Akhal-Teke horse: suit photo

Akhal-Teke horse is one of the oldest pure-blooded riding horse breeds. More than five thousand years ago it was developed by the representatives of the peoples living on the territory of modern Turkmenistan, and played a significant role in the formation of such elite riding breeds as the English race horse, Donskaya, trakenenskaya and several others.

Admiral Kuznetsov (carrier): features

The doctrine of the Russian Navy is such that practically do not provide for the use of aircraft carriers. The reasons are many, but one of them are huge financial costs of maintaining such vessels. During the USSR by way of their creation were made first steps, but the only ship of this class in our country is "Admiral Kuznetsov".

Peat as fertilizer

In natural conditions peat is formed in wetlands, in areas with high humidity and inhibit access of air. Since it is present about 60 % carbon, it is also used as a fuel.

Sberbank bonus program Thanks: features

Loyalty programs help to attract new and encourage old customers. That is what the lender. Bonus program "Thank you", developed by them, offering bonus rewards for purchases made on the card. How does this program work? The terms on which the bonuses? When debited? This can be found in this article.

Money is

The purpose and the main task of the existence of any commercial entity is to generate income, which is measured in monetary terms. For the beginning of functioning of the company needs start-up capital. Funds are invested in current and non-current assets. In the process, the initial investments are properly converting, the result of which is profit – money. The cycle is continuous, its efficiency depends on the profitability of the firm.

Why are chickens bad rush in summer: causes and solution

The question of why chickens are bad in the summer rush, we can assume the burning is a warm season must have been the peak of productivity of chicken egg breed. To look for the causes should in almost all aspects of life of the house, it is only seasonality to explain the sharp reduction of productivity is impossible.

How to get a loan with bad credit history? Loan processing

Oddly enough, but we used to live on credit. But, as is often the case, wishes do not always coincide with the possibilities, so the time to pay on the loan is not always possible. And then when you receive a new loan affected by a bad credit history.What is it and how to get money in such circumstances? Talk...

As sick leave is calculated in 2015

Every working person at least once in their life wondered about how sick leave is calculated. Unfortunately, few people familiar with this procedure and is able to skillfully operate the necessary knowledge. To avoid cheating by unscrupulous employer, let us examine how the calculation of sick leaves and that is the reason for the renewal of a certificate of incapacity.

Financial assets are

The article discusses current financial assets and other resources of the enterprise, which enable it to improve its own cost.

Pedagogical management in education

Pedagogical management is a relatively new phenomenon for Russia. However, among domestic researchers have provided a number of approaches to its understanding and evaluation. What is the pedagogical management in the Russian version?

Delivery driver: duties, instruction

Country, large cities and small settlements are connected by hundreds of thousands of miles of roads for which each second moving loads in different directions. To valuable item was brought to the addressee on time and in full safety, its delivery trust specially trained shipping agents.

Open-hearth furnace: temperature, diagram

Open-hearth furnace is a melting unit, which is designed for processing scrap and iron into steel of the required quality and chemical composition. The device is named for metallurgists and engineers from France. Emile and Pierre Martin have created a furnace in 1864.

The financial result

The financial result of an enterprise can be presented in a balance sheet loss or a profit. It is expressed in the form of an algebraic sum of the results of the sale of goods, services or works, expense and income unrealized operations and so on. Financial results of activity characterise also the gross income from the sale of products.

Single tax

Russian tax legislation provides for the possibility of payment by enterprises a unified tax calculated on the basis of imputed income. What are its most noteworthy characteristics?

Hardening steel: temperature, types and methods

The metal heat treatment is a required process in metallurgy. Thanks to a properly conducted heat treatment of steel can improve those or other mechanical characteristics of the product. On this subject I can speak long enough. Let's see you, what is hardening of steel, why it is needed and what is the technology. At first glance, it may seem extremely difficult, however, to understand in more detail, it is not.

Coal industry of Russia

Coal is the most abundant resource in the world. He is the first type of fossil fuel to use. Russian coal industry belongs to the category of the most important sectors of the economy.

Childhood" by Maxim Gorky: a summary, main characters and analysis of the product

In 1913, Maxim Gorky writes the first part of the trilogy, the novel "Childhood". She talks about the formation of the personality of the main character of Alyosha Peshkov, the prototype of which was the author himself. The narrative is first-person, allowing you to fully experience the feelings and experiences of a boy caught up in an unusual environment, which nevertheless contributed to its formation and maturation.