The most affordable entertainment in the winter is sledding down the hill. It does not require special training, any special skills or knowledge and is safe enough. This type of holiday is loved by both children and adults. Modern industry offers all sorts of models for every taste. KHW sleds are especially popular all over the world.


It all began in 1948 with wooden products: baseboards, fences, stairs, sleds and other household items. It was a small cooperative that united 26 small family enterprises. Thuringia (Federal Land of Germany) is rich in forests, there was no shortage of raw materials, and production gradually expanded. Ten years later, the company had eleven workshops and a staff of one and a half hundred workers. By this time, the lion’s share of production was made by skis, gymnastics equipment, lounge chairs, and playpens.KHW children's sledges: models and reviews

The seventies were the turning point, when the specialists of the company were able to master the technology of plastic injection molding (molten plastic is injected into the mold under pressure, then cooled). Plastic products such as KHW skis and sleds (there are more than 35 models) have been added to a wide range of wooden products.

In the early nineties, after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the company expanded and substantially upgraded its production lines, increasing its area to 36,000 m 2. Today, 70% of production is exported, especially to Eastern Europe, where snowy winters ensure the demand for plastic products. The company is a recognized world leader in the manufacture of innovative children's and sports plastic sleds.

Types of sleds

The German company is constantly improving and the process of production of products, and their technical and functional capabilities. KHW sleds produce different types:

  • Sledge-trough. They provide two seats, high sides and a corrugated surface for support of the legs, a rope, handles-brakes (with their help you can control the sled). The design is reinforced with stiffeners. The shape of the seat prevents the rider from slipping. Maintain a weight of 70 kg, the product itself weighs up to 2.5 kg.
  • Ice ladies The most simple, modern analogue carton or portfolio from childhood. Equipped with a handle, very light, suitable for children from five years. The case has no runners, an ergonomic recess, a corrugated seat.
  • Sledge plates. They are round plastic forms with slots on the sides (for hands). Great for ice slides. With a small weight (slightly more than a kilogram) can withstand a passenger up to 100 kg.
  • Snow-scooters. Modern sled with steering, it is installed on the ski in front of the product. They are distinguished by high frost resistance (up to -40 o C), they are often equipped with two seats, as they can safely withstand weight up to 100 kg.

  • Sled. Classic similar products - with runners, back, handbrake, steering wheel (ski, located below). Additional amenities can serve: a small place to store things, a handle-pusher, a place to sit. An attractive look will create an LED backlight. Separate models are added.

Special features

All products of the company, from simple ice floes to ultra-modern sports models, are of high quality and style. For production use only shockproof, frost-resistant, child-friendly plastic.

Many models provide a quick transformation: eat or rearrange handles, seats, backs. The sleds are equipped with a durable cord with a comfortable handle, children can easily pull them uphill.

Runners are made of polished stainless steel, provide a perfect slide on the snow. Additional decorations in the form of LED lighting make the sled even more attractive, especially in the evening.

KHW Snow Comfort Model

KHW Snow Comfort sleds belong to the new generation of products. Stunning design, a variety of colors and thoughtful design deservedly attracts the attention of buyers. Sports version for two designed using the latest technology, has the following characteristics:

  • cushioned seat with anti-slip rubber coating, protected from the sides by a metal fence;
  • high back with headrest and handles for the second passenger;
  • handle pusher;
  • there is a towing cord;
  • removable ski rack for a second person;
  • steel skids;
  • resistant;
  • equipped with seat belts;
  • it is equipped with two manual metal brakes, in addition there is a brake on the footboard;
  • maintains loading in 100 kg.

If necessary, the platform with skis can be mounted on the back. The surface for legs and forward part of an ergonomic form guarantee durability and safety.

KHW Snow Baby model

KHW Snow Baby Dream sleds are designed specifically for the youngest - from six months to four years. The design provides for the removal of handles and seats, and a load capacity of 60 kg will allow sledding for a child up to 7-8 years old. The model is designed to the smallest detail, providing comfort and safety to the child. Main advantages:

  • high-quality plastic does not crack in the cold at -20 o C;
  • equipped with stiffeners;
  • over time, the paint does not tarnish;
  • the back is removable;
  • the seat can either be removed or unfolded;
  • resistant;
  • polished stainless steel runners make it easy to glide through the snow, making it easier to operate;
  • there is a seat belt;
  • the pusher handle is removable, securely fixed in the desired position, in addition, it can be thrown on the opposite side;
  • the special rubberized overlay on the handle will not allow fingers to freeze;
  • rope is provided with a comfortable handle;
  • built-in LEDs (on selected models);
  • a special coating on the deep seat provides a tight grip with the outer clothing, in addition, it does not feel cold to the touch.

There are some complaints about the KHW sled. Customer reviews mark the following points:

  • narrow seat - 40 cm by 26 cm (in a case and warm clothes in frosty weather it is difficult to place the baby on the seat);
  • the locking buttons on the handle are tight, they are difficult to clamp;
  • low speed clogs the snow on the feet of the child (on uncleared roads).

Criterias of choice

KHW sleds are well suited for fun rides from the hills and quiet unhurried walks with young children. When choosing a model, consider:

  • Compactness. Options: transformers (the most popular, you can remove everything from them), folding and ungainly.
  • The age of the child. KHW Snow sled with deep seat, seat belts, pusher handle is suitable for kids. Older ones will master sports models and snow scooters with pleasure.

  • The material of manufacture. Although the company is famous for plastic products, it produces metal, wooden, wicker, inflatable sledges.
  • Weight. It depends on the model and can vary from a couple of kilograms to a dozen and a half.
  • Safety and comfort. All models of the company are ergonomic and designed to ensure maximum safety of the riders.