"Doctor Zhivago" is not only a breathtaking story about a boy who did not give up, but also the name of a brand new restaurant complex, which is very popular in the capital of the Russian Federation. Today we will discuss this institution and its menu in detail, we will find out reviews about it, the exact address, work schedule and lots of other useful information that you will definitely need. Let's start!

For some reason, many people think that this project has nothing to do with the old work, but this is far from the case. "Doctor Zhivago" (restaurant, reviews of which are extremely positive) was created in accordance with all the rules of the novel by Boris Pasternak. By the way, the institution has its own plot, which indicates that Russian cuisine can be modern, and the restaurant of our country is stylish, fashionable and interesting, which is very important, both for tourists and for local residents.

Doctor Zhivago - restaurant in Moscow

In general, as you understand, it was such an ideal restaurant that Alexander Rapport, an experienced restaurateur from Russia, managed to create on the first floor of a fairly popular hotel, which wears the name National.


Moscow is the largest city in Russia, so it is quite logical that there is a huge number of various institutions here. Doctor Zhivago (restaurant) is located at the intersection of Tverskaya and Mokhovaya streets, where for many years such popular projects as the National cafe and the popular Composer restaurant, which closed not too long ago, have been operating.

At the same time, many restaurateurs who opened their establishments here almost always chose precisely Russian cuisine. I wonder why? In this case, everything is very simple: we live in Russia, where people come not only to rest or work, but also to truly try out the life of a Russian on themselves. And what is the main advantage of any nation? Of course, the kitchen, dishes of which can tell a lot about their people.

By the way, this project is located at the following address: Mokhovaya Street, 15th Building, 1st Building, 1st Floor of the National Hotel.

Today, Doctor Zhivago is a surprisingly atmospheric and at the same time a beautiful place where the works of 20th century artists ideally combine with modern interior. For example, in the main hall, decorated in snow-white tones, you can see the works of such famous people as Malevich, Deineka, Petrov-Vodkin and Samokhvalov.

Also in the composition of this restaurant is another small hall, which everyone calls the chamber. This room is very similar to an ordinary Palekh casket, only in a few huge sizes. In general, the interior of the Doctor Zhivago project (restaurant, staff reviews of which are extremely positive, because the working atmosphere is at a high level) will definitely surprise you, so come and enjoy a comfortable pastime.

As you remember, in this place you have the opportunity to try traditional Russian dishes. In addition, the main menu includes more modern as well as popular culinary masterpieces prepared by the most experienced Russian chefs. More details about the menu will be discussed in the next section of this material.

The staff of Doctor Zhivago (a restaurant whose address you see above) treats both customers and local cuisine with great respect, because it is an integral part of the national culture. The dishes here are prepared exclusively from high-quality fresh products using the most modern technologies. Thanks to all this, you have the opportunity to take a fresh look at your favorite dishes in childhood, and for your children to make sure that unfashionable food can be not only very modern, but also incredibly tasty.

In total, the Doctor Zhivago restaurant presents six meal cards:

  • the main ones: salting and pickles, sliced, herring, caviar, pancakes, salads, appetizers, main dishes, dumplings, cereals, pastries;
  • bar list: vermouth, vodka, whiskey, brandy, brandy, juice, mineral water, homemade drinks, tea, coffee, beer, port wine, liqueurs, and so on;
  • wine list: champagne, sparkling wines, red, white, rosé and so on;
  • cocktail menu;
  • breakfasts: hot sandwiches, cereals, dairy and cottage cheese dishes, pies and pies, morning soups, etc .;
  • card of sweet dishes: ice cream, sorbets, berries, jams and desserts.

basic information

You already know the address of this restaurant (if not, see above in this article), but the administrator’s phone number is really necessary information. So, you can contact the representative of “Doctor Zhivago” at number 8 (499) 922-01-00.

By the way, this restaurant is open every day, without interruption, that is, around the clock, and the average bill here varies within 2 thousand rubles, which is quite acceptable for Moscow.

The customers of this exciting establishment leave only positive comments about him. All guests enjoy a high level of service, which is not so common in the restaurant business today. In this case, people note the excellent quality of dishes and an acceptable pricing policy of the project. The waiters here are experienced and sociable, always ready to help make the right choice. Also, you can often find praise in the direction of the interior, because in this restaurant it is also very beautiful and modern.

In general, Doctor Zhivago is a restaurant whose opening hours are endless, because you can visit it at any time of the day or night — a great place with a unique atmosphere and delicious Russian cuisine!