Khokhlov Dmitry Valerievich - a man who in professional football could be called a player both effective and effective. Speaking at the position of the defensive midfielder, who tends to destroy, not create, the football player managed to check in the gates of the rivals about 70 times - a result that not every striker submitted. In addition, Dmitry was able to upset six opponents in the national team of Russia six times.

Dmitry Khokhlov - a football player with a capital letter

Life facts

Dmitry Khokhlov was born in 1975 in Krasnodar. He made his first football moves in the Kuban children's school. However, his professional career began in the capital, and he will return to his hometown only as a coach at the age of 40. Khokhlov ended his professional career as a player back in 2010, but his life is still closely connected with sports. Dmitry is engaged in coaching and meanwhile attaches to the sport (karate, football) both his sons. The wife of a football player shares the passion of children and it seems that she can fully rely on Dmitry in this matter.

My horses, horses

With the possible exception of Spartak, Khokhlov managed to play for all the “big” Moscow clubs throughout his football career. Given the piquancy of their relationship, such a biography fact is not an ordinary event.

It all began in the capital CSKA. In 1992, the previously unknown Dmitry Khokhlov appeared in the army's application for the season. The football player’s biography, in fact, was only at dawn, so it was unlikely at that moment anyone could have imagined that one of the best defensive midfielders of Russia would soon grow out of a young guy. However, already at a fairly young age, Dmitry had a full set of qualities necessary for a player in his position. He was well developed physically, textured, but at the same time mobile, with good vision of the field and, what is remarkable, a powerful biting blow from both legs. Later one more very important quality will be added to this list. Dmitry Khokhlov is a footballer whose word in the locker room is beyond doubt; he is a real leader and leader of the team, no matter what club colors he would defend at that moment.

Overseas voyage

At the end of the two thousandth in Europe football, legionnaires from Russia could be counted on the fingers. Although the Dutch Championship is not among the first five in the Old World, it was worth the invitation. Especially since they paid attention to Dmitry not just anywhere, but in one of the giants of Dutch football - PSV from Eindhoven. Over the next two seasons, Dmitry Khokhlov was one of the best in his position. For PSV, he spent 60 matches in which he scored 9 times in goals.

Needless to say, in Eindhoven, the midfielder was in good standing, but almost 5 million euros offered by the Spanish Real Sociedad was very serious money at that time, so Dmitry Khokhlov started the next football season in San Sebastian. It should be noted that Real Sociedad, as well as another Basque football club Athletic, always had the glory of an original team, where it was customary to rely on their own students. Inviting a foreign performer in these clubs is an extraordinary event, which means that legionnaires were bought who could qualitatively improve the game of the team.

Khokhlov is a vivid example. For the next three seasons, he staked out for himself the position of the main midfielder in the home zone, justifying the confidence they had given from match to match. In total, Dmitry played more than a hundred matches as part of San Sebastian, fourteen times he upset the opponents' players with scored goals. In addition, Dmitry entered the history of the Spanish championship with a team, winning the silver of the tournament in 2003. That year is still considered the most successful season since the beginning of the last century.

Time to go home

At the age of 28, Khokhlov returned to his native Moscow almost as a hero. He conquered Europe and returned, as many then believed, to play the game back home. Dmitry played two seasons at Lokomotiv at the usual level, after which he changed the red-green colors of the railway workers to white and blue - Dynamo. It would seem that after thirty the career of an athlete can only go down, but Khokhlov managed to play more matches for Dynamo Khokhlov for more than five of his previous teams.

In the new arena

For five years, Dynamo has become a second home for Khokhlov, so it is not surprising that after completing his playing career, the ex-footballer decided to stay in the club structure and take up coaching. First, with the youth composition, and after - with the main one.

There is a hypothesis that a good football player does not mean a good coach. So far, Dmitry Khokhlov confirms it rather than refutes it. Work with Dynamo changed the position of coach in Kuban, then again followed by a return to the “white-blue”. However, as an advance, we will write off temporary failures for a creative search, because there is another hypothesis - a successful person is successful in everything.