To get a full-fledged well-groomed image, it is important for a woman to have not only a beautiful manicure, but also a pedicure. The design of the toenails, made with the help of modern tools, makes the overall impression and appearance much more attractive. Therefore, this procedure should be given due attention.

Does he really need it?

Today, pedicure has become the usual hygienic procedure for every person who is tracking his body. But a few centuries ago, it was available only to the most distinguished and wealthy lady. Nowadays, absolutely everyone can afford to maintain their normal health condition, prolong youth and keep their body beautiful, and arms and legs - well-groomed.

It is sometimes believed that thinking over the design of toenails, and indeed, they should be cared for only before the beginning of the summer season, when boots and shoes are replaced with sandals and flip-flops on the coast. However, this is not the case. Hygiene must be maintained at all times, and healthy legs will easily carry the body all day. A good pedicure complements and completes the full care in this part.

Toenail Design

General idea of ​​a pedicure

The procedure includes cleansing, peeling of the skin, applying moisturizing and nourishing products, decorating (varnished toenails). The last part consists of a huge variety of different options.

Beauty salons offer two types of treatments:

Of the other, more reminiscent of entertainment and relaxation, there are:

All these cute subspecies will complement the overall care and design of toenails. If they are unprepared, the heels are cracked, and a fungus is visible on the toes, then the varnish coating will not be able to give the legs tidiness, but only draw attention to the disadvantages.

Manual option

Before proceeding to the procedure, you should decide on its appearance.

The best is, of course, the design of toenails, made by hand. This applies to the salon version, and home. To do this, use nail files, forceps, scissors, tools used to soften the skin, remove the cuticle and others. It is also worth regularly making nutritional mask. The next step after performing a skillful classic pedicure is toenail design.

Manual view can be cut and not cut. It's about the cuticle. When edged, it is removed with scissors, and in the second embodiment, it is dissolved with special solutions.

Hardware option

The beauty industry today offers a huge selection of various personal care equipment. Legs are no exception. And for them came up with different devices. Pedicure with the help of devices will be made more delicately than manually. He is able to process even hard-to-reach areas of the skin, due to which he becomes even more often used.

Pedicure machines can also be purchased for home use. However, you need to adapt to this, as it is unlikely that you will be able to do everything nicely and neatly on the first attempt. But if the salon procedure is too expensive, then a pedicure using such a device at home can become, over time, a good alternative to the work of a specialist.

Design of toenails (photo)

After the nails are in order, they have acquired an ideal form and do not have a cuticle, you can proceed to the final stage - decoration. There are countless options for this, since the ladies, besides using the proposed drawings, can themselves invent what they wish, using all their imagination.

Monochromatic varnish coating has long gone out of fashion. Already ceased to be eccentric and extravagant design of toenails. Photos illustrate some of the variety of options that can be done today.

The best season to create a unique design is, of course, summer. On the other hand, if a trip to exotic countries is planned during the cold season, then it is worth taking care of marigolds and then.

If natural and processed, they do not look very good, the extension procedure will help. In addition, on such nails the patterns will last even longer than on their own, thanks to the special interaction that the varnish enters with this material.

Classic manicure is always relevant and for any length of the nail. The standard look with a white stripe looks good not only on the arms, but also on the legs.

Implementing it yourself is a snap. But you need to consider that it will look beautiful only on really well-groomed legs.

So, let's proceed to the procedure.

  1. First, the legs are steamed with soapy solutions or with the addition of aromatic oils. This skin will be much easier to handle.
  2. Next, give the nails the desired shape, cutting them and finishing the edges with a hard file.
  3. Tweezers correct skin around nails.
  4. To grip with varnish was more durable, the nail can be slightly filed with a weak file.
  5. Stencils will create a beautiful long strip on the nails of sufficient length. For small nails, it will be inconvenient to use them, so drawing by hand will be the best option.
  6. The varnish is applied in two layers for a clearer line. After it dries, you can separate the stencils, correct the borders and apply a finishing clear varnish.

Nail design with a pattern

Various patterns on the legs are interesting and relevant, and both geometric and completely asymmetric variants are used.

To get smooth lines, apply special varnishes with thin brushes, which work very carefully, so as not to spoil the composition. Otherwise, you will have to start all over again on the nail, as it is unlikely that you will be able to correct the curved movement.

Asymmetric lines are pretty simple and fast. To do this, they take two varnishes that match with each other, apply the base, then quickly, so that it does not have time to dry, several points are set randomly. Rub them with a toothpick or needle.

Craquelure effect allows you to get a cobweb. With such a varnish to get a picture is quite simple, and the usual base layer is applied. After drying, we resort to the craquelure varnish. This layer cracks creating its own pattern. To fix the effect, you can use a special varnish.

In addition, on the nails draw a variety of combinations. And it is not necessary to repeat one pattern on all fingers. Sometimes one composition stretches over the entire leg.

Toenail design with rhinestones

Rhinestones are imitations of precious stones. They are made from plastic, glass or metal. On their nails with their help, you can create a variety of patterns. They effectively decorate and attract the attention of everyone. However, the design of toenails with rhinestones should be done very carefully so as not to damage them.

The technique for doing this pedicure is as follows:

  • tools are prepared: varnish, rhinestones, tweezers, fixer;
  • varnish is applied and rhinestones are transferred with tweezers before it dries;
  • after that the nail is covered with a layer of a fixer;
  • when using large rhinestones, it is even better to use glue at the base, and then a fixative.

Most often, rhinestones decorate a classic pedicure. But there may be other options. Rhinestones will add elegance and chic to the image. The main thing in this is not to forget about the rhythm of life and not to overdo it with decorations.