In summer, when hot days come, most of the city residents tend to spend the weekend at the dacha. After all, you can sit comfortably in a hammock, hide under the tree crowns or in a gazebo and have a great rest. Adult people will certainly find a job in the dacha. But the children need to create special conditions. To the baby fully rested, it is recommended to build a platform for him. Children's sports complexes for cottages allow you to have fun. At the same time the child develops physically.

Planning Phase

Children's sports complexes for the streets and villas can be very diverse. They can easily be purchased at the store. But the greater pleasure will be delivered by the construction, assembled with our own hands. Initially, you should think over the functionality of such a site.

For older children, children's sports complexes for cottages are preferred, containing:

  • a small football field;
  • power trainers;
  • basketball court.

If the child is still small, he will be delighted with the complex, which will be equipped:

  • sandbox;
  • hill;
  • swings;
  • small power simulators;
  • a small house (hut).

All these elements are easily created with their own hands. But initially it is necessary to carefully plan the drawings of all devices.

Territory selection

This is another important point, which should be given the closest attention. Certainly, street children's sports complexes for a summer residence can be placed in any zone of a garden. However, at such a site the child should feel comfortable.

Therefore, several recommendations should be considered:

  1. The sports complex should be in the shade. But you should not choose the north side for him. Otherwise, the rays of light will not fall into the territory at all. The best option is the direction of the south-west. To create a shadow, you can use a canopy. It's okay to place the platform under a sprawling tree. However, in this case, to avoid injury, cut the interfering branches.
  2. It is recommended to choose a place for a site near the house. In this case, you can easily observe the playing children from the mansion.
  3. Do not place near the site flower beds, garden. Having executed this rule, you will save the child from traumas, and plants and flowers - from damages.
  4. Be sure to consider the direction of the wind. Street children's sports complexes for a summer residence do not place on drafts.
  5. Carefully consider the size of the site. Some swings, simulators for safety should be at a certain distance. This will prevent future injuries.

Sandbox equipment

If children are small, do not forget about an important element for games. Planning to properly equip the children's sports complex to give their own hands, be sure to take a place under the sandbox.

It is not difficult to build it:

  1. Dig a hole 40 centimeters deep.
  2. Create a drainage system. It is recommended to pour a layer of pebbles. You can use small gravel or bout.
  3. Determine the area allocated to the sandbox. In the corners, beat 4 bars.
  4. Nail to them 4 polished planks.
  5. On the resulting vertical edges, put 2 or 4 more horizontally. It should be smooth boards. After all, they will become seats.
  6. It remains to fill the sandbox with sand.

To protect it from debris and uninvited "guests" (cats, dogs), it is recommended to think over the lid. In this case, the sandbox will always be clean. And you will not have trouble with cleaning.

How to make a slide?

It is difficult to imagine without this element a children's sports complex for giving. The photos posted in the article allow you to get acquainted with original and successful variants of site arrangement.

So, to build a hill for children is not difficult. A ladder and a frame can be made by hand. A sting is best to buy in the store. You can choose straight, screw-like or resembling a pipe. Do not forget that it is the ramp that will protect the baby from injury.

Consider how to make a slide:

  1. For a frame, use a bar with a section of 10x10 cm.
  2. Be sure to bring the surface to a smooth state.
  3. To join the beam from below and from above, use hardwood boards (2.5 x 10 cm).
  4. To make a ladder, 2 frames should be attached to the frame at an angle (approximately 45 degrees).
  5. Nailed to these boards. They are made from support bars.
  6. We pass to the mounting of the hill. At an angle we set the guide bars.
  7. In parallel, we put and fix the boards on them. It is on them will be laid ramp.
  8. All wooden components must be treated with a protective compound.

The structure should not contain sharp corners. If it is high, it must be equipped with handrails.

Vertical swing

Significantly, children's metal sports complexes benefit from giving. You can certainly use the tree. But it's better to prefer metal. After all, it is the most reliable and durable material, allowing to withstand any loads. In addition, the child will never drive a splinter on such structures.

You can make vertical swings as follows:

  1. Pillars-supports need to be digged, about centimeters by 60, into 2 pits.
  2. The crossbar can serve as a wooden beam or a plumbing pipe with a diameter of 5-8 cm. It should be firmly fixed on the supports.
  3. Tie the rope to the crossbar. It is recommended to use synthetic ones.
  4. Between the ropes fix the seat. For babies, make a back. The original variant can be a seat made of an old automobile tire.
  5. Be sure to check that the swing has a streamlined shape. Smooth out all corners.

The trainer "Rings"

Take a good look at your child. What simulators make him the greatest pleasure? It is them and should be organically entered in children's sports complexes for the street and summer residence.

The "Ring" simulator is very popular with kids. They will need strong chains. It is desirable that the height of the rings can be adjusted.

"Manipulations" for children

This simulator is very popular with the guys. To create it, you can use shanks of shovels. The main thing is to choose the required diameter. Position them at low altitude.

Enormous delight in children will cause undulating designs.

The Skalodrom simulator

You can perfectly diversify children's sports complexes for giving, using original ideas. Climbing is usually equipped with a simple staircase. But it is very interesting to equip it with the form of "Skalodroma".

For this you need boards. In them, cut out the holes for the legs and hands, chaotically located. It is desirable that such "Skalodrom" was inclined.

Be sure to consider the safety rope with the nodes.

Simulator "Log"

This is another good idea, which allows creating unique and evocative children's sports complexes for summer cottages. Create a perfect simulator for developing balance. It is very easy to manufacture.

Take the usual log, peel it from the bark. After grinding, cover with a protective compound.

Install the log on metal or wooden supports. Do not lift it high above the ground.

"Rope" for the guys

This is a favorite simulator for older children.

The end of the rope tie in a large knot. In this case, the child will be comfortable on it.

Knit knots throughout the whole rope (50-70 cm). This will provide additional support for the legs and hands.

It's not difficult to create an original design. The main thing is to correctly plan and select the most interesting simulators.