Prakashrashki with good fairies, cartoons about the little mermaid, soft toys, 50 shades of pink in the wardrobe - these are just a few signs that you have a little princess at home. And if the only thing you can do with her hair is the tail of a "palm", then you just need to read this article.

Baby hair on short hair

Hairstyle or haircut?

The hair of the children of the first years of life grows differently, because nature has its own nature. Someone easily grows long braids, the other lengths of hair barely enough to plait the tail. In any case, with the growth of hair in the daughters in the arsenal of moms, there are various rubber bands, bows, hairpins that help cope with disobedient childish hair.

Experts agree that for children under 4-5 years old, the best option is a haircut. Why? Baby hair in this period is still very thin, it is difficult to take care of them, and constant braiding in braids and tails traps them and leads to loss. If the hair is still decided to grow, then a tight hairstyle should not be worn constantly, hair and scalp should be given rest, especially at night. And it is even more preferable to use hairpins, since they do not squeeze the hair.

Fashionable haircuts for little girls

One of the most popular girlish haircuts is a square. Such a haircut allows a little beauty to look childishly cute and grown-up neatly and well-groomed. The square has many options:

  • length of hair from very short to medium;
  • presence or absence of bangs;
  • straight or torn cutting line.

The shorter the haircut - the easier it is to cope with hair, especially thin and naughty. As for the outline of the hairstyle, girls with thick straight hair will come up with a very straight, straight line "under the ticker", and a ragged contour will suit the owners of curly or thin hair. As for the bangs, it should not interfere with the child, climb into the eyes, the optimal length - to the middle of the forehead.

Kara is also good in that it allows you to braid children's hairstyles for short hair, when necessary.

Very many prefer a haircut "for a boy". This solution greatly facilitates the mother's life, but in this case, do not neglect the various accessories (rims, bandages, hairpins), because it's still a little girl.

Baby hairstyles for every day

Every mom should be able to make children's hairstyles for short hair. With the help of clips, rubber bands, rims, you need to remove the hair from the face. It's not very pleasant to play mobile games, when the hair constantly sticks in the eyes.

The easiest version of the hairstyle at home is a ponytail, but even he has several options. You can collect hair in the tail on the vertex, then you will get a "palm", and if you tie only the upper hair with a rubber band, and leave the lower ones loose - "Malvinka".

The photo shows simple children's hairstyles for girls on short hair. No special skills are needed: everything is done only with the help of tails and braids.

Hairstyles based on "spikelet"

Weaving the spike is fairly easy to explain in theory:

  1. Take a small strand of hair, with which the future spikelet begins, and divide it into three parts.
  2. Twist the strands between each other like in a pigtail, but each time, throwing a lock, add to it a little hair from the appropriate side.

That's the whole procedure, but in practice everything is not so simple. Very important is the type of hair of the child, their density, weaving density - all this is reflected in the final form of the hairstyle. Mom needs to practice to find a way to weave a spike, suitable for her daughter.

The spike has a number of variants of weaving: it can be classic and turned (strands intertwine through the bottom and not through the top), straight, oblique, zigzagged, rounded, spikelets can be weaved from 2 strands according to the fish tail haircut principle, and you can use four, five and more strands.

Spike is very versatile, because it can be both an option for everyday hairstyles for short hair in a kindergarten, and a basis for a more festive hairstyle.

Baby hairstyles for the holiday

A good taste and love of beauty should be planted from childhood. To torment the child every day with the motto "beauty requires sacrifice", of course, it is impossible, but to teach a girl to dress beautifully and put her hair on any solemn occasion is the sacred duty of every mother.

To such cases it is possible to carry holidays, birthdays, matinees. It has become a tradition to make children's hairstyles for short hair at the prom. If you can not do such a hairdo at home, you can take care of your nerves and take your child to a hairdresser.

If you decide to do your hair yourself, you can use a win-win option - cheating. It is hard to imagine a little angel, who would not have been approached with curls.

It is highly recommended to use curling irons and ironing for winding curls - children's hair is easily damaged by high temperatures. It is better to use thermalbags. Though all the same this variant is not ideal, after all such hairdress in itself long will not last, and hair varnishes should be used with care.

For curls that do not require additional fixation, you can wind hair "on rags." For this, you need to take shreds of material about 10 cm long and 2 cm wide, twist strands of hair on these rags and tie the ends to a knot, with such soft curlers go to bed, and in the morning, unwind and enjoy beautiful curls. If the baby has thin straight hair, then you can not do without additional fixation. Even before wrapping, hair can be lightly treated with gel or hair foam.

Do you create complex children's hairstyles for short hair by your own hands on the basis of spikelet, wind hair or leave them simply dissolved, to give a raisin use different accessories.

Hair accessories

Such trifles as barrettes, bows, bandages, rims and other decorations will help create a unique image not only for the holiday, but for every day. Especially in need of such ornaments are children's hairstyles for short hair. When choosing such an original addition to the apart, remember about safety - the product should be without sharp corners or edges, it should not rub the child's skin.

Features of hair growth in children

Hair color, their structure and number are inherited by the child genetically. Initially, children's hair is very thin, and only by the age of 5 they reach the thickness that they set. The original color of the hair also changes. This color is manifested by 2 years.

Density of hair is also not visible immediately. Previously, it was believed that in a year the child needed to cut all the hair, supposedly it stimulates hair growth, they become thicker and thicker. Fortunately, this theory has long been refuted and modern moms do not put their kids to such stress.

In the first years of the child's life a neat haircut makes hair care easier, gives the baby the opportunity to play any games and not be distracted by the interfering hair. At the same time, children's hairstyles for short hair amaze with their diversity, which means that at any holiday girls with short hair are not inferior to their long-haired contemporaries.