How does the girl who wears a chiffon dress on the floor look like? Gently, airily, feminine. It is in this outfit that the dream of all men should be dressed. Rare beauty fabric serves as an inspiration for an intriguing image that can only be characterized by a poetic comparison: a thin fabric is like a delicate web spangled by the sun's rays, where the sleeve resembles a butterfly's fragile wing, and the train looks like the perfume of the world's best perfume.

Secrets of chiffon, or the price of impeccable ease

Long chiffon dresses on the floor will never lose their popularity. Whatever the caprice of the fashion world, fans of this outfit will always find a way to it. What's the secret? In the fabric! Due to its ease, it is recognized as the most in demand in the summer season. Even the chiffon dresses on the floor with a sleeve will not give you any inconvenience and trouble, on the contrary, they will give you romanticism and femininity.

Long chiffon dress on the floor with your own hands

Despite the fact that in translation from French chiffon means rag, this did not stop him from becoming a popular fabric for creating evening dresses. There are 3 types of chiffon:

Advantages and disadvantages

  • a dress made of cotton chiffon allows the body to breathe;
  • despite the fineness, the fabric is very strong (this is the main advantage);
  • thanks to the light drapery it allows to hide the shortcomings of the female figure;
  • harmoniously combined with other materials;
  • matched to a skirt of dense fabric chiffon blouse will be appropriate even in the winter;
  • quickly dried.Long chiffon dress on the floor with your own hands

Where there are pros, there are always disadvantages:

  • it is desirable to wash only by hand;
  • when sewing has the property of crumbling;
  • at wrong leaving loses the form, sometimes and color;
  • if you dry the fabric badly, mold is guaranteed to you.

Brides choose chiffon

Any image from this fabric is the best solution for the sunny season. Gentle, translucent and so mysterious - it will never go out of fashion, because it looks very elegant and elegant. Therefore, if you plan to spend your best day in life in summer, then the wedding chiffon dress in the floor is exactly what you need!

This dress suits any bride. Gently wrapping the figure and falling down like a waterfall, air chiffon can hide the extra centimeters. The wedding image from this fabric will never be heavy and overloaded, due to its ease.

The style of Empire. More often in this style there are dresses of ivory color or dazzling white. A silhouette with an overstated waist will accentuate the chest and make the girl slimmer. Especially the outfit is relevant for brides in position. Even at the last term of pregnancy such a dress will sit on a woman freely and beautifully. Perfectly complement the wedding image of sandals, a Greek hairstyle with fresh flowers and a delicate diadem.

A short chiffon dress is the perfect solution for those who were lucky enough to hold a wedding ceremony on the beach. There will be no hem on the wetted waves, and thanks to the texture of the fabric you will not feel the heat even on the hottest summer day. The colors for this dress can be completely different. Fashionable shades of this season: pale pink, blue, cream. Also, chiffon will perfectly blend in with the satin. Decoration can serve as sequins, small pearls, crystals or beads.

Lightness and romance - the choice of designers

Before you start shopping, every fashionista is studying the fashion trends of the season. Two years ago, chiffon was declared an all-season cloth, and this inspired designers to create not only spring-summer, but also autumn-winter collections.

John Galliano, probably the only designer who did not hesitate to experiment and created the largest number of dresses from this light and beautiful fabric. Models differ in rich hues, as well as a large number of folds and cuts.

The collection presented in 2013 by Valentino's fashion house, a chiffon dress in the floor was decorated with secular collars and cuffs. This emphasis was given to models of innocence and purity.

Christian Dior presented the winter collection in the form of dark chiffon dresses in Greek style. The designer's emphasis was on pleating, which is considered relevant for several seasons.

crazy hands

To create a chiffon dress on the floor with your own hands, you can even begin a seamstress. To begin with, we take measurements, select the fabric and start creating.

  • We take the pattern of the upper part of the dress (bodice) and transfer it to the material. Need to tailor 2 parts (back and front).
  • To sew a skirt, take a rectangular cloth, where the width is the volume of the hips, multiplied by 3. If you want a more magnificent bottom - multiply by 3.5.
  • Since the chiffon is transparent, do not forget to sew the lining. For example, from silk or crepe de chine.
  • At hand were stupid scissors? Do not worry, you can tear your chiffon with your hands, while the line will be perfectly even. To prevent shedding of edges, treat them on the sewing machine.
  • We proceed to sewing. Stitch the fabric on the wrong side.
  • In order for the skirt to sit perfectly on the hips, use a wide elastic band. Measure out the required length + 3 cm (allowance).
  • The width of the belt is equal to the size of the elastic + 5 mm.
  • Insert the gum into the belt, sew the ends. The skirt is ready!
  • It remains to connect the bodice and the bottom of the dress.

By the way, this outfit can be worn separately.

As you can see, sewing a chiffon dress in the floor at home is very real, since it does not require much effort. And it's a pleasure to work with such a fabric.

We select the right accessories

Dress chiffon in the floor perfectly complement the silver bracelets, it is important that they are thin. Wooden ethno-accessories will also harmoniously enter into the image.

As for bags, the preference should be given to small in form textile clutches or ethnic bags on a thin strap.

For the evening image it is necessary to put on shoes with a high heel, and for a day's output sandals or sandals will do.

Dress chiffon in the floor will allow any girl to look slimmer and feminine. The light texture of the fabric will make it an airy and refined creation. Therefore, do not be afraid to wear a maxi-dress made of chiffon - it will add romance to our life and create an easy fine mood!