Azerbaijan cuisine attracts its color and unusual culinary masterpieces. This stuffed chicken and fish, cooked in tandoor, chebureki-kutaby, dushbara, similar to Russian dumplings, gyurza, bozbash and, of course, dovga. The recipe, the Azerbaijani cuisine is famous for its flavors and flavors, every hostess would like to know these dishes, which likes to amaze her household members. Let's talk about preparing a soup called dovga.

Features of the dish

Dovga Azerbaijan, the recipe of which is offered here, is a soup made of cereals and yoghurt with egg. But if there are several cooking options, where meat products are used, in particular, lamb. This dish is served mainly in a cold form. In the process of cooking sour milk is boiled, but it does not curdle, but becomes elastic. This is due to some features of the technology.Dovga - recipe   First, the soup should be constantly stirred during the entire cooking process and even after finishing for 10 minutes. Egg-milk mixture is also whipped in a special way. Well, an unusual combination of spicy herbs and greens with starchy crops. Thanks to all these nuances the real dovga turns out. Recipe, Azerbaijani cuisine is an art that is not complex, but requires thoroughness.

Dovga with lamb

To make this light and at the same time hearty dish, you need 500 grams of lamb, 100 grams of peas, 100 grams of rice, two large spoons of flour, one liter of matsoni, 100 grams of spinach, 100 grams of sorrel, fresh parsley, coriander, dill, onion, salt and pepper. In 5-6 hours you must soak peas in cold water. Then rinse it and put it in a saucepan. Fill with water and cook until half ready. Usually it takes about 20 minutes.   Do not forget to salt water. Meat is separated from bones, and the onion is passed through a meat grinder or grinded in another way. The meat is cut very finely and mixed with onion, pepper and salt. You can also use any spices. We make minced meatballs not large. We boil them in a separate saucepan for about 7 minutes. Meatballs put on a plate, and do not pour out the broth. In a separate saucepan mix the matzoni with flour and put it on the fire. Now you need to stir the dish constantly so that the sour milk does not curdle. Then add there boiled peas, washed rice and meatballs. Also we pour in the broth left over from cooking meat. Now came the turn of sliced ​​greens, spinach and sorrel. Cook the soup over low heat until the peas and rice are ready. Dovga Azerbaijan, the recipe of which seems interesting to you, is served cold.

Light and gentle

This dish can be prepared in several variants. Very interesting offers Azerbaijani cuisine recipes. Dovga is one of them. For preparation, you can use a variety of fermented milk products (Katyk, Ayran, Matzoni, etc.). Take liter Katyka, as much water, 300-400 grams of different greens (spinach, mint, green onions, coriander, parsley, dill), 100 grams of rice, a large spoonful of flour, one egg and salt. Boil the rice until ready, and cut the greens finely. Mix katyk with egg, flour and water and whisk.   Then we put rice into this mixture and put it on the fire. We cook until it boils, stirring constantly. After that, add the greens and keep the soup on fire for about 5 minutes. Remove the pan from the heat and cool it without covering it with a lid. We put the salt to taste and serve it to the table. Dovga Azerbaijan, the photo of which you will find in this article, is a must-have dish at the national wedding.

Baku dovga

The recipe of a dish can vary depending on what region of the country it is cooked. Useful, refreshing and easy dovga, the recipe of the Azerbaijani cuisine offers for every taste, especially it is necessary by the way after a plentiful feast. In Baku it is prepared in a special way. Take one bunch of dill, spinach, sorrel, cilantro and two spoons of fresh mint. We cut the whole greenery. In a saucepan pour one and a half liters of kefir and add to it 600 grams of sour cream. Add one egg to them and mix everything.   After that, pour two large spoons of flour and carefully dissolve it so that there are no lumps. Add a little water and put the pan on the fire. Now pour half a glass of rice and bring the mixture to a boil. We reduce the fire, constantly stirring, so that the sour-milk products are not curdled and cook until the rice is ready. Then add the greens and cook for about 5 minutes. Cold Azerbaijan dovga, a recipe with a photo of which will help to prepare it correctly, is served to the table in the bowls. In the heat, this dish will be very popular.

Aromatic and appetizing

Despite the fact that there are a lot of cooking options for this dish, the basis is always a fermented milk product, and a wonderful addition is fragrant herbs and spices. Take a liter of low-fat kefir or matzoni, three tablespoons of rice, one egg, half a liter of water, 100 grams of chickpeas, two cloves of garlic, salt and lots of fresh herbs. Greens are washed and finely chopped. In the pot, pour the water and boil the chickpeas until cooked. If it is pre-soaked, it will be prepared sooner. In a separate saucepan pour the sour milk product and add water, rice and beaten egg. Salt better later, so less likely that the soup will curdle. Cook until rice is ready, stirring constantly. Then add the greens and crushed garlic to the pan. Mix everything and after three minutes turn off the pan. We serve dovgu cold, adding a bit of boiled chickpeas to the bowl.

Dovga with rice

It's a way to quickly make a delicious soup from a minimum of ingredients. Let's start with the preparation of greenery. A large bunch of cilantro and dill, two large bunches of spinach, and a bunch of mint washed, dried and finely chopped. Half a glass of rice is prepared, boiling in advance. Since dovga requires constant stirring during cooking, all products must be at hand. One egg is also required. In a saucepan pour three liters of matzoni and drive one egg. We mix everything thoroughly and turn on the fire. Komochki should not be. It turns out a homogeneous and elastic mass. Then add the rice and cook it until ready, constantly stirring the soup. At the end we put the greens and turn off the fire in 2-3 minutes. Salt we put as necessary, after turning off the fire. While dovga, the Azerbaijani cuisine offers a recipe not traditional, it cools down it can not be covered with a lid, otherwise it will curtail. If you take into account all the nuances of cooking, you can cook a great dish, which is called "white soup". Serve it in the middle of the feast or after it and your guests will just be delighted. It is especially good to eat dovg on a hot, summer day. It refreshes, saturates the body, without creating a sense of heaviness, useful vitamins.