Drainage pumps are used to pump water in various areas of technology. They are superficial and submersible. The choice of model depends on its technical characteristics and preferences.

Advantages and disadvantages

Drainage pumps for water have the following main advantages:

  • mobility, reliability and small size;
  • ease of use
  • high productivity and efficiency;
  • reasonable cost
  • the possibility of pumping contaminated liquid media.

Drainage pumps for water: prices, reviews, how to choosePumps of this type cannot lift water to a great height, as they are not capable of creating a lot of pressure. Compared to other varieties, they require more complex maintenance and repair.

Scopes of drainage pumps

By purpose, the pumps are divided into domestic and industrial. The separation is conditional and basically lies in their performance. Household pumps are used in private households for the following purposes:

  • pumping water from the basements;
  • emptying tanks (pools, tanks);
  • pumping water in plumbing systems.

Industrial submersible drainage pumps for water are used to drain construction pits, sewage systems and drainage.

Materials for manufacturing are cast iron, stainless steel and durable polymer.

The main parameters of drainage pumps

Each unit has certain characteristics, the main of which are performance, discharge pressure and permissible water pollution.

Choosing drainage pumps for water, it is necessary to determine which tasks with them can be solved. By performance, it is determined how much water can be pumped in a certain time.

Head pressure is an important parameter on which it depends on how high you can lift water and how far it can be pumped. These indicators are summarized. With a horizontal water supply, an estimated coefficient of 0.1 is introduced (loss of 1 m of head per 10 m of pipe).

Submersible drainage pumps

The pump falls below the water level. It is pumped up through a rubber hose or pipe. The simplest models provide water to a small height, and more powerful ones can be immersed to a depth of 80 m.

Submersible drainage pumps for water are divided into 2 large groups. One of them is designed to pump water from different sources. Many of them are multistage, which makes it possible to create a large pressure for lifting a liquid by several tens of meters and creating network pressure. Dirty water conventional units do not pump because of the rapid wear of the impellers.

The next group of submersible pumps are drainage for wastewater. When selecting them, it is necessary to have data on the degree of contamination of the pumped water. The impeller is single-channel, which makes it possible to pump water with large mechanical inclusions. If it is open, then it can be used for liquids with more contamination. Some models have an inlet chopper that allows particles to be crushed. Naturally, he can not cope with stones or wood. The pressure is created high, thanks to modern technology. The cost depends on the parameters. You can always pick up drainage pumps for water, the price of which corresponds to the significance of the tasks to be solved.

The submersible pump with the hose and cable attached to it is lowered to the required depth using a safety cable.
  Then it is turned on and after 1 hour of work without load is put into operation.

Drainage pump for dirty water: how to choose, tips

Each model has a purpose. For ordinary waste water, an ordinary drain is quite suitable. With sewage, he can not cope. A fecal type pump is required here.

It is unlikely that an ordinary user will be able to analyze the contamination of water as it is given in the characteristics (g / m 3), but it can determine the approximate maximum particle size.Errors should not be here, otherwise the filter and the drainage pump for water will be constantly clogged. How to choose it and find a compromise solution? In most cases, the particle size is 5-20 mm. Most drainage systems cope with them. At the pump inlet must be installed protective grid.

When heavily polluted wastewater requires a fecal pump, equipped with a grinder. This type is used for sewage and highly polluted runoff.

Characteristic of all drainage pumps is the large diameter of the outlet pipe. It requires an appropriately sized hose.


The best pump manufacturers are located in Germany (WILO), Denmark (Grundfos) and Italy (Pedrollo, DAB). Danish water drainage pumps have high reliability and durability. The model range differs in variety. Most products are made of stainless steel and are used for pumping water of different contamination and temperature.

Often used for pumping clean and slightly polluted water pump type Unilift CC 9 A1 Grundfos. The single-stage unit creates a pressure of 8.6 m. With a power of 0.78 kW, it has a capacity of 13.8 m 3 / h. The pump is equipped with an inlet filter and a float switch. The price is about 15 thousand rubles.

Italian and German brand pumps are distinguished by new design, purpose, technology and many other qualities. Drainage pumps for water, the price of which is high, are in great demand, as it fully corresponds to the quality.

The pumps of the Pedrollo TOR-GM series are designed for pumping out settled water with suspensions. Their capacity is 9.6 m 3 / h at a head of 9.5 m. Models of the type Pedrollo THOR VORTEX can pump out very dirty drains with a size of suspensions up to 20 mm. Units are intended for cleaning of septic tanks and storm settlers. The price of household models is 10-12 thousand rubles.

The single-unit Drain MTS 40 unit from WILO with a capacity of 14 m 3 / h and a head of 20 m contains a cutting device. The pump can be immersed to a depth of 10 m. Its price exceeds 70 thousand rubles.

At some German companies producing industrial drainage pumps for dirty water, the price is literally off the scale by our standards, but the quality to solve complex problems is also impressive.

Domestic pumps “GNOM” are also distinguished by reliability, convenient in operation and widely used. Some types work even with incomplete immersion, due to the fact that the pumped water washes the body through the shirt.


Drainage pumps for water allow you to make life more convenient and rational to solve problems that previously required significant costs and effort. These include drainage and water supply of suburban areas. It requires imported drainage pumps for dirty water, the price of which is quite high. But you can always choose an acceptable option, due to the variety of models produced.