At the very beginning of their history, the pants of the flared flaps were exclusively uniform. They remembered about them during the heyday of the subculture of the hippies. At that time, jeans with a wide flared from the knees became a truly cult thing. Since then, they occasionally blow up the world's catwalks and wardrobes. Therefore, the question of whether jeans are fashionable klesh now or tomorrow, the answer can be only one - they are in the trend always. Color changes, materials used, decorative elements, but the style remains without exaggeration eternal. For the sake of justice it is worth saying that not all stylists and designers approve the general fascination with jeans as a daily option, including in the office, considering them clothing for work or at the very least travel and travel.

Opinion is controversial, and fans do not have much. We'll talk about how to choose jeans flares, with what to wear them, and offer you some everyday options. Those that will not allow you to become a fashionista from the 70s of the last century, unless, of course, you specifically do not bet on retrostyle.

The subtleties of choice

The model is certainly universal and will suit everyone and everyone. In addition, the flare allows you to hide many of the imperfections of the figure. So, for example, the owners of fluffy hips visually counterbalance their expanding downward trouser legs. The figure thus becomes somewhat light and romantic. And using simple techniques, you can visually extend your legs. But before the question arises of what to wear with jeans flared, you need to figure out how to choose them.

First, the optimal length, suitable for your figure. A shorter version of such a model is acceptable, but only girls with model growth and physique can afford it. Stylists recommend this option not to take. The most optimal length is 1-2 cm above the floor, the heel or heel should be closed.

Secondly, the correct landing. Recall that it can be inflated, normal or understated. So the third kind is not recommended. They do not hide any flaws at all, besides it looks often unaesthetic.

Thirdly, jeans flare should have the correct width of the pants. The model a priori slim almost any type of figure, but this detail is worth paying attention to. Knish from the knee is a classic and, perhaps, the most versatile. Avoid maximalism, the width should be optimal so that you do not look caricatured (just remember the wolf from the cartoon "Well, wait!") To balance the full thighs or hide the imperfect (in your opinion) knees, it's best to pick up jeans, above them.

Ways to combine such a fashionable and ageless piece of wardrobe set, we offer you a few not the most simple and not the most boring. This is what will help you in creating an image for each day and at the same time emphasize the individuality.

Option number 1: what do we have on top?

And almost everything! Outer clothing for jeans flares can be very diverse. First, the leather jacket. Both things have a character, but they do not interfere with each other, but they perfectly harmonize. The jacket in the biker style allows you to muffle a bit the excessive vintage, which brings the flare into the image. What to wear under it? All you want: soft cashmere sweaters, cotton shirts of simple cut or flannel in the current cage, silk blouses, T-shirts, T-shirts with print, etc.

If the skin is too bold for you, then choose a classic double-breasted coat or trench coat. Of particular relevance in both versions is a beige color, shades of camel wool. It adds nobility, poise and refinement. In addition, classic classic jeans and black jeans will look noble in a company of deep red color.

In addition, do not bypass the waistcoats and sleeveless jackets. And down and blown in this case is not the best choice. Prefer to give knitted vests, fur, suede or leather.

Option number 2: with a shirt

The most simple and fashionable move is a classic shirt in a white man's style. Choose your ideal model and then you can combine it with anything. White shirt, like a magic wand, allows you to get the desired effect of elegance and refinement in any combination.

More boldly and brightly look things from a dense and warm flannel. A typical and actual print on them is a cage of various sizes and colors. Emphasize this image with a wide leather strap.

Option number 3: with an overdose sweater and cardigans

Despite the fact that the jeans flare (the photo is confirmed) by themselves create a certain volume in the lower part of the figure, they perfectly complement and balance the free sweater. It is important to observe the measure when choosing it, you need not too large mating and the length is about mid-thigh. In this kit, you will be comfortable everywhere and always, especially in the cool autumn.

Option number 4: with a vest

Being originally a form of clothing for sailors, jeans flare in the company with a charming strip look perfect. They are created for each other, and this historical relationship does not look old-fashioned, but on the contrary, it is as relevant and fresh as ever. On top of the vest coat a leather jacket or trench coat. And strip and color can be chosen as traditional, and variations on the topic.

Option number 5: with denim

And such an approach is permissible, moreover, provided the competent selection of colors looks natural and unobtrusive. The rule is known - things should differ by several colors in color.

As a rule, in practice, the question of what to wear with flared jeans does not arise. They are so tightly integrated into our lives and adapted in the wardrobe, that already on an intuitive level there is a successful and harmonious image. Most importantly, do not forget about the sense of proportion and heel. Which in this case is simply necessary.