At the beginning of the XXI century, the fantasy genre flourished. The popularity of Tolkien’s heritage, the boom of historical reconstructivism, the mass replication of thematic literature and music, eloquently testify to this. Fantasy worlds originate in Celtic pagan culture, which, fortunately, is not completely extinct, but significantly diluted by Christian traditions. Therefore, there is nothing surprising in the fact that along with the development of fairy-tale elven motifs, there is a growing interest in the traditional Celtic heritage. It manifests itself in different ways - someone is captivated by the melodies of the bagpipes and the rhythms of the steppe, someone is choking with myths and ballads, and someone is cramming Gaelic and Welsh literature.

Not spared the attention of the Celtic revival and spiritual component of this oldest of the European ethnic groups. And although there are those (especially in Europe) who show a lively interest in Christian Irish spirituality, the majority of those interested in the Celtic world are still more fascinated by the mysterious druidism, which they are trying to unravel the secrets of.

Druid's tree horoscope: the structure and compatibility of the signs of the Celtic horoscope

Druid Horoscope

Such unresolved mysteries, fortunately or, conversely, unfortunately, the Druids left abound. And the reason is that they did not have the scriptures, and all their wisdom was memorized. Therefore, with the death of the last of them, most of the authentic Celtic system of beliefs, attitudes and sacraments has sunk into oblivion. Enthusiasts try to collect what has survived in order to restore the great glory of Druid spirituality bit by bit. If we talk about the details, then one of such reanimated knowledge of the pagan sages of Celtic society is the horoscope. Druids from other religious ministers were distinguished by a special attachment to plants, to trees. This, of course, is not unique to pagan spirituality. But, nevertheless, the sacred oak groves and the rituals held in them are associated with the druids. That's why their horoscope is not stellar, but woody.

The structure of the Celtic horoscope

In the pagan religion a special place is given to the natural cycles of sunrise and sunset, planting, maturation and harvesting and so on. But perhaps the most important of these is the pulse of the annual cycle. This circle organizes the horoscope of the druids. Their system segments the forty year periods. Each segment of time is associated with a particular tree, which only in this system twenty-two. The fact that the year in the Druidic system of representations is divided into four periods of confrontation between light and darkness. The ends of these segments marked the days of the equinoxes (21 March and 23 September) and solstice (24 June and 21 December). Each pair of sectors is like a reflection of each other – the spring-autumn and winter-summer. Therefore, under the single tree in the given year from two periods. Total of eighteen, thirty-six years. Four plants only take one day for the whole cycle.

Celtic Horoscope Correspondence Table

Calendar, geography and tree horoscope

Druid horoscope, as already mentioned, is divided into forty periods, which are oriented on the solar calendar. It is difficult to say now what chronology the druids used in ancient times. The reconstructed model assumes a binding to the numbers of the modern Gregorian calendar with a focus on the axis of equinox and solstice.

It is also important to note that this horoscope includes plants that are common in the Celtic habitat. Therefore, it is somewhat inconsistent with the Russian reality. The features of Slavic psychology are different from Celtic, and therefore it is necessary, with reservation and caution, to be guided by the proposed characteristics of this system.

Druid Horoscope - Period Compatibility

Of course, many are interested in the question of which of these trees best relate to each other in the perspective of human relations. There is an answer to this question, and it lies in the fact that the best compatibility is characteristic for people of the same sign, but from different periods. That is, spring chestnut is best matched with autumn chestnut.

Good potential will be observed for signs spaced apart by three positions. Thus, for chestnut, the closest partners are fig and maple. The whole circle is calculated in the same way, skipping single trees and the ninth position - it is an exception.

Druid horoscope on trees that do not have a pair, but occupy extreme one-day points, suggests the following semantics regarding compatibility - they have the potential for excellent relationships with any sign, as well as the likelihood of complete opposition to them.