So, now we have to learn what a baby stroller “Verdi”. This producer became popular and a favorite among moms, especially young ones. But why is this happening? Why are these strollers so popular and widespread? What really think about them buyers? All this we now need to talk. To solve the issue could feedback kindly left by Internet users.Stroller Verdi 3 in 1 (photos & reviews)

According to the parents, the stroller “Verdi” is just what you and your child need. The fact is that the baby vehicle should be beautiful. And our today's version is just such.

The buyer will be offered a lot of different colors – from blue and pink to white and purple. So stroller “Verdi” may be appropriate for children of any gender. You can buy it before the baby is born. The main thing – to choose a neutral tone, for example beige.

Universal design very happy customers. But this is not the only advantage of models. Stroller “Verdi Zippy” didn't become popular and widespread. What else can you say about this product? Let us look at this complicated issue.


Another very interesting point that should be taken into account, is not that other, as package. For many parents, this feature plays a very important role, and this is quite normal, especially when you consider the cost of modern wheelchairs. For the price that I give parents, the device must be “all inclusive”.

Stroller “Verdi” has just such a package. Here you can find everything your heart desires: and the mosquito net, and rain cover and Muff for hands in winter weather. In addition, included with this vehicle you can also find covers for the wheels and car seat.

But there are some drawbacks. For example, according to some parents, a stroller “Verdi” itself is good. But the car seat to say this is impossible. But if you have a car, then this problem you are exempt.

Sometimes also stresses that the stroller “Verdi's” 3 in 1 has a rather muddy raincoat. And it's not to everyone's taste. However, you can purchase this part separately. It will cost you about 100-200 rubles. Not so much as it may seem. As you can see, overall, the disadvantages of bundling is not as serious as it could be.


Also the important role played by the compactness and portability of any baby furniture. Don't forget that the wheelchair is also a concern. It is important that storage enough space. And, of course, a good stroller should fit through the Elevator. Otherwise the walk with a toddler can turn into a real prison. Fortunately, the carriage of the Opera “Zippy” is something that is ideal for even the smallest apartment. In the disassembled state it is a spacious and comfortable vehicle, and assembled in a compact and lightweight device. That is what is important for many wheelchairs.

Weighs our vehicle is not very much – only 13.5 kg. These figures are a joy and pleasure to many moms. Stroller “Verdi” 2 in 1 or 3 in 1 is just what you need to everyone. Plus, the small size of the devices allow you to take the stroller anywhere, whether camping or at the cottage, trip to the sea or just to visit. Purchase “Verdi”, and you will not regret it.

But regarding the convenience of the device is debatable. To be honest, there opinions are divided. And understand really stroller “Verdi” inconvenient, very difficult. Nevertheless, we will try to deal with this issue.

Overall, our present device is quite convenient, especially for the baby. It can enjoy strolling in the spacious carriage, and do not feel any discomfort. But for parents, as we are assured many buyers, this is not the best solution.

For example, it is noted that all models are not very convenient basket for products. Bumpers too high, the mesh is weak. Sometimes customers claim that they literally scared to put even children's toys.

In addition, descargar child is not particularly convenient. The mechanism works on the principle vnih-up, but rather up and down. Under the weight of the baby stroller sometimes “Verdi” sags. And for this reason, to rock the baby in her is extremely difficult. Actually this is a very significant disadvantage that can play with parents cruel joke, especially when you have a very young child. Rock him to sleep in the suggested manner is not very convenient. Will have to endure some inconvenience.

In principle, sometimes even this flaw can be forgiven. If you take into account the numerous advantages of the model, the shopping basket and the “rock-jumping” mechanism will seem like a mere trifle.


To choose a stroller isn't a big problem. Much more important that she have been selling for in your town. And “Verdi” in this sense can only boast of its accessibility. This means that you will not need to scour the stores in search of necessary model. Just visit any children's specialized “shop” to buy a wheelchair.

In addition, many mothers claim that the “Verdi” can also be ordered via the Internet. Not the best but very affordable and effective method of acquisition. It is very relevant for those who already know what constitutes this product. So with the purchase you definitely will not have any problems.

For any stroller necessary care. And what he simpler the better. In our case, it's pretty positive. According to parents, strollers “Verdi” – is not only profitable investment, but also easy to care for.

Fabric stroller easy to clean. Sometimes it is enough to wipe it with a damp cloth. Rubber wheel to clean away the dirt is also very easy. Plus, dirty “textile” products is very difficult. After all, she repels dirt from himself. So, take care of this vehicle is very easy and simple. Just what modern parents need. Stroller “Verdi Neo” is the best choice that we have to offer.

Last, but not least, the main factor influencing the feedback on a particular children's subject is nothing more than price. It must comply with the overall quality of the product. No one wants to just overpay.

What do we have in this case? The truth is, the reviews here are mixed. Stroller “Verdi's” 3-in-one cost future or current parents have already about 10 000. Universal transformer is not such a big price. With it you can get this product for approximately 3-4 thousand rubles.

Thus, the price suits most parents. Of course, there are always those who talk about the inflated price tag. But you should not listen to such people - you can never make a choice like this at all.