A very interesting pair is a Union, like the virgin-woman Fish-man. The compatibility of these two romantic creatures, more than anything, loving idyll, very promising. However, as elsewhere, there are some nuances you should be aware of. It is necessary to create harmonious and lasting relationships.

Virgo-woman Fish-man: compatibility in love and marriage

About Pisces Men

Before to talk about the Union of a Virgo woman-Fish – man, the compatibility of which will be discussed a little further, we should talk about the characters of these people. And you should start with the representative of a strong half of mankind.

The guy who was born under such zodiac sign as Pisces is dreamy and sensitive person. He loves everything beautiful, aesthetic, values in relationships of harmony, peace, and more than anything loves romance. But that's not the only thing to say about him. Despite such a light, airy Outlook, this man is very sharp intuition. It is practically impossible to deceive or to cheat. This is a very ambivalent man. On the one hand, he is hardworking, honest and practical. And very impressionable and vulnerable. This same duality is observed in the relationship. Man-Fish can be a Heartbreaker, conquering all the girls in a row, and suffering from unrequited love romantic. In General, here how the cards will fall.

About beautiful Virgins

We can not address of attention and the nature of the fair half of mankind who were born under the sign of Virgo. It's Flirty and practical girls who are everything and, notwithstanding such employment, be in time everywhere. They are not only charming and attractive. These ladies still desperate careers, who have to climb up the ladder of success turns very well. They have a very strong leadership character, in spite of this, they are able to be feminine, romantic and sophisticated. Her character reveals the same duality as that of the man-Fish. It can be a wistful dreamer and at the same time, calculating business woman, do not admit mistakes. Such is the nature of nature. But we cannot say that it prevents her or others.

Friendly union

And now we should talk directly about what unites this couple, like the virgin-woman Fish-man. The compatibility of this guy and girl really seem to be more in friendship than in terms of love. They can share the invaluable experience to teach life lessons, to work on the same project, even start a business together. But if you talk about life together, then there is a lot of pitfalls. Too many POPs up in different moments. There are things that can cause differences and disputes. For example, the same practicality. Man-Fish is of light extravagance and also in the clouds for it's business as usual. Practical Virgo does not like it – too demanding. But there is one point, which cling to almost all such couples – even if they are not all smoothly develops. The fact that they are constantly drawn to each other. Often this is what saves this Union as “Virgo-woman – Fish-man”.

Compatibility in love

Do these people have a quality that would be worth buying the representatives of many other Zodiac signs. It's very simple: they really love each other and accept the elect or chosen one for who they are. No attempt to fix the partner, to educate, to teach. They just realize that in most cases it is useless to alter the already successful person with a stable character. This quality is determined by the positive sign compatibility.

Fish-man, Virgo-woman – couple who share many interests. They can talk for hours about everything, and they never get bored. They like to travel together, learn something new and interesting. Girl virgin is always talking man-Fish about what she cares about, since he is able to empathize and will always help good advice. And the guy it is necessary – he likes to help and support those who are dear to him. Due to these qualities of harmony and romance reigns in a couple where the woman is a virgin, the man – Fish. Compatibility in marriage, by the way, it becomes only stronger because both partners realize they are no longer just Dating. Now they're a family, and it is much more serious.

Problems in a relationship

Well, the problem is pretty slippery topic, but it is not necessary to avoid. Especially in this case. The fact that between the girl and Virgo guy-Fish formed the difficult and multifaceted relationships. And this is really good – but so much more interesting. But sometimes because of that there are quarrels. In particular, this is due to the criticality girls and vulnerability of a guy who can't perceive her words as regular comments. But she says it not out of malice, but because it would be more correct. But the man-Fish because of the specificity of its nature and properties to perceive all too close to my heart interprets this not as logical arguments, and how to claim. If a girl is a virgin starts to go too far, not realizing that it should restrain himself, the man-Fish just starts to hide. This is the kind of person who values comfort and coziness in the house. If he will not feel the apartment is OK, then he starts to sit up at the bars with friends, stay longer at work to go hunting. The result is usually sad – the collapse of a relationship. So here it is important to understand their mistakes and start treating to your partner. Deva by definition in this pair is the leader and she should remember this.

Other union

Well, for fun should consider a couple where the man – Virgo woman-Pisces. Compatibility in love these individuals a lot more promising than in the case of the previous Union. The pair of them can be very strong, however, one very important condition. You want the girl, and the guy working daily on yourself and your relationship. It is important to strive for spiritual unity with each other. It can change a lot. And if both partners are mad about each other, you get a very harmonious couple.

A girl born under the sign of Pisces, you will find prudent and industrious guy to the virgin of sincerity, tenderness, love and care. And he, in turn, will receive from her understanding, emotional support and empathy. In fact, that's what the guy needs from his girl. Yet, as mentioned above, Virgo is a born leader. And in this case everything turns out very logically and harmoniously – man will stand at the head of the family and provide for his romantic beloved. And not Vice versa, as it often is in the Union of man-Fish and woman-Virgo.

Intimate life

You should also talk on a topic such as sexual compatibility. Woman-Pisces man-Virgo – Soyuz, in which physical intimacy is not one of the first places, as, for example, in the case of Leo and Scorpio, or Libra and Taurus. Girls-Pisces is very secretive and modest in this regard. The man-virgin is also interesting to understand what he wishes his fiancee. He will do everything possible to help her to open up. It is important that the girl felt free and was able to tell him about their secret desires. And when she succeeds, he will get a decent reward.

In terms of family couple where the girl is Pisces and a male Virgo, looks, you can say, typical. He will earn the money to provide his wife and children (although with the ability of these people to build a career it can make the condition and more), and she has to stay home and raise my sons or daughters. From dad kids will get a few important life lessons, and from mother – love, tenderness and care. In General, all as in the average home.

Which union is more promising?

If you wonder about how compatible a woman is a virgin and the man-Fish, the answer is doubtful. In principle they are compatible, of course, if the girl is restrained. After all, her Frank and straightforward criticism of arguments hurt the guy, the Fish not only as a person with sensitive character, but also as a man, compromising his dignity. You need to remember that. Of course, the other compatible Zodiac signs (woman – Fish, man – Virgo) looks more promising. There is man and woman complementing each other. Man becomes stronger and more confident in myself because next to him is a delicate and feminine woman-Fish. And she in turn gives him all the love that she has.