In Latin, the term expansio means "expansion" or "spreading". Expansions are different - cultural and biological, geographic and territorial, political, economic and military.

Many-faced and aggressive

Expansion is subordination or capture, acceptance into its sphere of influence by someone. Thanks to the media, people hear about "cultural expansion" every day.

Expansion is an extension?Now it is expressed by the brutal forcible imposition of the cultural traditions of the United States - so, the production of Hollywood, whether interesting or not, flooded everything. It is presented as a norm, only worthy of attention, study, imitation and "Oscar", preferably in the number of 12 pieces. The rest of the world culture is nothing, you just can not know it.

There is no less aggressive than "Hollywood", biological and territorial expansion. The death of rivers due to the huge spread of red or gray-blue algae that destroy other species of aquatic plants. Or the import to Europe from Australia of only 24 rabbits, which immediately spread over a large territory, destroyed the forage base of local eared. This territorial expansion occurred in 1859. A year earlier, the zoologist Ch. Elton called the capture of areas by other species a "biological bomb" - so strong is the effect of their manifestation. This type of expansion includes periodic invasions of locusts, rodents, weeds, algae and so on. But in our time this phrase is often used in the fact of appropriation of foreign territories by a person.

Cheap labor and new markets - the driving force of expansion

Expansion is the seizure of sales markets located in foreign territories through economic and political, often military, pressure. What is the difference between expansion and occupation?

Yes, nothing, even if the occupation of the Sudetenland by Hitler is now called expansion. Is that the cops on the corners do not stand. But peacekeepers stand. Maybe the term sounds more acceptable to the contemporary's ear, but does not change the essence.

Expansion is almost complete destruction of the Indians at the opening of the New world, all the centuries-old Hiking the West with the aim of conquering Russia, the seizure of colonies all over the world and so on. In short, the strengthening of some at the expense of others. In biology, the expansion of one category of life through the destruction or displacement of indigenous or native species is called natural selection – survival of the fittest. Homo sapiens (or Homo sapiens) is very often in the behavior of such biomass.

Doubt of imposed values

It can be concluded that expansion is a negative phenomenon. Forcible capture, the imposition of their worldview, their values ​​is disgusting. Moreover, spiritual values ​​are imposed in order to select material values.

Overestimated self-esteem, the ban even on the emergence of the idea that someone is completely uninteresting imposed ideas - this is a tiny part of those delights that the full extent of Western expansion. For hundreds of years, the countries of Old Europe are trying by all available means if not to destroy completely, then to enslave or at least to subjugate the country that is great at all times in the east. The offensive is fought on all fronts.

Always violent

In some articles it is noted that expansion is nonviolent. A strange combination of words. Like a "good devil". This, probably, when Western films are imposed on the stupid eastern giant, that toilet paper is more important than anything else in the world. Things are raised in the cult, yet the rest is nonsense, without which it breathes so well the "air of freedom" in the blessed West ("Moscow on the Hudson").

The Western expansion is forcible (almost always), and the non-violent does not cease for a minute from the moment of the formation of the Russian state, and even for the misfortune of such a generously endowed nature with all its values. The West hates the very fact of its existence on earth, and to the teeth grinding I want to take away these real values ​​from "unworthy and uncultured".

Always colonial

If Russia the whole life is exposed to the Western expansion, many countries in other continents, has suffered from another attack, which is called "colonial expansion". The trouble came mainly from the same countries of Old Europe.

Live in it are exactly those species whose existence requires the constant expansion of the habitat. 12 European countries, since the era of the "Great geographical discoveries" (XV century), for centuries, owned most of the world. And even when the colonies began to work hard to throw off the yoke, they remained in the sphere of political, and often economic influence of the country-colonizer.

The first countries conducting colonial expansion were Spain and Portugal, later the Netherlands, France and the United Kingdom. Still later Germany. Everyone has been eclipsed by the ongoing and now global expansion of the United States. After President Clinton officially announced that the whole world is in the sphere of US interests, the expansion became global, including all kinds of exspansio or expansion.

It is believed that each phenomenon has positive and negative sides. Maybe the conquests carried enlightenment to the conquered peoples or raised the colonies to a new economic level. True, there are few examples of this. But in essence, expansion is unjustified victims, blood and tears, and it's hard to call it a plus.