To get a full, well-groomed image, it is important for a woman to have not only a beautiful manicure, but also a pedicure. The design of the toenails, made with modern tools, makes the overall impression and appearance much more attractive. Therefore, this procedure should be given due attention.

Do you really need it?

Today pedicure has become a normal hygienic procedure for every person who follows his body. And yet several centuries ago it was accessible only to the most distinguished and wealthy people. Nowadays, absolutely everyone can afford to maintain their health in the norm, prolong youth and keep their body beautiful, and hands and feet - well-groomed.

Sometimes they think that to think through the design of the nails on their feet, and indeed generally, it is necessary to look after them only before the beginning of the summer season, when boots and shoes are replaced by sandals and flip flops on the coast. However, this is not the case. Hygiene should be maintained constantly, and healthy legs will easily carry the body all day. A good pedicure complements and completes a full-fledged care in this part.

Nail design on legs

General idea of ​​pedicure

The procedure includes cleaning, exfoliating the skin, applying moisturizing and nutrients, decorating (nail design on the legs with varnish). The last part consists of a huge variety of different options.

Beauty salons offer two types of treatments:

From other, more reminiscent of entertainment and relaxation, there are:

All these lovely subspecies will complement the overall care and design of the nails on the legs. If they are unprepared, the heels are cracked, and the fungus is visible on the fingers, then the varnish coating can not give the legs a neatness, but only draws more attention to the shortcomings.

Manual Option

Before you begin the procedure, you should determine its type.

Optimum is, of course, the design of the toenails made by hand. This applies to both the salon version and the home. To do this, use nail files, forceps, scissors, tools used to soften the skin, remove cuticles and others. Also it is necessary to make regular nutritious masks. The next stage after conducting a skillful classical pedicure is the design of the nails on the legs.

The manual view can be edged and not edged. It's about the cuticle. When trimmed, remove it with scissors, and in the second variant - dissolve with special solutions.

Hardware Option

The beauty industry today offers a huge selection of different equipment for personal care. Legs in this sense are no exception. And for them came up with different devices. Pedicure with the help of devices will be done more delicately than manually. He is able to process even hard-to-reach areas of the skin, due to which he becomes even more often used.

Apparatus for pedicure can be purchased for home use. However, you need to adapt to this, since it is unlikely that you will be able to do everything beautifully and accurately from the first attempt. But if the salon procedure is too expensive, then a pedicure with such a device at home can become a good alternative to the work of a specialist over time.

Nail design on the legs (photo)

After the nails are put in order, have got the ideal form and do not have cuticles, you can proceed to the final stage - decoration. There are innumerable options for this, as ladies, in addition to using the proposed drawings, can themselves invent what they want, using all their imagination.

A single-colored varnish coating was out of fashion a long time ago. Has already ceased to be eccentric and extravagant design of the nails on the legs. Photos illustrate a part of the variety of options that can be done today.

The best season for creating a unique design is, of course, summer. On the other hand, if you are planning a trip to exotic countries in the cold season, then you should take care of the nails and then.

If natural and processed, they do not look very much, the procedure of building will help. In addition, on such nails the patterns will last even longer than on their own, thanks to the special interaction in which the lacquer with this material comes in.

Classics in manicure is always relevant and with any length of the nail. Standard view with a white strip looks good not only on the hands, but also on the legs.

It is not difficult to implement this yourself. But you need to consider that it will look beautiful only on really well-groomed legs.

So, let's start the procedure.

  1. First, the legs are steamed with soap solutions or with the addition of aromatic oils. This skin will be much easier to handle.
  2. Next, give the nails the desired shape, cutting them and processing the edges with a rigid saw.
  3. The tongs correct the skin around the nails.
  4. To the adhesion to the varnish was more durable, the nail can be slightly podpilit weak file.
  5. Stencils will create a beautiful long strip on the nails of sufficient length. With small nails, using them will be inconvenient, so the best option is to draw by hand.
  6. The varnish is applied in two layers for a clearer line. After it dries, you can separate the stencils, adjust the boundaries and apply a finishing transparent varnish.

Design of nails with a picture

Various drawings on the feet are interesting and relevant, and both geometric and perfectly asymmetrical variants are used.

To get even lines, apply special varnishes with thin brushes, which work very carefully, so as not to spoil the composition. Otherwise it is necessary to begin on a nail all to do anew, as to correct a twisted movement hardly it will be possible.

Asymmetric lines are quite simple and fast. To do this, take two matching varnish, apply the base, then quickly, so that it does not have time to dry, put arbitrarily several points. Razirayut them with a toothpick or a needle.

The effect of craquelure allows you to get a spider web. With such a varnish, it is easy to get a picture, and the basic layer is applied to the usual one. After drying, we resort to a crackel lacquer. This layer is cracked, creating a pattern on its own. The effect can be fixed with a special lacquer.

In addition, the nails draw a variety of combinations. And it is not necessary to repeat one pattern on all the fingers. Sometimes one composition stretches over the entire leg.

Nail design on legs with rhinestones

Rhinestones are an imitation of precious stones. They are made of plastic, glass or metal. On the nails with their help you can create a variety of patterns. They effectively decorate and attract everyone's attention. However, the design of the nails on the legs must be done very carefully with rhinestones, so as not to damage them.

Technique for performing such a pedicure is as follows:

  • tools are prepared: lacquer, crystals, tweezers, fixer;
  • apply the lacquer and before drying it is transferred with tweezers of rhinestones;
  • then the nail is covered with a layer of fixative;
  • when using large crystals, it is even better to use glue in the base, and then fixer.

Most often the rhinestones adorn the classical pedicure. But other variants can be invented. Rhinestones give the image sophistication and chic. The main thing in this is not to forget about the rhythm of life and not to overdo it with decorations.