Upholstered furniture that gives the apartment comfort. Already long gone are the days when people were content with a wooden Desk and chair. Now the design of the room is considered incomplete if there is no soft couch. The most popular and interesting model for today is the sofa “Madrid”.

The Madrid sofa is a masterpiece of upholstered furniture!

This model has attracted more buyers because of excellent appearance and high quality. And the affordable price makes it the best representative of the entire line of upholstered furniture. Comfortable and soft sofa suitable for the decoration of the room in any style, as there are many types of models.

Upholstered furniture: a sofa in an interior room

The first thing that you notice when you enter a house, it's furniture. Very attractive looks when in good repair. Beautiful Wallpaper on the walls, elegant smooth ceiling, laminate laid to the floor. But what is all this Unfurnished? It is considered the highlight in the interior, that brings warmth and security.

Without a comfortable place to stay can not do, because the sofa is the furniture that is used every day. The choice should be approached with the utmost seriousness, he must not only look perfect in the room, but also to be comfortable.

What is the sofa of this model?

Sofa “Madrid” is the best choice for those who want to perform space design in aristocratic style. After all, such a model can be attributed to prestigious furniture, as it is usually upholstered in leather or leatherette. Although it is possible to order and trim made of any other material. In the color scheme problems arise. This diversity helps to make the room design is unique, taking into account all wishes of the client.

Sofa “Madrid” is a compactly folded about the subject, but if it spread, it turns out double bed. The main advantage is the comfortable mattress that will take care of your spine. Health problems should not be, since this is baked by the manufacturer.

A little bit about configuration

Frame products are made of high quality wood. Eco-friendly subject with convenient compartments for storage of bed linen. There is no need to seek additional space as all is designed by the manufacturer.

Metal fastening ensures safe use and prevents breakage because of high-quality material does not allow the couch to become damaged. You can be sure that this piece of furniture will last you long enough.


The models of the sofas in the sale of variety, the choice depends on individual preferences and the available space in the room. Upholstered furniture should not occupy a lot of space, but rather compactly located in the space. There are the following models of sofas:

A direct element of the interior is the classic version of the design of the bed. This model is perfect for any room, looks perfect in spacious rooms. Often choose the sofa “Madrid”, because it is a stylish piece of furniture. Meets the requirements of even the most discerning buyer.

Upholstered furniture – a sofa performs two functions, that is, can be a place for sitting and sleeping. Perfectly solve the problem model “eurobook”, which copes with the lack of space within the room as expanded as needed. For a moment the usual sofa can turn into a double bed.

Corner – for those areas that do not have a large area. The advantage of this model is that the sofa “Madrid” can be put in a place that is not normally used. Thus frees up space for other items. A great solution to increase seats by comfortable and compact furniture is ideal for a large family.

The scope of the model

Smart furnishings such as sofa is used in various fields. One of the options is the design of dwellings and also establishments. Such upholstered furniture are preferred by restaurant owners who care about the comfort of its visitors.

Because there is a difference: sit on a normal chair or comfortably on the couch. This visit to the restaurant leaves only the best impressions among the visitors. For elite institutions home – comfort, not savings.

What say those who have purchased the sofa “Madrid”?

Reviews about the subject best, as the quality is high and price is acceptable. Many buyers agree that this is the best option for apartment interior. Ergonomic shape and wide choice of upholstery is that it is necessary for the design of the individual interior.

Many buyers were satisfied. Time shows that the quality never fails, and with this model. Saving this purchase is misplaced, because, as stated in a saying, avaricious pays twice.