The world of the magician Harry Potter has opened to all admirers many interesting stories. Fans of Joan Rowling's books and screen versions know almost everything about the history of the boy and his friends. Often they imitate wizards, having learned spells and pronouncing them among peers. Many dream to become wizards, just like Harry Potter.


“Expecto patronum” is perhaps the most well-known spell in the Wizarding world. At the same time, it is the most difficult. To use it correctly, you need to learn for a long time. Thanks to him you can call his personal defender, who will save the wizard from the Dementors.Expecto patronum - the most difficult spell potteries

Few thought about how the "patronum" is translated. The fact is that this phrase is taken from the Latin language, like all other spells in the magical world of Harry Potter. In this case, expecto translates as "expect", and patronum - "defender". As a result, it turns out that the spell means "I'm waiting for the defender".

In the book, Joan Rowling did not alter this spell in any way, so the "Expecto patronum" in English sounds the same as in the original language. Similarly, it is written.

soul eaters

Before we find out who the wizards were after all, it is worthwhile to understand who they were "expecting protection from." Dementors are terrible creatures, which became known to fans from the third part. They are blind, who feed on only human feelings, and the most light and kind emotions.

Since we already know what kind of spell "expecto patronum" translates, we can assume that Patronus is the same defender that wizards expect when they cast a spell. Often also called a patron. This magical creature appears after casting a spell. It will certainly help in the fight against the Dementors.

Most often it has the appearance of silvery clouds of steam that takes shape. For every magician the creature of their own. "Corporeal Patronus" might be an ordinary animal or fairy tale creature from the world of Harry Potter. Usually the "protector" becomes the substance that characterizes its owner.

As mentioned earlier, "Expecto patronum" – a very complex spell. If in normal times, it can cause almost every, in the time of the attack, not everyone can deal with emotions. This is due to a paradox which was created by the writer herself.

Dementors devour happy memories, and to call Patronus, you need to concentrate on good emotions. Therefore, so often many inexperienced wizards are lost, and more skilled colleagues come to their aid.

Popular Patronuses

In the story of Harry Potter, few could correctly pronounce "expecto patronum." The protagonist received the first positive experience very hard. Despite the fact that he was eaten by Dementors at that moment, he was able to see his parents and create his "protector" - a deer. Although this moment of the book is quite contradictory, as many still prefer to build hypotheses about the fact that someone helped him.

But this option, of course, is unlikely, since Patronus in the form of a deer could be called by two people - Harry Potter and his father, who at that time was dead. Some suggest that in the scene on the lake the young wizard was helped by Snegg. This is also unlikely, since his Patronus was a fallow, by the way, exactly the same as that of Harry's mother. This case is explained by the fact that Severus was very fond of Lily Potter, so his "defender" became the same as hers.

Among other Patronuses, it is known that the phoenix was a creature of Dumbledore, Hermione had an otter, and Ron had a terrier. Also in the book there are a wild boar, a cat, a fox, a swan, a horse and many other animals.

The Real Patronus

Everyone who loves to imitate the wizards of Rowling, I know that in the Internet there is a resource that helps everyone to determine his "defender". You do not need to say "Expecto patronum". This test is on the official website Pottermore. The user appears a charming forest with magical music.

After registration, everyone should remember their happiest moments. Then follows a journey through the forest, followed by the choice of the word that is closest to the user. Thus, at the end your personal Patronus will appear. He can be anything. And this is not necessarily a real being. Also there are unicorns, hippogriffs and other fantastic creatures.

By the way, before the appearance of this test itself, Joan Rowling for a long time considered her "defender" marten. But it turned out that its symbol was the crane.