With friendship we face his entire life. From childhood we spend time with those who we consider friends. Does it really friends? Companions in childhood we like to think, with whom to communicate, but as they grow older they are becoming less. Why is this happening? Friends are what people? Why they play such an important role in our lives?

What are friends for?

Friends – who are they and how to identify a real friend?

Unfortunately, the modern world dictates the rules concerning not only social behavior, but also communication with those closest to you. But whether or not we are surrounded by those who deserve to be called real friends.

Friends are those with whom we share your joys and sorrows, UPS and downs. Those who many of us know but do not tell anybody.

Friends are the people who are close to us not because of kinship, but because of the friendly. Comrades, we call those whom we trust and with whom we feel comfortable. Those who do not throw in difficult times and, no matter what, will be next.

Main types

There are a few, so let's define which of them is your buddy.

  1. Senior friend. Communication with the older generation often brings pleasure. In addition, they will always help and give valuable advice.
  2. Counselor. Such a person will always listen and give advice, but never abuse his kindness and compassion.
  3. Friends of the opposite sex. Oddly enough, but such relationships exist. Women with a man can even discuss what should not be talking with her best friend. You should always listen to the advice given by that person.
  4. Childhood friends. Acquaintance at school often develops into a strong and long friendship. Even if a long time not to see each other, the relationship will not be naught. At the meeting seem that the separation was not.
  5. Gossip. Such a person wants to be everyone's friend, but friendship it is quite strange. Instead of storing your secret, he will tell about it to everyone. With such it is better not to communicate.
  6. A party-goer. This friend will be with you for as long as you will participate in entertainment activities.
  7. Freeloader. He's friends with you for as long as it is profitable.
  8. The pessimist-the whiner. To him, you "vest", in which you can always complain. It should be noted that your problems and worries to him indifferent.
  9. Failed lover. Your friendship lasts as long as he has no relations, but as soon as they appear, everything changes.

Take a look and see what type of your best friend.

How to identify a true friend?

The best friends are those people who possess the following qualities:

  • Forgiveness. In friendship there is no place of pride and stubbornness, so you must learn to forgive.
  • Honesty. To maintain confidence in each other, you should be extremely honest.
  • The adoption of the drawbacks. Remember that all people are composed of positive and negative qualities.
  • Humor. This quality is important because situations in life happen different.
  • Reliability. A person who knows about all your secrets and keeps them, you need to protect. There are very few, unfortunately.
  • Devotion. Your loyalty is necessary to prove every day is the only way to become a true friend.
  • The ability to listen. To achieve understanding, we need to learn to listen, not just talk the talk.
  • Respect. It depends on the duration of your friendships.
  • Support. This is perhaps the most important thing in friendship. Buddies are needed in order to maintain the desired minute.
  • Concern. Each is not only a person easily. It needs when the situation requires it, to show you care.

Friendship was the reason to create a holiday on an international scale. Friends day is an excellent occasion to remind loved ones about their importance in our lives. Of course, the date of the informal, and few people know about it, but perhaps the situation will change soon for the better.

Friends day is celebrated June 9. Do not forget to congratulate this day my close friends. We keep the celebration informal, but it is a way to please each other.

Now you know who is a friend and how to distinguish it from the entire mass of acquaintances. Just remember that many friends do not happen, more precisely, happens, but if they're all real is the question. One is very difficult to go through life, so important that it was attended by comrades. They always support and help you if necessary. If you have the person who possesses all the above qualities, he's your best friend and talks to you not for their own benefit. Treasure it, cherish it.