In this article we will talk about the mega successful brand called Donna Trussardi. After reading this article, you will learn the history of this company, the main perfumery lines that go under the brand “Donna Trussardi” and much more.

The importance of perfume for women

Every woman wants to be on top, to fit the ideal. And the fragrance plays a significant role in the formation of the female image. As we know, in the animal world, odors play a very important role. They help attract the opposite sex. In the human world, everything works the same way. The main goal of the perfume is to attract attention. Due to its consistency, perfume, falling on the body, creates a unique train that stretches for a very long time for its owner.

Perfume Donna Trussardi: fragrance description (reviews)

In addition, women often use fragrances in order to feel more attractive. Psychologists say that good perfume can increase the self-esteem of the girl and make her more sociable, relaxed.

A brief history of the perfume industry - from antiquity to the present day

Before proceeding to discuss the brand Donna Trussardi, it is necessary to say a few words about the history of the perfume industry.

This type of industry has been actively developed over many centuries. The first mention of perfume appeared in ancient Egypt. As a rule, incense used for rituals. In addition, it is authentically known that perfumery was actively used in biblical times. The use of essential oils is repeatedly mentioned in the Holy Scriptures.

A powerful impetus for the emergence of the perfume industry was the creation of the world's first perfume. In the second millennium BC there lived a woman named Tapputi. She was engaged in repeated distillation (distillation) of flowers and oils with other aromatic substances. That is, it is safe to say that Tapputi is one of the first perfumers in the world.

In Europe, the technology of creating perfumes came only in the 14th century. This happened due to the active spread of Islam. Initially, perfumes were an incredible luxury that only representatives of noble royal families could afford. However, over time, everything changed, and even petty bourgeois could buy perfume.

In the modern world, perfume is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. In addition, now there are a huge number of companies that revolve in this industry. Accordingly, increased competition. In order to lure customers, manufacturers are forced to create new amazing and unique flavors. One of the companies that has succeeded in this field is Donna Trussardi. We will talk about the products of this company in our article.


Now the perfume market is oversaturated with products from various firms. However, despite the huge competition, the Trussardi Donna brand is one of the most advanced in the world. What is the secret of such success? In order to answer this question, you need to delve into the history of the company Trussardi Donna.

“Trussardi” is an incredibly successful Italian company that manufactures clothes, shoes, accessories and perfumes. The label Trussardi was founded back in 1973. Initially, the company was engaged in high-quality leather processing. Then the brand began to actively develop, and after a couple of years, the company began to manufacture gloves, belts, bags and other leather accessories.

The company constantly conducted research on the production of its own innovative materials. And this work did not go in vain. Within a few years, a whole line of clothing under the Trussardi label, which consisted of brand new, previously unseen materials, was released. Consumers are enthusiastic about this collection.

Due to the incredible popularity among fashion lovers, the company received the opportunity to actively develop in various directions. One of them was perfumery. The first perfume Trussardi Donna appeared in 1980. Classics are considered to be the aromas “Trussadini” and “Trussadini Uomo”. A little later, a new series of perfumes was released, which was calculated on a younger female audience (the collection of “Action”, “Action Sport” and “Action Uomo”). In 1993, the fragrance was released, which was intended for a business woman. For almost forty years of history spirits from “Trussardi” received a lot of awards. One of the most prestigious is the Fragrance Foundation Award.

Trussardi Donna - brand description

As can be understood from the above, the Trussardi brand has gained popularity among the masses only because of its innovative and high-quality products. This definition is also suitable for perfumery products from this company. Perfume Trussardi Donna consistently delight customers with new, previously unseen combinations of smells. In addition, the best perfumers from around the world are working on creating fragrances. This explains the high quality of goods that are produced under the label Trussardi Donna.

Reviews of perfume products of this company are very positive. As a rule, clients praise daring, bold and unique flavors. In addition, most buyers are pleased with an extensive range. At the moment, released a huge number of different perfumes. Thanks to this diversity, every woman will be able to find a scent that will be perfect for her.

Well, perhaps now is more familiar with the products of Trussardi Donna. A description of the flavor, an overview of the popular lines - all this you can find in this article.

Trussardi Donna fragrance description

Review of the perfume "Trussardi" should start with the classics. What is the secret of Donna Trussardi perfume success? Why did they gain such popularity and easily outdid competitors?

The classic aroma of Trussardi Donna embodies a modern understanding of femininity, beauty, attractiveness and charm. A bouquet of unusual smells greets you with a stunning fruit chord, which is formed by the tart notes of citron and yuzu. The freshness of the perfume is emphasized by the light and unobtrusive smell of white flowers, which reflect the natural feminine beauty. A subtle woody notes that create a perfume train, give the woman a special attraction and sexuality. In addition, thanks to a combination of rich spider and sensual cedar, the effect of layering notes is created. “Trussardi Donna” is a versatile fragrance that will suit any girl.

Trussardi Jeans Women

Trussardi Jeans Women is a great choice for young and stylish girls. Light and modern fragrance is ideal for active, cheerful and cheerful women.

The femininity of this fragrance is already noticeable in the initial notes. The unsurpassed smell of violet speaks for itself. In addition, there is a light and relaxed aroma of resin ale, which creates a special contrast. After a certain time, the perfume gets a more daring shade. The initial notes of tenderness slowly but surely fade, and they are replaced by the tart aroma of tuberose and freesia. The only thing that reminds of the initial tenderness of the perfume is the light scent of white lily, like December snow. Liatris and white musk, which form a train, add extra spice and sexuality to the scent.

Trussardi Jeans Women is not suitable for gentle and innocent girls. However, this perfume is indispensable for lovers of an energetic and youth way of life.

Trussardi Delicate Rose EDT

Trussardi Delicate Rose EDT is perhaps one of the most feminine scents ever produced by Trussardi.

In the initial notes you can clearly hear the refreshing, delicate aroma of the rose, which literally wraps you in a warm incense blanket. But it does not last long. Pink smell quickly disappears, so that citrus notes with unobtrusive musk flavor come to the fore. The heart of the perfume consists of a tart floral scent. It seems as if you are in the arboretum. In addition, you can see a barely perceptible train, which is full of its sweetness and closeness.

Trussardi Delicate Rose EDT is the perfect perfume you can use for dating. Delightful aroma intoxicates and adjusts to a romantic mood.

The company “Trussardi” produces delicious perfumes that will not leave indifferent any woman. Perhaps the only negative perfume from this label - the price. Perfume is quite expensive, and not every girl can afford it. However, it is worth noting that the price is fully consistent with the quality of the goods.