The Jack is a mobile or portable mechanism designed for lifting heavy loads. These devices are divided into five main varieties available on the market. Anyone can buy the Jack rack and pinion, pneumatic, hydraulic, conical, helical.

The Jack rack

A bit of history

The first device used by ancient warriors as siege weapons during the storming of the Bastille. With the help of such devices lifted the gate, threw them off the hinges and entered the settlement. The Creator of Jack for automobiles is a member of one of the American stations named Peter Lunati. The idea arose when he saw one Barber before the haircut lifts the chair to the desired height by pressing on a special lever. So in 1925 was created the world's first platform lift working thanks to the hydraulic system using manual pump.

What is a Jack?

If you collect a rack and pinion Jack with his own hands, will always be able to change a punctured road wheel or use the tool as a spacer, an ordinary clip or staple. Design simplicity is one of its main advantages. This Jack will never fail and will always help in the current difficult situation. The package of the device includes a metal rake, moving the hoisting mechanism with two iron fingers, supporting the Shoe and the grip-lever. You can often find two standard sizes: 92 cm, 122 cm, 152 cm

Motorists need to remember that similar structures designed for cars only with a strong and a bumper. Otherwise, the attempt of lifting the vehicle could end badly. However, nicks may not be fully protected even the most durable bumper.

Safety at work

Using the Jack rack 3T, you should always use caution. Simplicity of design cannot guarantee absolute safety when working with heavy loads. Before the rise of the car, you must make sure that the surface on which the Jack is smooth and flat. You can equip a working place durable items are on hand. You should always remember that the slightest misalignment of the whole structure could collapse.

If anything like that happens while working under the car, it is easy to imagine the possible consequences. Disregard for basic safety rules may lead to at least minor injuries. Before starting work you must make sure that the machine is on a manual brake, made lock forward and center differential. You need to make sure the stiffness of the soil. If in the trunk are steel shoes, you can install them on the wheels.

How else can you use Jack rack?

In some cases, the Jack can be used as a winch, if such a device is not handy. The vehicle body must be very strong. Will also need a chain and a rigid rope. When using lifting brackets, one end of the rope is attached to the vehicle, and the second is mounted on the beak of the Jack. The chain stretches to the point of anchoring from the top of the rail. The lock lever should be installed in lift mode. Thus the Jack can be used as a winch.


To maintain the rack and pinion Jack in working condition, do not need to exert much effort. Burrs that may appear on the holes in the rail need to be removed. Of course, it is necessary to periodically lubricate the working elements of the Jack. Together, these simple steps will ensure high uptime of the device.

Storage space

In the car such jacks, it is best to store on the side walls of the trunk. You can still mount the scope on the rear bumper in a vertical position. In the interior of the car is rack and pinion Jack better not to keep because it will always create further difficulties to passengers.

Self build

If desired, you can assemble a rack and pinion Jack with his hands. First, it is necessary to see the drawings of such tools and to select suitable components. The main elements of rack and pinion jacks are a support Shoe, rack, gear linkage, beak and lever handle. For the connection of components you can use regular nuts and bolts. It is important to understand the device, gear mechanism and corresponding holes drilled in the rail.

The supply of domestic market

Hi-Lift Jack Company produces two varieties of devices available on the Russian markets. "Red series", at the request of the manufacturer, are made entirely of cast iron except the steel arms support the fingers and bolts. "Black," equipped with metal levers and axial fingers. Reiki in both types of jacks are the same. The prices are almost identical. Despite minor differences, the buyers are on each rack and pinion Jack. The feedback of the sellers indicate that all models have their adherents.

For those wishing to save money will always find good offers from local companies, "Sorokinstrument". Their jacks "hi-Jack" about one and a half times cheaper "Lifts", and the devices are virtually identical. The only difference is the molded handles and riveted fingers as axes of the levers instead of bolts and nuts.


To assemble rack and pinion Jack with his own hands the power of each. The design of this device is very simple, and the whole set of necessary components will be easy to get, if you search properly. It is important to follow safety rules when using a rack and pinion or any other Jack, to reduce the risk of injury while working under the heavy car. In the Russian market of available quality product manufacturers and are no less Patriotic a rack and pinion Jack, whose price ranges from 3800 to 7000 rubles.