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Connection of wires

The article describes how to connect the wires. Described connection methods, and tools required for installation.

Why make a provision for the Department?

Is it always necessary to develop regulations on the subdivision? No, but because he manages the enterprise to define the boundaries of responsibility of each Department or service. By taking the time to create a document, you can seriously streamline the work, improve the interaction between the sectors, branches.

The currency of Israel is the new shekel

The exchange rate in Israel can be found in any exchange office or to the nearest Bank. The first financial institutions that is most interesting to exchange money is the most advantageous, as there is no Commission payable. The same rule "works" in the mail, where you don't have to pay for the surgery with money.

Direct investment

Direct investment is investment in major domestic and international companies with the purpose of gaining a few years later.

Gold bar: weight, size, photos

Gold is the most popular precious metal on the planet. In nature it is rare to find it in its pure form and is mainly obtained as a mixture of different components. There are a large number of other, more expensive and rare precious metals, but for some reason the gold bullion enjoy universal love and acceptance.

What is WMR-purse

The electronic settlement system came into our life for a long time and confidently took his place in it. One of the most popular systems – Webmoney. Let's look at it in detail.

Rules of business correspondence: examples

Competent business correspondence can greatly increase the turnover, to accelerate the cooperation of the different services and departments.Knowledge of the rules of business writing helps in business and career.

The essence and function of credit

The essence and function of credit today cause a great deal of interest. From an economic point of view, a loan is defined as a contract between the creditor (Bank) and borrower (individual or organization).

How to make money in the decree? Work at home

Regular income in the form of wages allows to count on a certain standard of living with the full freedom of planning your budget. Maternity leave deprives women of financial independence. Daily chores and child care are not allowed to go to work with a full schedule, so moms think about how to earn on maternity leave at home.

The use of hydraulic oils and reviews

Hydraulic fluid has commercial value and is an indispensable component of hydraulic systems. It protects parts from rapid wear and contributes to the normal functioning of the hydraulic system at different temperatures and humidity.

Manufacturing at home: what can make money?

We all know that the perfect job is a highly paid hobby. So why not use your skills to build your own business? In this article you will learn how to open a mini-production at home, which will bring not only pleasure, but also a steady income.

Forms and types of credit

Today, life in installments and the conduct of business in debt have become quite relevant and a very popular phenomenon. Banks are hard relentless struggle for every customer, and every day lending is becoming more available. While there are various forms and types of credit and the conditions of its obtaining all over easier.

Crane console

The crane console is a perfect companion in addressing the issue of mechanization of lifting operations. Its ease of use appreciated by millions of workers and work efficiency has been recognized by leading global enterprises.

The idea for a business in a small town

To achieve financial independence and realize long – held dream- that aspires to be a modern man. However, to start your own business is not easy, especially in a small provincial town. There is always a risk of lack of demand and loss of the invested capital. In this article you will learn how to open a business in a small town and how to develop it.

New rules of building and land use: the project changes

Rules of land use and development — the most important document for the municipality. It is being developed in accordance with the provisions of the town planning Code of the Russian Federation. The absence of rules of land use and development means that the authorities of the municipality will not provide land for construction. How develop appropriate standards? What is the procedure for amending them?

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