A child at Baptism is given the name of a saint (or saint) who will intercede and pray for him before God. Therefore, it is very important that this name is still present in the church calendar. But if not, then the priest will select the name of the tune with the present name of the child and which will come on days of celebration of the name of the patron saint. However, for those who are interested in the question of when a name day Irina on the church calendar, it should be noted that these few days of the year. And all because of the saints with the same name were many, and they accomplished a feat for the sake of Christ, not regretting "his stomach". And here is a description of several of them.

Irina's Angel Day

Name Day Irina

On February 8, the holy martyr Irina is revered (Irina Lavrentievna Gumenyuk). She was born in 1885. Before the war in 1940, she was sentenced to 8 years in prison. In 1942, she was accused in the group actually Martyr Evdokia (Andrianova) and sentenced to death. On April 20 of the same year, the sentence was executed. She was among the canonized holy confessors and new martyrs of Russia in 2000 at the Bishops' Council of the Russian Orthodox Church for church worship.

Name Day Irina note and 26 February, when they recall the name of Martyr Irina Tail, who was born in 1882 in the village of Agintovo (Sergius district, Moscow province.). After high school, she became a nun of the Novodevichy Convent, which the Soviet government closed in 1922, but Irina lived in it until 1932, and then moved to the village Nikulskoe (Sergiev Posad). In 1938, on January 31, Irina Mikhailovna was arrested for “anti-Soviet agitation” and sentenced to death by shooting.

Irina's angel day

March 7 is the day of the holy martyr Irina Alekseevna Smirnova, which was born on April 16, 1891 in the village of Rameshki, Volokolamsk district (Moscow province). She was a headman and a board member of a church in the village of Cherlenkovo ​​(Volokolamsk district, Moscow region). On February 16, 1938, she was arrested on charges of campaigning against Soviet power. March 7 of the same year she was shot.

29 April – the feast day of Saint Irene Aqualaska, which, together with the sisters Chionia and Agapia lived near the city of Aquileia (Northern Italy). In the year 304, when Emperor Diocletian's terrible persecution suffered by the Christians, the sisters were caught. Irina impaled through arrows, and the Agapia and Chionia burned alive at the stake.

Great Martyrs

Irina’s Angel Day Her father was a pagan and built a palace for her, where she lived with her nanny and educator Caria. Her education involved mentor Apelian - secret Christian. She believed in Christ, and then the apostle Timothy baptized her. Irina began to preach Christianity throughout the county. In Mesamvria, according to legend, she was executed, but she was resurrected soon. She was informed in advance that she would face the death penalty in Ephesus. Then she, along with her teacher, Elder Apelian, and other Christians, came to the funeral cave, into which she entered and commanded to close the entrance with a large stone. Four days later, the stone was rolled away, but there was no one in the cave.

Holy saints

May 26 is also the day of the angel St. Irene of Constantinople, who was the wife of the confessor St. George. During the period of iconoclastic heresy, he denounced the iconoclast emperor. He was punished for this, all property was taken from him and sent into exile far from his native place. But wife Irina followed her husband. They died in the IX century.

Irina's angel's day is also honored on August 10, when the Orthodox remember the Rev. Irina Kappadaksky, who became famous for her strict ascetic way of life and feats for the glory of Christ.

The empress

August 22 is the memorial day of the pious Byzantine empress Irina, who was born in Athens around 752. She was the wife of Emperor Leo IV Hazar. After the budget of her husband, she was regent with her son Constantine VI, whom she was blinded, took power over the Byzantine Empire and became a single-power woman. In October 802, Empress Irina was overthrown as a result of a conspiracy that arranged for Nikofor, the financial manager of the empire. After it was sent to the Princes Islands of the Sea of ​​Marmara, where she founded a monastery at one time, and then in custody was taken to the island of Lesbos. On August 9, 803, she died, her body was transported to the monastery built by her on Princip Island. And then her body was reburied in Constantinople in the Church of the Holy Apostles. At the Second Council of Nicaea, the Orthodox Church canonized her for the restoration of the veneration of icons.

Irina's Angel's Day will fall out several times a year, these days women with the name of the patron saint of Irina should come to church to pray to her, ask for her protection, help, and be sure to take communion. And if this is done sincerely and with great respect, there will definitely be help.