Oil is the main export product of Russia. In 2009, exports amounted to 33%, and with oil products 49%. The first oil field was discovered by L. Kislyansky in 1684 in the area of ​​the Irkutsk burg. F. Pryadunov first began to extract it in 1745. In the same year he built the first oil refinery in Russia and one of the first in the world.

Oilmen's Day is a celebration of courageous and strong people

Oil and gas industry

The work of a large number of enterprises depends on the activities of the oil and gas industry: plants, factories, etc. Every year the amount of oil produced in Russia steadily grows, which drives the oil producing and oil refining industries forward. Approximately 15% of the working-age population of the country work at drilling stations, oil refining and transportation plants. We do not think about how dangerous their work is when we turn on the gas in the kitchen or fill the car. We take the product of the labor of these people for granted, although it is worth noting that the extraction of gas and oil from the bowels of the earth is not easy. Therefore, in 1980, the USSR Supreme Soviet issued a decree on the appointment of a professional holiday to encourage workers in the oil, gas, and fuel-heating industries.

What day is the oilman's day celebrated in the country?

The professional holiday of strong and courageous people - workers of the oil, gas and fuel industry is always celebrated on the first Sunday of September. On this day, it is customary to congratulate everyone: field developers, well drilling engineers, transporters, geophysicists, processors, etc. In 2015, the Day of Oil Workers fell on September 6.

Professional in their field

Many believe that the oilmen's Day in Russia should become the official calendar holiday, because these people deserve deep respect. Without their teamwork in the apartments there would be gas, the car would stand up without fuel, would have stopped many businesses, whose work depends entirely on petroleum products. Moreover, the country will lose a huge percentage of exports that would lead to the imminent crisis in other industries.

We are so used that in the house there is gas to cook food, and petrol stations have petrol and diesel in different cars that the head does not occur even the slightest thought of how and by whom it was produced initial raw material to provide us with the necessary goods. Surely you don't think about the fact that oil and natural gas is flammable and explosive substances. Or that oil spill from a well or transport tanker leads to an environmental disaster on an unimaginable scale, is it not misleading the media. Or, finally, about how many people may die (or are killed) in the accident and its elimination. So the day of the oil — this is another reason to show respect to the employees of the oil and gas industry and congratulate you on your professional holiday.

How to congratulate the oil industry

Congratulations on the Day of the oilman in many cities takes place in the format of a concert program or rally. Therefore, on this day, oilmen and gas workers receive congratulations not only from family and friends, but also from the state.

If in your family there are employees, a holiday to prepare the original greeting or to organize cultural centres. Many cities in the Day of oil workers organize corporate events, concerts and fireworks. You can spend the day outdoors with colleagues and their families, are also rushing to congratulate their loved ones.

Congratulations made with intelligence and creativity will be better than any gift. The work of oil and gas industry workers is invaluable, so it is important for each of them to know that those for whom they work understand this. You can prepare the holiday yourself or find a ready-made script and all sorts of congratulations. Draw posters, sign greeting cards, say something from your heart: how you value work, how you feel when a person is on watch.

Although the Day of the Oilmen is not an official holiday, make sure that the oilmen and gas workers you know feel the joyful atmosphere that it carries.