Discreet and courteous zodiac sign is Virgo. Know how to organize their internal and harmonize the external world. Looking at things realistically, immediately notices all the pros and cons of a situation or person. So what is it, Virgo, the zodiac sign? A man born under this constellation is able to significantly improve or worsen your life. Planets give clues that you need to pay attention in order not to sink to the mechanical analysis of reality. Virgo – great aesthetes and idealists. They must learn to forgive the little weaknesses of other people.

The description of the mark

Virgo is a female sign. Therefore, all the representatives of this constellation as pronounced love for home, garden. Cleanliness and neatness, external friendliness and courtesy of the Virgins, make pleasant companions.

Hardy, industrious Virgo ready to work, receiving in the second half of life deserved laurels and leadership position. I am able to restrain the feelings and emotions that so often seem dry, indifferent. Rich inner life, analytical mind make them realistic. Virgo are able to accurately measure the required amount of emotion for a particular situation. They are also calculating the money.

Virgo have clear goals, clear thoughts. They have the mind dominates the senses. Criticality and lack of illusions allows the Maidens to see the flaws and virtues of people.

Inclined to silence, gives Virgo (zodiac sign). A man born under this constellation, prefers bachelorhood. Can only rely on themselves. Protects the mind from strong emotions and this makes him self-sufficient. Therefore, the idle lifestyle he perceives more quietly than other zodiac signs.

However, in the life of a male virgin can be a few marriages. He carefully weighs his decision, which may take several years.

Planet sign

What kind of man he is, a Virgo man? Sign of the zodiac is influenced by the 2 planets.

- Mercury gives logic, the ability to communicate and find benefits in relationships. Prudence, propensity to process information, the desire to comprehend something new.

People who are under the power of mercury, have a sharpness and quickness of movement, a high level of intelligence, a philosophical Outlook on life. Quickly assimilate large amounts of information. Love to travel, have good oratory skills.

In the worst case, mercury will award the sarcasm, tendency to conflict and criticized. Cheating, lying, intrigue – negative manifestations of the planet.

– Proserpina gives you a good memory and clarity of thought to old age. It gives the ability to see the harmony in General and to focus on the small things, the rapid regeneration of body and soul, adaptability to complex conditions. Sacrifice, patience, and the assumption of debt.

In the worst case, Proserpina will reward with ruthless logic, lack of emotion. Hard submission to reason at the expense of humanity.

Poems and stones of the Virgo sign

4 elements share astrology the entire horoscope. The zodiac sign Virgo (male or female does not matter) belongs to the earth element. It adds practicality and respectability. It governs love for the land and plants, the desire to spend more time in nature.

The sign of the Earth defines the creative principle in man, the richness of spiritual experiences. People of this element are trusting, curious. They are difficult to meet other people, but always open for new acquaintances.

Depending on your life goals, you should pick up a protective stone. The zodiac sign Virgo (male) for imparting confidence can carry Jasper. To establish contacts and make friends – lazuli. To calm down and relax will help malachite. It also promotes the fulfillment of desires. Carnelian will add mercy and kindness.

The nature of a male virgin

In everyday life logic and pragmatism gives Virgo (zodiac sign). Man this constellation does not run away from problems, and solves them quietly. It is not sprayed on trifles, and clearly goes to the goal.

A Virgo man does not like vulgarity, vulgarity, slovenliness. Places high demands on partners. To achieve its goal may be to manipulate people by playing on their weaknesses. Always capable of handling herself and the situation in General. Critical and objective, punctual and meticulous.

Stable, reliable man-Virgo. His experience is based on the ability of all life situations to try on. But before acting, he will gather the necessary information and process it. That's why his strategy in most cases is a winning.

Work, friendship

In the work man-Virgo methodically climbs the corporate ladder. This moral burden is not acceptable to all. But if the maid takes a leadership position – his decision was thought out and considered from all sides. This is a demanding, diligent, honest worker.

In friendship, the male virgin is slightly suspended. Zodiac sign gives self-sufficiency, the ability to find comfort alone. If Virgo is friends with someone, there may be several reasons.

  1. Sympathy and willingness to have fun.
  2. A friendship based on professional interests.
  3. Pity and control over the ward.

Marriage, love

Honesty, loyalty, care this is the description of zodiac sign. A Virgo male can become a reliable support if they find their ideal partner. For him marriage is a partnership and sexual, and friendships. Man-Virgo is able to take only a strong Alliance. Therefore it can years to find the woman that matches his ideas about the spouse. Prefers a quiet family life based on respect and understanding.

The male Virgo is able to devote himself fully to your beloved. He's looking for a permanent, stable relationship. Has a list of defining traits that wants to find in the woman you love. If not the slightest touch to her character – she immediately excluded from the candidates for relationships. Selective and inventive Virgo (zodiac sign). Man this constellation is able to provide the full range of love and sexual undertones, leaving behind an unforgettable trail.

Signs compatible with

Do not tolerate scandals, baseless accusations, criticism of the male Virgo. Zodiac sign has compatibility with Scorpios, Cancers, Virgos, Libra. A strong union and long-lasting, harmonious relationship is possible.

Less favourable partners – Gemini, Capricorn, Taurus, Sagittarius, Pisces. Possible sympathy and respect. But only the existence of common interests and the ability to adapt will make compatibility with Virgo durable.

Adverse partners – Aries, Leo, Aquarius. The different priorities, interests will negate any sympathy.

The delicate and patient male virgin. If he decides to get sympathy, it is likely his actions will be successful. For women of any zodiac sign are important manifestations of feelings and emotions. If the male virgin will learn not to hide our relationship, to openly declare the love kind of relationship with the beloved will become a fine romance and sophistication.

Positive and negative qualities

  • Reaches the goals.
  • Striving for material independence.
  • Able to analyze the situation and make the right decisions.
  • Tactfulness, diligence.
  • Calculation is more important than emotion.
  • Sarcasm and strife, the tendency to criticize.
  • Grudge and pedantry.
  • Cold mind, clear logic.