The Russian land is rich in athletes who are equally good at several disciplines. One of these universals, who could become a master of sports in boxing and kickboxing at the same time, is Eduard Troyanovsky. About him and talk in more detail in the article.

Brief biographical note

Eduard Troyanovsky was born on May 30, 1980 in the city of Omsk, but after a while he moved with his parents to the Eagle. Already from an early age our hero seriously took a great interest in sports, and at 16 he became a boxer led by Vladimir Redin. In the period 1999-2001, the young man served in the army, and after retiring to the reserve soon became a candidate for the master of sports in boxing. Since 2005, Eduard simultaneously performed on two rings: boxing and kickboxing. As a kickboxer, he became the champion of the CIS, Europe and twice took the second place in the world championship.

Eduard Troyanovsky: Russian Eagle Professional Boxing

Career in professional boxing

The debut as a pro for Troyanovsky fell on November 2009. In the first fight he was confronted by the more experienced German Richard Tsvarga, from whom the Russian won by a judicial decision. After this bout, Eduard Troyanovsky conducted another 7 successful battles in Germany, which allowed him to compete for the title of European Champion. And in December 2010 he defeated Matt Zegan in the fight for the vacant belt of the best boxer of the Old World. Our hero took only three incomplete rounds to knock out his Polish opponent.

Forced break

Becoming the champion of Europe, Eduard Troyanovsky was forced to suspend his performances in the ring. The whole fault was the conflict with the manager, which led to the fact that the belt champion had to pass. Nevertheless, the boxer did not give up and in 2012 again returned to the sport, signing an agreement with the famous Russian manager Vladimir Khryunov. After that, the sportsman held two victorious duels for himself and became a contender for the belt of the RAVA champion, who eventually won and three times defended.

In April 2015, Troyanovsky was able to take over the title of world champion of the unrepresentative organization IBO. For this he needed to fight with Hayk Shahnazaryan. The fight did not last the entire time allotted, as Edward was able to send an opponent in a knockout in the eighth round.

Four months later, Troyanovsky fought with the representative of the Philippines, Ronald Pontillas. And again, the victory was celebrated by the "Eagle", knocking out the opponent in the third three minutes.

Unification battle

The most important battle of Eduard Troyanovsky in his life was November 4, 2015. On that day, the Russian met with César René Cuenca, who at that time was the IBF world champion.

The fight proved to be eventful, and Eduard was the dominant one in the ring. However, already in the 6th round an important episode occurred that decided the fate of the battle. On rapprochement, the Russian struck a powerful and short blow, and his opponent, sowing under him, eventually overturned Troyanovsky. In the process of the fall, Eduard knocked down and Cuenca, who then said that he can not continue the fight because of the injury received at the time of the fall. The whole team of the champion hoped for the disqualification of the Russian soldier, but the judges, after analyzing the situation, made a verdict on the basis of which Troyanovsky became the new owner of the belt of the IBF.

Unexpected defeat

In early December 2016, Moscow was waiting for a high-class boxing. Eduard Troyanovsky had to fight with a native of Namibia, Julius Indongo. All experts, experts and fans agreed that the Russian should have defeated the challenger. However, in reality there was a real drama. To great regret for the whole of Russia, the "Eagle" lost, with a devastating, shocking knockout in the first round in the first minute of the fight.

With a sweeping blow, the Namibian clearly got his strongest left hand into Eduard's head and sent it to the ring flooring. A weak consolation for a Russian can be the point in the contract, according to which Julius is obliged to give him a rematch. We hope that the Russian boxer in the long term will be able to prove to himself and the public that this is the only defeat at this time is an accident.