Ekaterina Miroshnichenko is a well-known name not only in the professional circles of the nail business, but also outside it. This is the case when the artist came to the profession, and having a professional pedagogical education.

Artist and teacher

It often happens that the master cannot teach, explain how and what he does. And many hide their secrets, practices for themselves. Thus, they try to increase their own uniqueness, importance, and with them the cost of their own services in the nail art market. That is why not every school can teach a novice profession.

Ekaterina Miroshnichenko - artist and teacher

Ekaterina Miroshnichenko - winner in international competitions in professional skill. If you translate into sport, it turns out that she is an Olympic champion in her field. The high level of the master is often very much appreciated when he becomes a coach. With the creation of its own School of nail design and product line of the brand E. Mi, this fragile girl began to reveal the secrets of artists of all directions.

Catherine Miroshnichenko. Photo work

Any work of the master becomes a masterpiece. Designs on long nails are especially beautiful.

The casting technique is amazingly combined with patina, giving the work a historical veil.

On nails of small length, you can create a lot of designs. One course in the School is called.

E.Mi products

For the implementation of creative plans, a completely new material is sometimes required, which is not yet produced by giant companies. Then Ekaterina Miroshnichenko creates her own E.Mi brand and is at the forefront of the nail art industry.

With the development of nail design, the question of the rate of polymerization of gel varnishes in the intermediate design stage became acute. Ekaterina, the technologist of her own company, managed to create unique gel-inks that quickly polymerize and possess a wide range of shades. The quality of E.Mi’s products satisfies not only the most demanding nail art master, even the international category judge Ekaterina Miroshnichenko is happy with them.

School of nail design

This school studio is like a private school for Barbie, where everything is pink and speckled, where artistic taste is formed. Girls put on pink aprons, their teacher too, and they start to create. It turns out that you can make a lot of textures on your nails: snake skin, dew drops, malachite, marble, patina, craquelure.

It turns out that leopard spots have a formula. Zebras do not have strips at all, and there is also a pattern in their alternation. Wool can be transferred in different ways. Nails dress in velvet, satin, silk. Shimmer from one paint to another through the intermediate third - the ombre technique.

And how many floral motifs! If all the women of the planet came to this school, then each would have a unique floral manicure.

The quality of the work of beginners is not much different from the samples that Ekaterina Miroshnichenko performed. The school of nail design prepares real pros, who everywhere recognize each other by a company flower, invented by a guru at the beginning of his career.

The school gives a quick start in the profession, a stock of ideas, the ability to make the right design decision. It forms its own corporate style, instills a highly artistic taste. Visitors to the salon, where the graduate of the School of Nail Design works, will never leave without elegant, elegant nails.

Technology "liquid stones"

Catherine Miroshnichenko, photo works (liquid stones, velvet sand, snake skin) which speak of her as a real artist, does not make a secret from his skill. These technologies are patented by the master and are applied now and in a different design, not only on E.M.

The technology is also called “nail jeweler” and consists of the following: a frame for a precious stone, such as malachite, is painted on the nail. Then in a drop of polymer "liquid stones" are placed several shades of gel-paint and spread in the frame. After covering the top, you can add the gel "liquid stones" on top of the artificial pebbles.

In this technique, there are two materials by E.Mi: polymer and gel "liquid stones". The polymer allows you to mix shades of gel-paint and create amazingly beautiful transitions, as if polished turquoise, malachite, marble — opaque colored ornamental stones. The substance polymerizes almost instantly, does not spread, and this is different from any gels from nail design systems.

Gel "liquid stones" is very solid, they are stiffened with polymeric stones. It is good to apply it on printed foil to create diamonds, rubies, emeralds and other transparent stones.

For the manufacture of precious and ornamental stones there are so many technologies that each stone individually has its own instruction.

Overview of new products E.Mi

Ekaterina Miroshnichenko does not stand still, annually participating in the international exhibition "Intersharm", famous for the discovery of new products.

To create precious stones on the nails, the company E. Mi has a gel in a tube, which is very convenient to use.

For bas-relief modeling - a variety of colored thick gels. And there is a stencil for the bas-relief. He was advised to buy at the last “Intersharm”.

Unfortunately, this article did not accommodate all the successes of the recognized guru of nail aesthetics. Despite the strong employment, Ekaterina Miroshnichenko is a happy wife and mother. The doors of her pink school are always open. In many cities there are its branches. It remains only to regret that not everyone communicates personally while studying with an excellent teacher and a talented artist.