One of the best flavors is considered to be Dior Fahrenheit. This masterpiece was a stroke of genius of Haute couture. It is adored by millions of men and women on the planet. If toilet water the reader is not familiar with, then you should immediately correct this injustice. And why – we will tell you.

A bit about the manufacturer

Perfume Fahrenheit Dior appeared in 1988, but the brand itself started much earlier. The future founder of the French fashion house was born in 1905. From early childhood, he manifested himself as a creative person, the good family lived in prosperity and could afford to engage in the development of the boy. He dreamed of becoming an artist, but my parents chose for him the profession of a diplomat. Christian resigned and left for Paris to study. But all the free time the youth spends on exhibitions and museums, then opens his own gallery. At this time he became acquainted with the world of fashion and makes her first steps: his sketches of hats were in demand in glossy magazines. His life was poverty, war, personal turmoil, but he saved his great dream!

Slowly but surely formed the style of Christian Dior, his first collection was published only in 1947. Further models have appeared like mushrooms after rain. In addition to outfits for women Christian thought about the creation of perfumes, cosmetics, accessories. The designer believed that the image should be completed, and that itself has made another revolution in the fashion world. The first fragrance of the brilliant Frenchman was Miss Dior. then came the Diorama and Diorissimo, Dior Fahrenheit and more.

“Dior Fahrenheit”: the description of the scent

Wonderful fragrance from the legendary fashion house “Dior” can not leave indifferent. Dior Fahrenheit belongs to the group floral-woody fragrance, warm and masculine. Unique bouquet is addressed to motivated representatives of the stronger sex, in love with risk, open to new things and fearlessly looking to the future, with the unknown horizons. It is a surprising combination of opposites – the daring, courage, elegance, freshness.

Notes of the fragrance Dior Fahrenheit is gradually revealed on the body, surround its possessor incredible charm. Top zasypnye chords away in a grove of tangerine trees growing in the Mediterranean region. Refreshing citrus red, yellow, green – sound is replaced by a heart of violet, sensual, touching, tender. The plume consists of a complex composition in which discern notes of leather, styrax, birch and juniper.

Features of perfume

Perfume “Fahrenheit” is very resistant. After application to the skin for a long time she felt, and the owner reserves the long-lasting trail. Even the next day after taking a shower, you can catch the favorite notes. Flavored liquid is enclosed in a beautiful bottle. The bottle is quite concise and simple, but this is his strength. He sustained a fiery red tones that recall hot sun, metal and hot blood. Cardboard box a little darker.

Perfume Fahrenheit Dior can be a wonderful gift for a man, the brother, colleagues, for a man young at heart and body. And although the rules of etiquette perfume are not allowed to give, unless you know the preference bestowed, this gift will be delighted without exception.

Dior Fahrenheit Aqua

“Fahrenheit Aqua” belongs to the group of woody floral musk fragrances. The beginning of the beckoning aroma of refreshing citrus accord of juicy Mandarin and the exotic grapefruit. After them, the sense of smell explodes with splash of blue mint, delicate violets, spicy Basil. They perfectly complement the final notes consisting of vetiver.

Men's French fragrance encased in a stylish flacon, which differs from the bubble “Fahrenheit Dior” words “Aqua” and white patches of colour. The color of the bottle is decorated in bright white gradient from bottom to almost black upper. Immediately there is an Association with the hot morning sun that conquers darkness and scatters the night. Priceless perfume is packaged in a cardboard box, decorated in fiery red tones.

The cost of fragrant masterpieces

There is no doubt that songs from the legendary fashion houses like many men all over the world. Among their fans there are many famous entertainers, movie stars and sports businessmen. Not averse to try on fragrances from Dior on itself, and the usual representatives of the stronger sex. But there is one drawback, which is inherent in the Dior Fahrenheit.

So, how much it will cost the coveted flavor?

  • “Fahrenheit” in the form of toilet water - from 3.3 thousand rubles for 50 ml;
  • “Fahrenheit Dior” in the form of perfume water - from 5 thousand rubles for 50 ml;
  • spray deodorant “Fahrenheit” - from 1.5 thousand rubles for 150 ml;
  • aftershave lotion “Dior Fahrenheit” - from 2.1 thousand rubles for 50 ml;
  • aftershave lotion “Dior Fahrenheit” spray - from 2.9 thousand rubles per 100 ml;
  • “Dior Fahrenheit Aqua” in the form of toilet water - from 3.5 thousand rubles for 75 ml.

And what do buyers say?

The popularity of this fragrance is very big. This may indicate data on the sales of the product. For three months in 1988 (October–December) was sold 1.4 million bottles, which is two hundred thousand more than were sold during the same time, Dior Poison, released in 1985.

But today, Dior Fahrenheit reviews receives the most flattering. Men say that this fragrance is women like. It is suitable for romantic dates and business meetings. The owner of the perfume makes confident, purposeful, active, persistent. But not only men is the masterpiece of the brand “Dior”. Women like it very much also, many of them would want to feel from her boyfriend this fragrance. There are women who think “Fahrenheit” product unisex.

Of the negative reviews, which, of course, very few, we can conclude that perfumes contain pheromones. Moreover, these substances act not only on the opposite sex, but also on animals.

Instead of an epilogue

Fragrant masterpiece of the French fashion house for many years thrilled the hearts and souls of the inhabitants of our planet. This is an amazing product that can be considered classics, because he will not soon lose its popularity. As for the high cost of the perfume, it is worth noting that a good product is never cheap, but he needs no advertising. And it is worth the money. See for yourself by testing “Fahrenheit Dior” on my skin! Better to wait some time for an expensive purchase than buying the flavor of dubious quality. Do not skimp on yourself and everyone around you feel that you've changed.