The design of black nails is simply an inexhaustible theme. Many masters of manicure adore black - strict and passionate at the same time, always expressive and effective. But for successful work with this color of varnish you need to learn a lot. It's no secret that Black does not tolerate a disparaging attitude. The slightest wrong line or error will bring to nothing all the efforts. And yet: despite obvious restraint, it's easy to overdo with black. Try to cheat with a decor or length - and instead of a stylish modern manicure get provincial glamor in the most ridiculous sense of the word.

Design of black nails: interesting ideas, photo

General rules of manicure with black color

When starting to work, take care of all the necessary tools. Carry out the prescribed preliminary procedures: treat and clean the cuticle, carefully work out the form, walk on the surface of the nail plates with a bam. All the necessary tools for a manicure add together. Do not forget about the product for removing varnish, which can be useful at any time, if something goes wrong.

Everything is important to make beautiful black nails: design, color combination, shape and length of nails, decorative elements. Tune in to the fact that it's better to remake the missing item immediately than to get a bad result in general.

A new interpretation of the classics: an unusual jacket

Probably, the French manicure never goes out of fashion. This idea is so successful that it is unlikely that it will ever cease to be relevant.

But life does not stand still. Even the best techniques and design solutions need a fresh look. Today it is very popular jacket, combined with the painting. To ensure that the handles do not look overloaded, make drawings on 1-2 nails.

Black looks very impressive in this kind of manicure, because the traditional gamma is the opposite. You can paint only the overgrown parts in this color or develop your own design of black nails in the French style, when the entire nail plate is black, and the edges of the nails, for example, are gold, silver or white.

Monochrome Moon Manicure

Often you can find other names for this design. For example, an inverted jacket. Its main feature is that the contrasting strip is drawn not at the edges of the nails, but along the growth line, in the shape of a crescent.

The design of black and white nails is a great idea for the lunar manicure. To get it neatly, be sure to use special applicators and choose a brush thinner. By the way, this design can help those who need to remodel the gel manicure, but there is no time to meet with the master. You can just carefully draw a strip. This will make the handles neat for a few more days.

Wonderful nail design! Black with flowers often choose nature, in which passion is combined with romanticism. Multicolored flowers of expressive colors look very beautiful on a black background. If you want to realize this idea, you need to choose the right varnish.

Gel color compositions usually quite well fall on the black background, keeping brightness. But if you work with the usual, the expected effect may not happen. Choose bright glossy varnishes, pearls have few chances.

As for technology, the choice is yours. You can cover the nails with black, dry it, and only then start drawing with a fine brush. You can work and "on wet". And the easiest way is to use special translations, stamps or stickers for nail art.

Black and red combination

This is a real find for fervent natures. The combination of black and red at all times was considered a symbol of the heat of passion and love - hot, like hot coals in a fire.

The design of red-black nails is a great idea for dating and going out. Of course, these pens need a decent frame in the form of a suitable image and quality jewelry. By the way, it is not necessary to withstand the entire onion in the same scale. For example, this manicure is ideal for a black dress, jewelry with a pomegranate and all the famous black shoes with a red sole. No less successful, he will fit into the popular today total black.

Painting on black nails

Many believe that the times of painted nails have sunk into oblivion. But today's democratic fashion is completely loyal to beautiful patterns on nails. The main thing is not to overdo it, the overload was never considered a good idea.

Today both graphic and vegetative elements are relevant. If you like the design of black nails with flowers or geometric patterns, it is worth practicing on the draft. For work, use a thin brush, sharp toothpick or needle.

Especially good for this technique is the idea of ​​a "special nail." Cover all the marigolds with black lacquer, and on the nameless make a pattern.

Black and bright colors

The design of black nails is often complemented by the most cheerful colors. To the monumental black will suit even frivolous luminescent shades - of course, if you are going to an informal event, and not to the office.

Even one or two nails, painted, for example, canary yellow, completely destroy the effect of gloom, which is often attributed to black manicure. You can paint the nails of medium or ring fingers with this color, and when the varnish dries, apply a few black strokes or lines on top of it.

Unusually it will look manicure, in which the idea of ​​negativity is embodied. Part of the nails can be covered with black lacquer, and on top to put a bright pattern, and a part - on the contrary.

Invoice Magic

The design of black nails, in which the focus is on textures, not colors - a real hit of the season. The combination of matte varnish with glossy creates volume, gives the manicure a complete look.

In this technique, you can perform a French manicure or simply apply a few even matte peas (and maybe even blots) on a glossy surface.

Luxurious black and gold

The design of black nails with gold is a great idea for a holiday. Remember: both colors are capricious and demanding. Best of all, this manicure looks on the nails of medium and short length.

For work, you can use not only decals, but also gold foil ("gold leaf"), various elements that imitate noble metal, rhinestones, small half-beads, caviar.

The most common mistakes beginners

The main thing to remember is relevance. Still, black is a color with a character. Do not choose it for too long nails, especially pointed form. Such a manicure would rather suit a fairy villain, not a young stylish lady.

For example, stylists advise choosing a design of black nails with gold or silver on occasion of some celebrations. In everyday life such a manicure is rare and may not look reasonably festive. For business style it is better to combine black with calm shades of gray, ash-plum, peach or beige.