In modern architecture there are no small things, which proves a stylish house with a bay window. This element is part of the room that protrudes from the plane of the wall, supplemented by one large or several small windows glazed all around the perimeter. All modern bay windows are built with well-defined shapes, but sometimes arbitrary shapes are possible.

The main task

Erker is an amazing architectural element. On the one hand, thanks to him the appearance of any building is transformed, which becomes aesthetic and stylish. On the other hand, there is an opportunity to increase living space. With the third, a house with a bay window - this is an excellent opportunity to implement various design ideas in the interior.

House with a bay window: design and construction

Each bay window, no matter what form it was and what room would be assigned, has such constructive elements as a base, a fence and a roof. And the important role is played by the basis, since it has a useful floor load. This architectural element can be erected with bearing or curtain walls. In the first variant, a foundation is necessary, in the second, bay windows are placed on special cantilever slabs.

Types and features

Projects of houses with a bay window are very popular today. At the same time, elements of very different geometries can be planned in them. Features of its design are such that you can choose a variety of shapes:

  • Square or rectangular. These are the simplest designs, which are easy to design and install. They look beautiful in any building, allowing you to make different ideas in the design of the interior. Projects of houses with a bay window of this form can be realized using brick, blocks, frame technology and panel housing construction;
  • Round. This form serves as an accent on the style of the building (most often it is a European option). This bay window is an opportunity to give an interesting look to any corner of the building, but sometimes it is located on the center of the wall. Most often an architectural element of a similar shape is used in the construction of bricks or foam blocks. But when erecting houses from a tree, such a bay window can not be designed or built.
  • Semicircular. It is an elegant element that requires careful attention to design. The design of houses with a semi-circular bay window can be very spectacular, but it is important to feel the measure so that the facade does not become lurid.
  • Multifaceted. This is the most difficult, but also the most beautiful form of the bay window. Most often, this option is chosen when building houses from a bar.

One or two floors?

In private housing construction today, the main emphasis is on one- or two-story houses. And the bay window as a complement to the facades can be used in both the first and second cases. Designing houses has its own characteristics, which should be taken into account:

  1. If it is a one-story structure, the bay window can be located on either side of the building, facing the courtyard or the street. Very often people choose a simple and small holiday home with a bay window in which is located either a living room or a bedroom.
  2. The protruding part of the facade will be its beautiful addition, if you arrange it for the entire length of the perimeter with an exit to any part of the site. This method is good because it is possible to make the interior lighting more perfect and literate.
  3. If you are building a two-story house, then the bay window can be built into the wall on the first floor, and its balcony is a balcony. This is the most common project, but sometimes the bay window stretches over two floors and is erected under a separate roof, giving the facade an unusual appearance. Such a constructive approach not only improves the lighting of the room, but also allows the design of a second light.

Thus, the design of houses requires consideration of a number of features. Any inaccuracy in the construction of the construction will lead to the fact that the walls or ceilings will be deformed, which in the end will lead to a decrease in the strength and durability of the structure.

Features of erection

A house with a bay window is always beautiful, but its design is special, and this must be remembered. The main attention should be given to the choice of materials due to the fact that the design of the bay window is more difficult to install due to the greater number of angles, which affects the reduction of the rigidity of the building and requires a careful approach to insulation and glazing.

Experts advise to build houses with protrusions on the facade of foam blocks, bricks or timber. It is often used and technology of monolithic construction, which makes it possible to realize a variety of design solutions in reality.

In the interior, the bay window is a very interesting element of architecture, allowing to decorate it in any stylistic direction. The design of the room depends only on your imagination, but there are some features that make any house with such an element original.

Interior decoration

Erker - an ideal opportunity to make the interior of a house or apartment special. The protruding area can be used in various ways, but there are no strict rules for its design. The main thing is to use the possibilities of the bay window to improve the lighting in the room. In addition, you can implement a variety of design ideas:

  • with the help of false columns, arches, cornices, pilasters and mirror surfaces, you can bring elements of the classical style into the interior, emphasizing its individuality;
  • the niche walls can be decorated with mirror surfaces that visually make the space bigger and lighter;
  • the bay window can not be distinguished as a composite accent in the interior, which will be a good solution when decorating a dining area in the kitchen or in the living room.

How to plan a space

Any cottage or country house with a bay window is important to correctly zonirovat. Most often, the architectural part in question is used for the following functional purpose:

  1. Dining area.
  2. Work area in the kitchen.
  3. A recreation area, for example, for work or reading.
  4. Winter Garden.

If the bay window is located in the kitchen, then it makes sense to decorate the dining area. So, you can put a circular or corner sofa, a table that will allow you to eat with the whole family. The simplest way is to make a dining area if a house is built of a beam with a bay window, when it is of a clear geometric shape. The dining area can be framed in various ways: with a sofa along the window, if the protruding part is in the form of a trapezoid, or by the traditional arrangement of the dining room at the window. This is the easiest way to organize the layout in the bay window.

If it is located in the living room, then most often there is either a study or a winter garden. Whichever way you choose, remember that this zone can not be cluttered or forced into furniture, curtains are better to replace blinds or curtains (Roman or roll), and in general the abundance of textiles is of no use.

We build from a bar

The most beautiful in terms of decoration and spacious in terms of organization of space are the houses with a bay window and a penthouse. In such cottages, the elements appearing on the façade look very harmonious, especially if the building is supplemented by a complex roof structure or an unusual entrance group. Such an integrated approach allows not only to improve the aesthetics of the house, but also to increase the useful living space, as well as improve the overview. More often, the bay window is built in either on the ground floor, or on all two floors.

If you are planning to build a house from a beam with a bay window, then remember some features of using this material. So, the profiled bar allows you to lay out the curved ledges, and thanks to the locking system of the material the structure will be strong and protected from blowing. To ensure the room heat, it is better to glaze the niche only half. Completely glazed structures are suitable for the construction of holiday homes.

Wireframe technology

Today, increasingly, people prefer to build a frame house with a bay window. True, this technology has its difficulties, since the frame is not easy to build. This is why many of the projects of frame houses are devoid of this architectural element. In fact, experienced specialists immediately understand that the floors are three squares, thanks to which the necessary structural rigidity is provided, and additional sections that form the bay window. And it is very important between the double boards in it to lay a special sealing tape or to process the space between them with a thin layer of mounting foam.

A frame house with a bay window will have strong walls if the frames of the walls of the walls were fixed to the lower platform, and the top was supplemented with a strapping and a platform for covering the second floor. In addition, it is worth remembering that when assembling, first mount the gable walls and the central part of the ledge, and then the side frames, which are attached with temporary supports.

Instead of concluding

With a competent approach to construction, the bay window will be a beautiful addition to any building. We hope that the information in the article was useful.