The halo effect is called the unconscious attribution to man of certain qualities of character based on first impression or on the basis of existing ideas about its activities. Experts in the field of the soul have long pointed out that people perceive others more than biased. The surrounding inclined sometimes things to think out, to dream and to imagine what may in fact not be. Various psychological studies confirm this. Often we are willing to ascribe to man certain traits and things about which I can only guess. Why is this happening and how can we explain this phenomenon?

The halo effect in psychology

The halo effect in psychology is a phenomenon that we observe daily in collaboration with a large number of people. Its essence consists in the following: if the person produces to the society a positive impression in the beginning, then later it will be a good attitude from the team, even if it not quite right the actions that are contrary to public opinion.

Sometimes the person immediately causes a sense of antipathy, even not having anything to be guilty. What is the point? Most here face factors such as subjective personal perception and defensive reaction. Beginners often meet unfriendly for the very reason that they have not yet managed to show their best side.

The halo effect. Rosenzweig

Rosenzweig debunks this misconception and shows that luck is the refuge of persistent and talented individuals. But even with such a responsible approach, any success may be replaced by temporary defeat, and that's fine. Rosenzweig shows on specific examples, from which really depends on the prosperity and development of any enterprise or individual initiative. The positive impression given by a Director of the company, often due to halo effect. People uninitiated it seems that he never makes any mistakes, all his work freely and easily, without apparent effort.

First impression

Not for nothing is it the most powerful. In fact it is. The halo effect manifests itself in an unconscious eagerness to ascribe certain character traits to evaluate it on certain parameters. We are organized in such a way that almost can not relate to the new identity calmly. Others always need to first know a person in detail and then to classify a specific category. As a result, can occur, and a close friendship, and pronounced hostility. The main thing that in the beginning a brand new undergoes a kind of "checks" and too much attention.

Parental love

It is believed that it is the most sturdy and strong from blood affections. A mother's love and a father to his child cannot be measured by anything in the world. Halo effect finds place in the parent-child relationship. It is no secret that the mother and father their child always seems to be the best. Parents, like anyone else, are able to see it for what it really is, and not to feel condemnation about some of them committed acts. A mother is willing to forgive her offspring anything, and forget about the misconduct.

The fact that the woman is carrying a baby not only in my stomach but the heart. Daily throughout pregnancy and after the birth she thinks of him with love. Her thoughts spread in his energy field and begin to "work" for the baby. For this reason, he always feels secure. A mother's love protects him from all adversity, is a sense of the sacred, its nothing can shake. The halo effect works here as a sacred beacon that never goes out.

Relationships within a couple

When young people begin Dating, they always rely on the first impression made on each other. If it was positive, and interaction brings joy. People often do not realize that the partner is not perfect, but a man like themselves. Otherwise not put forward. the requirements to the future spouse does not have built such a grandiose plans for the future together. Even the couple always appreciates each other. Young people don't like just because they want to see in the companion ideal traits and ready to invent them if the partner doesn't fit this.

The expectations of both parties in many cases are unnecessary because there are requirements based on their own individual observations. For example, if a girl cooks, and the guy is appreciated, the latter there is the view that a friend can exquisitely cook constantly and is waiting for her certain actions. If his expectations are unreasonable, you may experience resentment or even rupture of relations. It may seem that this is very selfish, and people actually love each other not for something specific, but because they managed to find their soulmate. This is partly true, but we cannot ignore the fact that each of us are somehow committed to meeting their needs. The halo effect is obvious, when it comes to lovers people.

Attitude towards the student at school

The idea of particular personality is usually in the process of interaction with her. And it is not necessary that the communication was long. In schools, where children, teachers consciously or unconsciously shape their attitude towards them. Very few people like noisy students who're disrupting the class, strongly contribute to the spread of disorder. It turns out that the halo effect also extends to the attitude of the children. The teacher may also unfairly to hurt or be hurt by weak learner, based only on their subjective perceptions.

The effects of interpersonal perception, the halo effect in particular, are subject to the personality of the person. It is from the character depends on how he will treat others, what kind of relationship he'll want to build as a result.

Exam situation

The knowledge test is always stressful. Not so important, but in reality the person is able, what information is available. Sometimes the exams are being lost the most able pupils and children who attend middle or weak, somehow manage to get good scores for their oral presentation. It happens differently when strong students, who had to consolidate his reputation, believe in the word, before they utter the necessary speech. Halo effect, an example of which can be found in how the teachers assess the students ' answers suggests that teachers are people too. And assess more than knowledge and personality of students. For this reason, the estimates are not fully reliable and objective.

Environmental assessment

Whether we like it or not, society always tends to measure our actions. Often people compare their actions with other people, and some even are quite willing to gossip and condemn others. Evaluation of the society often depends on what kind of impression initially, people produced. If it's a personality that I think is decent, in the eyes of society she has all chances to rehabilitate himself, and very successfully.

The effects of perception, the halo effect has a significant influence on the formation of subjective feelings of a person in society. It is hardly possible to feel cozy and comfortable if behind always heard condemning the conversations and accusations. From the evaluation of others often depends on the extent of the claims of the individual and how successful he can be.

Attitude to yourself

Self-esteem is influenced by society. We all live in society and are forced every day to interact with a large number of people. While not everyone can be nice, not all have enviable patience, endurance, attentive to our needs.

Attitude consists of subjective feelings of importance and usefulness of this society in which a person is. It is noticed that if a child is constantly berate, criticize, he will not seek new knowledge, and in the best case will close in on itself. When we are accused, we do not wish to take active action in order to move forward. The fact that such person inner is disappointed in himself and does not want to do any of that so insistently demands from him the society.

Instead of a conclusion

The halo effect in psychology is a factor that occupies a special place. This phenomenon affects the sphere of personality, aims to study self-perception and evaluation of the people around them.