Diet "Maggi" (cottage cheese variant) promises a month's weight loss of up to 10 kg, while the menu offers quite a variety and, importantly, delicious. Thanks to interesting combinations of components, this method of combating excess pounds contributes to accelerated weight loss and removal of puffiness. A particularly good diet for people who love cottage cheese - a combination of pleasant and useful will give confidence in their abilities. Well, who does not dream to eat delicious, satisfying and at the same time lose weight?

Diet Features

This technique is great for people who love detailed and clear instructions and unswervingly follow them. The diet "Maggi" (cottage cheese) is calculated for 28 days. The menu, compiled for 4 weeks, requires the exact observance of all the prescriptions, in return for this a stunning result is guaranteed.

Unlike many other methods, this is based not on reducing the calorie content of food, but on combinations of products offered, which, in turn, trigger the necessary fat-burning chemical reactions in the body. Diet "Maggi" (curd option) menu has one that includes protein-containing foods, and the protein ensures the safety of muscle mass and provokes the burning of fats.

It would seem that such an effect can be achieved only with a constant sense of hunger, but this technique is quite satisfying, and the abundance of fruit will allow you to fly four weeks and at all unnoticed.

There are several simple rules that need to be adhered to during a diet.

  • The menu should be adhered to very strictly. If suddenly there was a breakdown, simply continue on will not work, you have to return to the first day.
  • Even small physical exertion will greatly increase the effectiveness of the technique.
  • Water at the time of a diet is your constant friend. It reduces puffiness, accelerates the metabolism and promotes increased resorption of fats. Regular water can be replaced with unsweetened green tea, the rest of the liquid is food, not water. That is, after drinking kefir, coffee, milk, juice, consider what you ate.
  • Any dish is prepared without adding oil, fat or broth cubes. Vegetable broth should be cooked from ordinary water with the addition of salt, pepper, garlic and vegetables, which are part of the recipes.
  • With such a technique as the "Maggi" diet (curd option), the detailed menu is painted down to the smallest detail. And if it does not indicate the number of products used, then there are no restrictions, there are as many of them as possible.

The Benefits of Cottage Cheese

In the classical version of the diet, a large number of eggs are supposed to be consumed, since they are an excellent product that provides the body with protein in large quantities. But, besides this, there are a lot of cholesterol and fat in the yolks, that's why the "Maggi" egg diet is not suitable for everyone. Curd option in this regard is much better.

Cottage cheese, unlike eggs, is perfectly absorbed by the body and serves as a source not only of protein, but of calcium. And in combination with various fruits and berries this product turns into an amazing delicacy.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantage of cottage cheese is its easy digestibility, it excretes toxins from the body, it is an irreplaceable source of protein and calcium, as well as phosphorus and vitamin A. This main component of the diet causes increased fission of fats and positively affects the condition of the skin, hair and nails.

The disadvantages include possible intolerance to some dairy products.

Selection of cottage cheese

Correctly selected cottage cheese for a diet is no less important part of the technique. Some, trying to contribute to improving the results and maximum weight loss, acquire low-fat cottage cheese, but this is a gross error.

The optimum fat content is 3-5%. A complete absence of fats will drive the body into a state of stress, and he will be forced to keep his own fat reserves, and for such a period of time, various problems may arise (hair loss, brittle nails, deterioration of the skin).

Cottage cheese "Maggi": a menu for every day

The diet is designed for 4 weeks, and each has its own menu. To change days or weeks is forbidden, to adhere to the diet should be rigorously.

First week

Eat every day for breakfast 200 grams of cottage cheese with any fruit or berries. Excellent options will be added to the main ingredient ingredients such as pears, apples, bananas, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, blueberries.

Day 1: For lunch, eat beef, baked in an oven without butter, and a salad of greens. For dinner, you can use any fruit, except grapes.

Day 2: Lunch consists of boiled or baked chicken without skin and vegetable salad of cucumbers, tomato and peppers. For dinner - a piece of fish and one orange.

Day 3: For lunch this day there will be 200 grams of cottage cheese, a slice of black bread and two tomatoes. Dinner consists of 150 grams of fried beef and salad greens.

Day 4: For lunch you can eat any fruit, dinner is the same as on Wednesday.

Day 5: For lunch, you can eat baked with green peas squash and two eggs, and for dinner on this day goes boiled fish, vegetable salad and one grapefruit.

Day 6: The menu of the fourth day is repeated here.

Day 7: Lunch consists of chicken and tomatoes, dinner from any boiled vegetables. With the exception of potatoes.

