There are no exactly the same women, but they have similar problems. Most often, the headache is the appearance and physical form. How to lose weight if you really want to eat? How to normalize your diet?

How to disaccustom yourself to walk at night to the refrigerator and say "no" to your favorite sausage? Maybe the result will be the diet "Little Scaffold"? Feedback of those who lose weight inspires optimism. Of course, and suddenly it will work. After all, nobody forces to starve, and the weight, according to rumors, goes away, as conspiratorial. Let's take a closer look at the diet.

The Problem of Our Age

Look around you. What do you see? The abundance of shops, a lot of points with fast food, sick people, dragging themselves overweight. Perhaps you are one of them. Although if you belong to the beautiful half of humanity, then you can with absolute probability to say that you will find disadvantages in your appearance and an occasion to try a new diet.

A good figure is not only a tribute to one's own pride, but also a guarantor of good health. The absence of extra pounds delays the risk of cardiovascular problems. You will not have shortness of breath, joints will become stronger. Excess weight does not allow you to immediately turn to a sport lifestyle, because you just can not stand it. First, you need to normalize the food system and reconsider your attitude to food. Take for example the diet that the "Lesenka" diet offers. The recall of the female part of the audience is optimistic, as the weight goes away quickly. Men prefer to keep silent about their achievements or completely ignore this diet. Are they right?

The secret of the methodology

There are a lot of diets, so nobody restricts the choice. The diet "Lesenka" is a gradual and effective one. The feedback about it is left after the first week, since during this period it is possible to form a general opinion about the food system. The process of weight correction is based on 5 processes that work only in the team. It is not recommended to wrest from the middle of the day or ignore one of them. If you really have extra weight, then in just half a month you can lose 12 kilograms. Such results suggest a twofold repetition of the whole course of the diet.

It is best to start from Monday, so that the weekend ends the diet and the opportunity to please yourself with something special. We remind you that you can not lose weight and overeat with goodies if you do not want to lose the result. Yes, and this desire should not arise, because the diet is delicious and satisfying. Every day is balanced and unique. A kind of universal diet "Lesenka." Positive feedback about her is left and weight losing and supporting weight. Perhaps, it will suit you as a power supply system for life, because there are no serious limitations. You will only have to switch to a separate power supply.

So, five days of diet began. On Monday you will be cleansed. On Tuesday we will fix the restoration. Wednesday is a day for an energy charge, and on Thursday we will build a muscle frame.

Friday will go to the burning of fat, and the blessed weekend will come. The menu is not as strict as for most diets, but you need to adhere to it carefully to lose weight over this period. The diet can not be changed. Also it is necessary to tell, that for this term the fat will not leave. Take this week for service and repeat it until you reach your ideal.

We make the menu for the first day

Do not treat the food carelessly. This is taught by the "Lesenka" diet. The menu for 5 days (reviews agree that this is an ideal option) is better to compile ahead of time. The first day is aimed at purification. This is a responsible day, as the stomach needs to be prepared for testing. Any diet is a stress for the body, since it assumes dietary restrictions. The key to success is the right attitude. Believe in yourself, tune in to the positive. Remember that your hands are in your hands. Today we eat only apples. You have a kilogram per day. Choose the most favorite apples, pamper yourself. Take them with clean water or green tea. The day is harsh, but surprisingly effective, as the intestines are cleaned to the glory. There are harmful toxins, slags and fecal stones. There is a serious preparation for the tests. Forget about salt and sugar, so buy sweet apples. The abundance of fluid will reduce the volume, swelling will disappear. Rejoice in the reflection in the mirror! Do not give preference to too sour apples, pity the stomach. Ideally, the seasoned diet "Lesenka" reviews and results is terrific. For example, many girls advise drinking a pack of activated charcoal a day. Every hour we take a pill to clean the intestines more actively. For the first day can go up to two kilograms of weight, which depends on the initial parameters.

Basically it's liquid, so before the time does not relax.


The diet "Lesenka" reviews and results are mostly positive, so do not stop and go to the second day. Today, we store energy and restore the flora of the intestine. For a day you have 600 grams of low-fat cottage cheese and a liter of fat-free yogurt. It's a hearty day, but quite uneventful, as sugar and salt are still in the restricted area. We drink liquids without restrictions. We will get an abundance of proteins, lacto- and bifidobacteria. The process of digestion of food is active, but the percentage of fat obtained is quite small, so the body begins to expend its supplies. If it's hard to endure the day, then allow yourself a burger or homemade yogurt. So will the sour milk.

