At the very beginning of its history, flared trousers were exclusively uniforms. We remembered them in the heyday of the hippie subculture. At that time, jeans with a wide flare from the knees became a truly iconic thing. Since then, from time to time they have blown up world catwalks and wardrobes of fashionistas. Therefore, when asked whether fashion jeans are flared now or tomorrow, there can be only one answer - they are always in trend. The color, materials used, decorative elements change, but the style remains eternal without exaggeration. In fairness it should be said that not all stylists and designers approve of the craze for jeans as a daily option, including in the office, considering them as clothing for work or, in extreme cases, travel and travel.

The opinion is controversial, and has not so many fans. We will talk about how to choose a flared jeans, what to wear them with, and offer you some everyday options. Those who will not allow you to turn into a woman of fashion from the 70s of the last century, unless, of course, you specifically do not rely on retrostyle.

Subtleties of choice

The model is certainly universal and will suit everyone. In addition, the flare allows you to hide many imperfections of the figure. So, for example, owners of magnificent hips hips will visually balance them with the legs widening downwards. The figure at the same time acquires some lightness and romance. And using simple fashionable techniques, you can visually lengthen the legs. But before the question arises about what to wear with jeans flared, you need to figure out how to choose them.

First, the optimal length, it is suitable for your figure. A shortened version of such a model is acceptable, but only girls with model height and build can afford it. Stylists are advised not to take this option into account. The most optimal length is 1-2 cm above the floor, the heel or heel should be closed.

Secondly, the correct fit. Recall that it may be overestimated, normal or understated. So the third type is not recommended. They do not hide any flaws, besides it looks often unaesthetic.

Third, flared jeans should have the correct leg width. The model is a priori slim almost any type of figure, but you should pay attention to this detail. The knee bell is classic and perhaps the most versatile. Avoid maximalism, the width should be optimal so that you do not look caricature (just remember the wolf from the cartoon "Well, wait!") To balance full hips or hide imperfect (in your opinion) knees, it is best to pick up jeans that have flared straight above them.

There are a lot of ways to combine such a fashionable and non-aging element of the wardrobe, we offer you some not so simple and not so boring ones. This is what will help you in creating an image for every day and at the same time emphasizes individuality.

Option number 1: what we have on top?

And almost everything! Outerwear to jeans flared can be very diverse. First, leather leather jacket. Both things with character, but at the same time bundled with each other do not interfere, but perfectly harmonize. The jacket in a biker style allows you to slightly muffle excessive vintage, which adds flared to the image. What to wear under her? Whatever you want: soft cashmere turtlenecks, plain-cut cotton or flannel shirts in a modern cage, silk blouses, t-shirts, printed t-shirts, etc.

If the skin is too bold for you, then choose a classic double-breasted coat or trench coat. Of particular relevance in both versions has a beige color, shades of camel hair. This adds nobility, poise and sophistication. In addition, classic indigo flared jeans and black will look noble in the company of a deep red color.

In addition, do not go around vests and sleeveless jackets. Moreover, downy and puffy ones are not the best choice in this case. Preference to give knitted vests, fur, suede or leather.

Option number 2: with a shirt

The simplest and most fashionable move is a classic white-style men's shirt. Choose "your" ideal model and then you will be able to combine it with anything. White shirt, like a magic wand, allows you to get the desired effect of elegance and sophistication with any combination.

Things look more bold and bright from thick and warm flannels. A typical and actual print on them is a cage of various sizes and colors. Underline this image with a wide leather belt.

Option number 3: with oversized sweater and cardigans

Despite the fact that jeans flare (photos confirm this) in themselves create some volume in the lower part of the figure, they will perfectly complement and balance a free sweater. It is important to comply with the measure when choosing it, you need not too large mating and length approximately to the middle of the thigh. In this kit you will be comfortable everywhere and always, especially in the cool autumn.

Option number 4: with a vest

Being originally a sailor’s uniform, flared jeans in a company with a charming strip look perfect. They are made for each other, and this historical kinship does not look old-fashioned, but on the contrary, more relevant than ever. Put on a leather jacket or trench coat over the vest. Moreover, the strip and color, you can choose both traditional and variations on the theme.

Option number 5: with denim

And such an approach is admissible, moreover, under the condition of competent selection of colors, it looks natural and unobtrusive. The rule is known - things should differ by several tones in color.

As a rule, in practice, the question of what to wear with flared jeans does not arise. They are so tightly incorporated into our lives and have adapted to the wardrobe, that already on an intuitive level, as if a successful and harmonious image takes shape. Most importantly, do not forget about the sense of proportion and heel. Which in this case is simply necessary.