Perfume market in the history of the twentieth century has reached an incredible scale and diversity. Hundreds of fragrances are produced annually under famous brands. Most of them leave no trace in history. But there are copies, beloved by millions, bottles that women do not want to leave for several generations. Perfumes Lanvin Eclat d'Arpege - just such a fragrance. About the history of its creation is intended to tell this article.

Jeanne Lanvan

The future founder of the brand Lanvin, whose name in the Russian language is traditionally pronounced with an error, through the letter "and", was born in France in 1867. Jeanne was the first child among eleven children, and her parents were by no means wealthy. When the girl reached the age of sixteen, she was made a student in a studio. It was there that Jeanne's passion became headgear, and the girl began to create fashionable women's hats.

Soon she married and gave birth to two daughters. Inspired by maternal love, Jeanne herself creates the entire wardrobe for her girls. Talent seamstresses and rich imagination allow her to come up with unusual styles of children's dresses. Richly decorated skirts, collars embroidered with beads and stones, flowing fabrics and unsurpassed cuts do not go unnoticed, and soon Jeanne has a circle of regular customers who order not only hats, but also children's clothes. Very soon, women, leading their girls to try on Jeanne, begin to ask to sew dresses for them. She does not refuse, and soon she takes up sewing of adult clothes. The case quickly takes wide turns, and in 1889, twenty-two-year-old Lanvan opens his own studio.

Becoming a brand

Jeanne's affection for her daughters was obvious, and since her children's outfits contributed to the success of her as a fashion designer, the mother and child are depicted on the label of the company, as well as on the flax of Lanvin Eclat d'Arpege.

At the beginning of the twentieth century Jeanne's atelier already became very well known. She herself was over forty, and about the same number - to the circle of her clients. Native, noble, mostly with far from ideal figures, these women wanted something fresh from the costumes of modern times. And Jeanne gave them this. Her dresses, suits and outerwear were largely built on the game of volumes. The fashion designer often used in her outfits elements such as buffets, frills and pleated. In addition, her clothes were always richly decorated, sometimes with jewels and embroidery with gold threads and pearls. These were not trendy suits, but it was clothing for rich people who knew their worth and could spend a lot.

The first fragrance

By the twenties, the brand has flourished. Not only clothes for women, children and men are produced, but also household items, accessories and underwear. Appears and perfume line. In 1927, the forerunner of the Eclat d'Arpege, the perfume of Arpege, left for the creation of which Jeanne Lanvan was inspired by the play of her daughter on the piano. In the name of this fragrance lies the musical term - arpeggio - which means a play-by-play, in which each note can be singled out separately. The predecessor of Lanvin Eclat d'Arpege became a gift for the daughter of Jeanne, Marie Blanche, - the spirits invented specially for her.

To create an unsurpassed flower bouquet of this fragrance, perfumers Paul Vecker and Andre Freis worked. The musical name of the perfume was reflected in its contents - each note of perfume opened alternately and was clearly audible.

On the bottle of these spirits "Arpeggio", the predecessors of the Eclat d'Arpege, for the first time in history began to write sex and age. So, this fragrance was created for young women from 18 to 30 years.

Eclat d'Arpege: the famous successor

At the beginning of the twenty-first century, the famous spirits of Lanvan "Arpeggio" celebrated their seventy-fifth anniversary. It was then that the successors of the traditions of the fashion house created a new fragrance, executed in the key of the previous one, Eclat d'Arpege.

On the lilac "pot-bellied" flacon of the same silhouette as in 1927, the mother and the girl stretching out their arms to her are likewise represented. The spirits of Eclat d'Arpege, whose name can be translated as "Arpeggio Splash", echoed the success of their predecessor. What is their secret?

Description of the fragrance

Lanvin Eclat d'Arpege, reviews about which you can read further, has become a truly popular fragrance. Light and gentle, with a feminine floral composition, this perfume has not given up its position for almost fifteen years. The fragrance is revealed with light notes of juicy lemon leaves and a flowering lilac bush. Delicate inflorescences of peach and wisteria are fragrant and make up the heart essence of this perfume. The trail creates basic chords of sweet amber and muscular musk.

Eclat d'Arpege is the personification of the early spring morning in Paris, when lilac bushes under the weight of their flowers bend over the banks of the Seine and drop lilac petals into its waters. It is a fragrance for young and sensual girls, who meanwhile are very serious and know their worth. Something strict and confident, but at the same time vulnerable, modest and tender nature - that's the type of person created for these spirits.

Continuation of the series

Since the "reincarnation" of the famous "Arpeggio" in 2002, the brand "Lanvan" has produced more than a dozen flavor flankers. In these versions of "Ekl d 'Arpezh" (this is how the name of spirits is pronounced in French) new notes are added - most of them sound more sweet than the classical flavor.

By the way, despite the popularity and sign of perfume, the products of the Lanvan brand are not excessively expensive. So, the price for an average bottle (30 ml) of this aroma in the network "L'etual" starts from 1300 rubles.

Eclat d Arpege: reviews about the fragrance

This object of perfumery art has many admirers. Many women share their memories of how this fragrance was first heard. For many, he became the first - having opened the lilac bottle in his youth and felt the fragrance of its contents, the girls remain faithful to him for many years.

Buyers note the persistence of the perfume Lanvin Eclat d Arpege. Reviews of women say that the fragrance rests on the skin and clothes from six hours to several days.

A trail of fragrance, according to customers, is heard at arm's length, that is, they can safely be used on working days without fear of excessive fragrance.

Among the cheaper analogues of Eclat d'Arpege are Dalilight (Dalilight) perfume brand Salvador Dali ("Salvador Dali"). These are fragrances from one flower-fruit group, but the price of the latter is almost twice as low.

Women who have long worn the perfume "Eklah d'Arpezh", note the appeal of these spirits for the opposite sex. It turns out that men are crazy about this gentle and light fragrance, so often make compliments to its owner.