Energetic day

Most girls like the "Lesenka" diet (menu for 5 days). They leave feedback based on the effectiveness of the system. But many note the plateau on the third day. For beginners, it should be explained that the plateau is the time when the needs of the losing weight change, and the body adapts to the restrictions in food. In other words, we can note a decrease in the rate of weight loss, the body is in energy saving mode, and it is necessary to urge it to "jump off" from this regime. Today, we drink compote from dried fruits, which we sop with honey and fructose. You can add raisins. We get a lot of carbohydrates, which restore strength and energy. This increases the mood and the correct mood for weight loss. The day is hungry, and if it is very hard, then you can afford a handful of bran.

Building our muscles

Quite an ambiguous penultimate day has a diet "Little Scaffold". The doctors' comments are not always good when it comes to the protein fourth day. Today we eat meat, mostly chicken or turkey. In the method of preparation, there are few limitations; except that meat is not recommended. Cook it on the grill, cook or bake. On the side dish, take the lettuce leaves and other greens. Obtained today, the elements of the body will allow for the restoration of muscle tissue, so that by the evening there will be more than enough strength. The feeling of hunger finally disappears, and today you can afford a little exercise.

Doctors advise not to bother, drink plenty of water and add to the diet vitamins.

The final day

And now we came to the finale. For four days you have trained your willpower and are ready to burn fat, which is today. We eat foods with a minimum calorie content, which do not require energy expenditure for assimilation. Oatmeal porridge with fruits and vegetables is allowed. I must say that the porridge is very tender and nutritious, but if it seems fresh to you, then add a spoonful of honey to it. Eat lots of apples, carrots and celery. You can put out a little cabbage with pepper and salad. You get plenty of fiber and nourish your body.

Advice of specialists

Is the "Lesenka" diet good? Feedback from nutritionists will help you figure it out. This category of specialists notes the effectiveness of the food system, but points to some non-balancing. There are days when you have to fight hunger, which, to put it mildly, is undesirable. There are days with acute shortage of glucose. In some people this can cause unpleasant sensations. For five days it is recommended to take special vitamins, which are shown exactly in your particular case. When hunger occurs even on drinking days, nutritionists advise eating vegetables (at least celery, lettuce and cabbage).

Sharp refusal of salt, too, does not inspire optimism, because dieticians recommend gradually reducing its presence in the diet. Let it be replaced first by a drop of soy sauce. It's not good when a slimming person turns to fructose, refusing sugar, because a substitute can have a bad effect on the serodeco-vascular system. To visually facilitate the diet, you need to take food 5-6 times a day. Every time it is recommended to decorate it and submit it nicely. To drink one water is also not good. Dilute the diet with black and green tea. You can afford a lime decoction or brew chamomile. Allow honey, but no more than five spoons a day.

With the words of slimming

Well, that's all over. The "Lesenka" diet lasted 5 days. Reviews should please? What do people say? With a lot of weight, the results are impressive. In addition to the disappearance of 5-8 kilograms there is a feeling of lightness and purity, the work of the intestine is being adjusted, control of appetite appears. You could hold on almost a week without salt and sugar and now know that you are capable of this! Why should you pollute your body. After all, you remember that salt and sugar are a white and sweet death! For this week you just corrected your health and arranged several days of release. Many girls dedicate a weekend to a healthy diet. For example, on Saturday, eat soup or broth with breadcrumbs. You can eat vegetables and fruits. Many find it difficult to exclude bread from the diet, but this is not necessary! Only to replace the rich sorts with bran or bread from the flour of coarse grinding. Hardy ladies are engaged in sports all week and consequently show even more pleasant results. The skin tightens, swelling, bags under the eyes go away.

Useful nuances

We summarize the food system: of course, the diet "Lesenka" is quite complicated. The feedback menu gets different. So, many of the most satisfying it seems a day on compote and izyum. Saving honey, and the amount of cottage cheese and yogurt seems even redundant. There is a loss of strength, dizziness, fatigue. After a meal, you just want to sleep, but you need to stay awake for three hours after a meal. You can not lose weight in such ways to people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. It will be useful to make a morning and evening walk, but from jogs it is better to refuse, as the lack of glucose can respond fainting. There is a risk of washing away calcium and magnesium from the body, so you have to take compensating vitamins. You can repeat the course, but only with an interval of 2-3 weeks. If you follow the diet correctly for 5 days, you will lose about 6 kilograms. This is an excellent result! Your stomach will decrease, and you can be saturated with a smaller amount of food. But remember that our stomach is elastic and can easily stretch to its former size.

For 12 days