Smoke-machine, or, as it is also called, a smoke generator, is a device that allows creating with a help of artificial smoke a unique and mysterious atmosphere at concerts, in cafes, at parties and other entertainment events of different scale, indoors and outdoors.

Principle of operation of the device

The smoke machine is used to reduce the transparency of the air. It reads well and not only laser, but also light rays are effective.Smoke-machine: what is it?

The device generates and scatters the smoke in the desired direction.

The liquid is supplied to the heating element by means of a pump. There it heats up to a high temperature or evaporates during a chemical reaction and turns into an aerosol, which is released from the nozzle of the device.

In many ways, the effect produced by the device depends on the choice of liquid. It can be a light diffusing haze, and a dense, thick, slowly escaping smoke.

Fluid for the device

The smoke that is created in a special device is not a combustion product, and therefore is harmless for health and does not have an unpleasant, pungent odor. It is generated from a liquid consisting of distilled water and distilled glycerol in certain proportions.

To create dense smoke, mixtures of distilled water with atomized mineral oils are used. Dyes and flavors added to the liquid create an additional effect.

Depending on what time of dispersion it is necessary, choose liquids of long, average and fast action.

Devices can generate smoke from a homemade liquid consisting of 85% distilled water, 5% alcohol and 10% glycerin, but the heat exchanger clogs faster. Therefore, experienced users of such equipment claim that homemade products should work with home-made items, that is, homemade liquid and a smoke machine, created by oneself.

Types of devices

There are different types of smoke machines. Fog generators without heating elements create a light haze in which the beams are read easily, and the room itself remains sufficiently transparent.

The generator of thick heavy smoke produces smoke that spreads on the floor. In such equipment, the aerosol is cooled to a temperature several degrees below the room temperature, and fans are used to move it. There are many drawbacks to this design.

Smoke-machine with the use of dry ice (frozen carbon dioxide) - the most simple and inexpensive. Aerosol from a conventional device passes through a container with dry ice, the temperature of which is below -78 ° C, and the chilled water enters the room. The downside of this device is the need to purchase and store dry ice.

The light smoke generator is the most common variety. It is universal and inexpensive. This device is used in small cafes and at home celebrations.

Characteristics of smoke machines

One of the important characteristics of the device is the type of compressor. The air compressor works very noisily, which is often unacceptable.

The first thing that distinguishes between smoke machines is the capacity, on which the quantity of cubic meters of smoke depends, which is produced per unit time. This parameter (productivity) ranges from several cubic meters to several hundred cubic meters per minute.

Based on the area of ​​the room, which is supposed to smoke, the power of the device is selected. For a space of 15 square meters. m is enough power generator in 90 watts, and for an open area or a large stage suitable generator with a power of more than 3000 watts. By the way, such a powerful device is able to throw smoke at a distance of 7 m, while the smallest - no more than 3 m.

Smoke-machines can be produced both in the floor and in the suspended version, with a timer, equipped with control panels or an interface for control from the light console.

There are many manufacturers of smoke machines today. Each of them produces devices that differ in functional features, performance and, of course, price. The cost depends on the country of manufacture (European devices are very high quality and reliability, and Asian - a low price).

Le Maitre Megatron MGT-2 - the generator of smoke and fog - the most powerful smoke machine. The price for it is more than 7.5 million rubles.

A low-power device that ejects 140 m 3 / min, with a wired remote, costs no more than 4.5 thousand rubles. As, for example, the smoke machine Involight FM900.

Smoke-machine with own hands

You can make your own homemade device for home discos. The simplest variant is a heating element and a small container with glycerin. Some smoke effect will be created in a small room for a short time.

How to make a smoke machine, a little more complex device, you can come up with, knowing the principle of its operation, the main elements of the structure and composition of the liquid.

As a heating element you can use a one-burner electric stove (some craftsmen take a heating element of a conventional iron).

A system of slow delivery of the glycerin mixture can be a medical dropper. A conventional home fan can provide smoke movement.

The electric stove warms up, glycerin drips from it from the dropper, evaporates, and the fan spreads out the resulting smoke. That's all the wisdom - for home use enough.

If you want to please friends or unusual to celebrate a symbolic day for the family, it is not difficult to create an unusual atmosphere of a romantic holiday. And not necessarily it should be an expensive smoke machine.

For crowded events it is better to use the services of specialists and their professional equipment. So it will be more beautiful, and safer.