Everyone knows that cleanliness is considered a guarantee of good health. And this concept should be considered in a broader sense. Here you can talk not only about the physical, but also about the psychological state. It is from such an angle that it is worth considering any job description of the cleaning woman.

The basis of the profession

The profession of a cleaning woman can not be attributed to the category of prestigious or highly respected specialties. It is mainly women who do not have the necessary education to occupy higher positions. Although there are some who are quite satisfied with their work. In any case, we must remember that cleaning is not so easy as it seems at first glance. This is what almost all job descriptions of the cleaning woman say. The selection of candidates is very strict.

Cleanhouse job descriptions

From the future employee requires mandatory availability of such qualities as responsibility, diligence, cleanliness, courtesy and diligence. Without them, it's hard to imagine the person who can bring the desired order in the room. In addition, job descriptions of the cleaning woman contain a list of the knowledge that a job applicant must possess. In modern conditions, you can include:

  • knowledge of the basic rules of hygiene and sanitation,
  • the ability to handle a variety of equipment and tools for cleaning,
  • general rules for dry and wet cleaning of premises,
  • the ability to use disinfectants and detergents,
  • knowledge of the norms of fire protection and labor protection,
  • knowledge of internal regulations of the company.

Careful selection provides for mastery of all the above skills.

What to do?

Recently, the offer to fill a vacancy is much higher than demand. Each employer wants to have a decent employee, because the job descriptions of the cleaning woman provide for a fairly wide range of responsibilities. At her workplace, for example, in an office, she must:

1) Produce dry and wet cleaning of the entire room (floors, ceilings, walls, doors and windows).

2) Remove local contaminants and dust from all open surfaces (tables, cabinets, window sills, furniture, decorations, desktop and electrical appliances, as well as household and office equipment).

3) To remove and process by special means places of common use. Keep track of the presence of soap and towels.

4) Collect accumulated debris and take it out of the room.

5) Water the flowers, if any.

6) Clean carpets and fabric furniture covers.

In addition to all of the above, the cleaning woman must, if necessary, carry out one-time instructions from the head of the enterprise. All her work should be aimed at creating normal conditions for the work of other employees.

Special conditions

Some organizations need a cleaner in the evening. Such work is often offered by small companies that can not keep in staff, a whole unit. After all, the State Committee of the USSR in December 1986, by its resolution No. 527 / 30-47, established that for every 500 square meters of square space there should be one accounting unit. Since then, the norms have not changed. However, many companies today occupy more modest premises and can not fully provide the work of such an employee. Therefore, they invite a person to work for only 2-3 hours a day.

In addition, the cleaner in the evening is also convenient because she will not interfere with the employees. After all, it's difficult to work with a client when a vacuum cleaner buzzes nearby or someone moves furniture to wash the floors. The cleaner herself is much easier to perform her duties in an empty room. You can do it slowly, perform work in stages, and go home safely. Very often such duties are incurred concurrently. It is convenient and profitable for everyone.

The feasible help

Recently, the service called "cleaner for an hour" is very popular. It is provided by both independent workers and employees of specialized cleaning companies.

Interest in such specialists is in different categories of customers. Most often they are:

1) Small companies or institutions in which the cleaning woman is not provided with a staffing table. However, order and cleanliness in the room should someone support.

2) Lonely people or families with a large income. If a person does not have a family and spends all his free time at work, then he needs help with housework. Having the necessary means, he can get it, having concluded the contract with the company rendering similar services. Here he not only guarantees quality, but also ensures complete confidentiality and decency.

Some still prefer to invite people on private ads in the hope that the hired worker will do everything more accurately and at home. Sometimes such a calculation justifies itself.

Responsibility and rights

Like any other employee, the house cleaner has certain rights:

1) She may require that she submit any documents or information necessary for her work.

2) Refer to the management with requests and suggestions for the duties performed.

3) Count on all benefits and social guarantees provided by law or the employer.

In addition, any cleaning lady must also bear a certain responsibility:

1) For failure to perform their duties for no apparent reason. This includes poor-quality cleaning or refusal to carry out any assignments.

2) For causing damage (moral or material). Such violations are usually punishable by law. This can be not only an administrative penalty.

3) For violation of the rules in force in the organization (at the enterprise).

The cleaner must clearly fulfill her duties, so that the employer does not even have a reason to suspect her of dishonesty.

Work specifics

At most businesses, the cleaning worker's working hours are strictly regulated. Everything depends on the specifics and peculiarities of the work of this company.

For example, in the organization the most important meetings and the main stream of clients fall on the first half of the day, therefore it is better to plan the cleaning for the evening. Workers will work quietly and finding a person next to a mop in their hands will not bother them, even if they have to stand up temporarily because of the table, to enable them to put things in order. But this does not always happen. Sometimes employees are so busy that you have to use lunch hours or technical breaks for cleaning. In such conditions of limited time, work must be thought out in advance. Sometimes it's very difficult to do this. But in every work there are difficulties and they need to be able to cope with. If the cleaning lady makes herself wait, then this can interfere with the work process and negatively affect the overall performance.