In the zodiac, no other sign, whose representatives did not irritate each other. Only Virgo tolerant maximally similar to themselves, they can only marry a virgin maiden, without fearing a quick collapse of the Union. Many astrologers advise them to do it: Virgo understand each other perfectly, their perspective on love and intimate relationships not just largely agree – they're identical.

If you have ever seen the perfect pair, then maybe it was a Virgo and Virgo compatibility in love, which equals seventy percent, in a marriage, all one hundred.

What is a virgin?

Born on the verge of summer and autumn (August 23 – September 23) Virgo is characterized by an absolute indifference to secular life, the rejection of idle chatter and idleness, but neatness and thriftiness, intelligibility and thoroughness.

Virgo and Virgo compatibility in love is ideal, marriage is durable

Representatives of this sign (male and female) do not see any beauty in fleeting novels, so I try not to have any personal life in the first place put feelings, and then sex, the word "love" for them not an empty phrase.

If two people with such views will be decided along the path of life together, it will be life under the motto: "Only shoulder to shoulder, and nothing else!". And rest assured, the slogan for family Dev will be credo, not just a set of words.

However, there is a danger that in the first weeks (months, years) after meeting the representatives of the same sign have similar personalities and perceptions of life can be a grind each other – this prevents the horoscope. Virgin too correct, too prudent, and in some moments even ascetic. And if you multiply these two characteristics and put them under one roof? In the case of Virgins, in most cases, the wedding is a fabulous sequel: "... and they lived long, peaceful and happy", but 2.5-3 per cent of couples prefer to leave until the "not rooted in each other".

Life after Cupid's Arrows

In the first seconds, as well as the hours and days of dating, to be interested in what sign a person was born was somehow not accepted. Yes, and it will look strange. Yes, and can be suspected of horoscopic dependence.

It is possible to find out “one’s own” independently - according to the peculiarities of a character inherent in a particular sign and behavioral nuances.

Judgments about the world, about their place in life, about material and spiritual benefits, and even culinary preferences - all of these are “pointers” along which one looks for a way to the heart.

Virgo and Virgo compatibility in love, which is based on logic and calculation, never soar in the clouds, dreaming about the future – they build high-quality and reliable as a Bank vault.

Can be a thousand times to ask: "excuse me, but where between these two love expressed in the passion and even small bezumenko?". There is the love between them... there. Only it is smooth and quiet, like a steppe river.

Virgo find many points of contact in the conduct of General business, residential or other character problems – and it's quite romantic, if you come to practical life. It's a love that promises to stay strong, steady and durable.

What should be a man if he is a Virgo?

Intelligent, caring, discreet "antiromantic" of rational thinking – such features has given man the horoscope. Virgo male is consistent with these characteristics: he would not understand one hint that provoke him to rash and frankly foolish things for women. The core indicator of feelings remains the ability to convince her of its reliability.

The Virgo man can search for his ideal wife for half a life: he never marries early and does not marry the first woman he meets.

To conquer such a demanding gentleman, you have to forget about the above, which react to other men: bright makeup and too open neckline only scare off the virgin. But highly intelligent conversation, well-read, modest, tasteful closet – those tools which are capable to catch a Virgo man for a living.

In fact, the virgin-woman and don't need too much of skin to get out, demonstrating to their partner and "counterpart sign" such traits – they are in her blood. Because these two have everything going so smoothly: Virgo and Virgo compatibility in love did not confide the heart and the mind, as paradoxical as it may sound.

Taming indifferent, or How to conquer a woman Virgo?

It will remain dull and indifferent at the sight of carelessly, not looking for a man – woman-Virgo just consider him a quitter and utter opposite of herself, hardworking fussy. Usually women (and only virgin) did not wish to notice unkempt "fine specimens", all the classic: "Where are the men? Have poverties all to hell. Forty yet, and stomachs grew, wrinkled all some, shoes unpolished".

Her indifference is impossible to melt too busy talking about nothing or undue generosity, even in her honor. It's not that. Women born under the sign of Virgo, respect, and eventually fall in love with men, not in word but in deed demonstrating such rare traits as loyalty, honesty, reliability – all this, combined with high intelligence.

What to go far around the zodiacal circle, if such a man was born in the same period and lives under the same sign?

Virgo and Virgo compatibility in love, which is verified by astrologer and Registrar, and remain perfect.

What other signs have a chance?

Of course, not all Virgo men married women Virgins just because they have a perfect astrological combination. Among the happy couples who entered into marriage with Virgins, there are representatives of different signs. What are the most successful unions can be analyzed using the same astrological charts.

Virgo-female compatibility in love will find with Taurus, because it is also economic; with Cancer - he also does not like to throw bills; Leo - the absolute opposite of Virgo; The Capricorn, who, like her, does not like passionate adventures, is just as solid and calm.

It is also predictable and the man the Virgin in love. Compatibility is seen with Taurus - a woman who does not wait for gifts from fate, but extracts daily bread by labor; Cancer - in the first place practicality, in the second - passion; Capricorn - both partners are united by enviable persistence in achieving their goals.