperatures and direct sunlight;
  • children should not have access to medication;
  • shelf life - no more than 5 years subject to all the conditions specified by the manufacturer;
  • during treatment, “Export” recommends plenty of drink;
  • does not affect the psychomotor, and therefore safe for drivers of vehicles;
  • given the specificity of action of the drug, it can be taken by pregnant and lactating women (components not get into the blood, and therefore does not affect the development of the fetus and the quality of breast milk)
  • given the low caloric content of the drug, it can be noted that it does not lead to fluctuations in the level of glucose, so its use is permissible in diabetes mellitus.

Drug “Export”: price

The cost of the drug is often the determining factor in the choice of means for the treatment of constipation. So, the interest is “Exportal”. The price of this tool ranges from 300 to 600 rubles, depending on the number of bags in the package.

Analogs of the drug

Given the pharmacological properties or the high cost, not everyone can come up with a drug like “Expal”. Analogs of this tool are as follows:

  • “Rompala” is a laxative in the form of syrup of lactulose. The drug stimulates normal peristalsis and also modifies the microflora by increasing the number of lactobacilli. Thus, by increasing the acidity not only increases peristalsis, but also soften the stool. The drug inhibits the growth of Salmonella. It is worth noting the absence of addiction, and barriers to the absorption of vitamins. The average price is 150 rubles.
  • “Normalest” – syrup of lactulose, which is a colorless viscous liquid. The active substance is not absorbed either in the stomach or small intestine, and breaks down only in the rectum. As a result of decrease in pH increases the osmotic pressure, which stimulates peristalsis. Regular use of the drug contributes to the normalization of microflora, inhibiting pathological bacteria. Cost about 120 rubles.
  • “Fortrans” is a laxative on the basis of the active ingredient macrogol-4000. The medicine is available in powder form, which dissolves in water. The main advantage of this laxative is that it includes electrolytes. Thus, it is not the water balance of the body. Given that the drug is not absorbed into the bloodstream, it is not involved in metabolism. Derived from the body along with the feces. The average price of a drug is 600 rubles.
  • “Flit fosfo-soda” is a preparation based on sodium hydrogen phosphate dodecahydrate and sodium dihydrogen phosphate dihydrate. A ready solution for use inside. The operation is based on the accumulation of fluid in the small intestine. It helps to alleviate bowel movement. This drug is also used in preparing patients for x-ray examination of the bowel and surgical intervention. The average price – 650 rubles.
  • “Goodluck” is the syrup of lactulose, which also includes potassium sorbate, water and other auxiliary components. For a more pleasant taste added flavour of caramel. The tool not only stimulates normal bowel activity, but also helps elimination of ions, absorption of phosphates and salts. Prevents absorption of toxins in the colon. Cost about 230 roubles.

Positive reviews

It is necessary to get acquainted with the opinion of consumers in order to form an objective view of such an auxiliary drug as “Export”. Reviews show the advantages of this drug:

  • the drug acts quite gently, and therefore, after its use, there is practically no discomfort or irritation;
  • solves the problem of not only constipation caused by malnutrition, but also the one that was caused by stress;
  • the drug is not addictive, and therefore, after the cancellation, the problem does not return (provided that the diet is correct);
  • the drug can be dissolved not only in water, but also in tea, juice and other drinks, and therefore it is convenient to take it anywhere;
  • the drug normalizes defecation, and does not lead to indigestion, as is often the case with other laxative medications;
  • given the neutral taste of the drug, they can easily feed the child so that he will not even notice it (for example, by dissolving it in juice);
  • this is one of the few drugs that does not cause complications in diabetics;
  • medicine promotes the growth of beneficial microflora;
  • due to the fact that “Export” does not split in the stomach, but acts exclusively in the large intestine, there is no leaching of calcium and other beneficial substances from the body;
  • this remedy not only deals with constipation, but also eliminates irritable bowel syndrome;
  • considering that the effect of the drug occurs no earlier than after 12 hours, you can not be afraid that you have to run to the toilet right away, but you can plan your time;
  • the positive effect from the use of “Export” is observed in patients in the postoperative period.

Negative reviews

There is a number of negative information about such a drug as “Export”. The reviews about it are as follows:

  • considering that this drug is not very common, you can buy it not in all pharmacies (well, that there is an opportunity to order in online stores);
  • the effect does not always occur on the first day;
  • full stool normalization requires long-term use (at least 5 months), which not only causes inconvenience, but also requires considerable material costs;
  • in the first days of taking the drug can be observed flatulence;
  • high enough price for a laxative drug;
  • patients taking the drug to cleanse the bowel before the operation, noted a strong abdominal distension, and the effect is almost not observed;
  • due to the fact that while taking the drug you need to use a lot of fluid, inconvenience deliver constant urge to urinate, as well as swelling.


Constipation is uncomfortable and extremely serious problem. The absence of the chair causes the patient discomfort that manifests itself in pain, irritation of the intestine and limiting activity. But this is not the most serious consequences of the disease. So, constipation can lead to intoxication. Also, the probability of development of intestinal obstruction, the removal of which will require surgery.

To prevent such serious consequences, pay close attention to their health. So, if within 3 days you have not had a bowel movement, contact your doctor or yourself take the “Exportal”. Within 1-3 days you will notice significant improvement. In order to achieve sustainable impact should be the minimum necessary treatment duration of 5 months. Given the composition of safe and gentle action, the tool can be given to young children, and pregnant and lactating women.