The second week

Breakfast of the second week is similar to the first.

Day 1: Lunch will consist of boiled vegetables and cottage cheese, dinner from baked fish, vegetable salad and orange.

Day 2: For lunch, fried beef and fresh salad. Dinner - curd and berries.

Day 3: The diet of Tuesday is repeated.

Day 4: Lunch is the same as on Monday, and dinner consists of 200 grams of fish and fruit salad with cottage cheese.

Day 5: Boiled fish and salad greens, for dinner berries with cottage cheese.

Day 6: In the afternoon you can eat fried beef, tomatoes and orange, in the evening fruit salad.

Day 7: This day, lunch and dinner are the same: 100 grams of chicken, one tomato, 200 grams of any boiled vegetables and orange.

The third week

Since this period, the diet requires stopping the separation of meals for lunch and dinner. For each day there are certain foods that need to be eaten during the day. Breakfast is the same as in the previous weeks.

Day 1: Any fruit except avocado, grapes, banana and figs.

Day 2: Any boiled vegetables, except potatoes. Greenery.

Day 3: Products of the first and second day.

Day 4: Fried or boiled fish, boiled vegetables.

Day 6: Any fruit.

Day 7: Same as Saturday.

Fourth week

This week, as on the third, the products should be distributed for a whole day. The breakfast is repeated.

Day 1: Three tomatoes, two fresh cucumbers, 300 grams of baked meat, fruit.

Day 2: As on Monday, only a can of canned tuna without oil is added.

Day 3: A pound of any boiled vegetables, two packets of cottage cheese, two tomatoes, any fruits.

Day 4: Chicken meat in baked or boiled form, two cucumbers and a tomato, fruits.

Day 5: Four eggs, a salad of greens, fruit.

Day 6: One chicken breast, 200 grams of cottage cheese, fruit, cucumbers.

Day 7: Cottage cheese, berries, boiled vegetables.

You can fix the result by repeating the first and last weeks of the diet.

Diet "Maggi", curd option: reviews, results

During weight loss by this method, you can lose from 7 to 16 kg, it all depends on the intensity of playing sports and the initial weight. Also, following this method of combating excess weight, like the "Maggi" diet (curd option), the results can be improved if one hears some recommendations:

  • Drink two liters of water daily.
  • Take food strictly in time.
  • Daily do morning exercises and take the rule of walking outdoors for at least 1.5 hours a day.
  • Sleep at least 8 hours.
  • Do additional wraps and baths for weight loss.

The third week begins the maximum weight loss. If you follow all the rules and recommendations, additional weeks will not only fix the result, but also contribute to the further loss of kilograms.

Fixing the result

In the first months of getting out of the diet, it is important to follow certain rules, so you will avoid re-gaining weight.

  • You should limit yourself to eating such harmful products for the figure, like flour products, chocolate, fatty cheeses and carbonated drinks. Try to consume carbohydrates before lunch. If the desire to eat something particularly tasty, but harmful is great, do not deny yourself, but eat it not in the evening, but in the morning.
  • Doing sports should become a habit. To force your body is not necessary, if something you do not like, it does not mean that you will not find classes that will suit you. It can be dancing, yoga, cycling, swimming, roller skates. Start with any physical exercise, perhaps later in the number of loved ones will include other sports events.
  • In ordinary life - at home, at work - also it is necessary to increase physical activity. For example, instead of driving one stop on the bus, walk on foot, instead of the elevator, select the staircase. Active cleaning in the apartment once a week will burn a bunch of extra calories and provide a permanent perfect order.
  • A healthy lifestyle should become your main ally. Eat breakfast with dense healthy food - it will give you strength for the whole day, get enough sleep, instead of harmful drinks, prefer green tea, try to walk every day before going to bed unhurried step. All this will allow you to keep yourself in shape and organize the rhythm of life.


There are no special contraindications to the diet, but still the use of the technique is prohibited:

  • Pregnant and lactating women.
  • With food allergies to dairy and citrus products.
  • With diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • During taking medications that lower blood pressure.

Despite the fact that the "Maggi" curd diet has excellent results, it is not necessary to abuse this technique for the reason that overloading the body with protein can provoke problems with the functioning of the liver and kidneys, especially in the case of insufficient drinking regime.

In any case, before using the diet, you need to consult with experts in this field.

Unlike many other methods, the "Maggi" diet (curd option) will help get rid of excess weight, keeping health. Thanks to the relative safety of this method, he has already gained his popularity among the slimming.

Appreciate and you effectiveness of the "Maggi" diet.