How many beautiful female names is in the world! And each represents something, carries its own meaning. Each name has a special energy force that assists or prevents a person throughout life.

The day of the angel: Elena – "Sunny" name

When a girl is born, the parents carefully choose her a name. After all, it should be euphonious, and combined with the middle name. No wonder they say that a person's name affects his personality traits and even fate. There's a science of onomastics, which studies the origin and meaning of names. One of the most vibrant, “glowing” names is the name of Elena.

What's in a name…

In Greek mythology Helen is the daughter of the Sun, so in translation the name means "sun", "bright", "shining". In some embodiments, the common translation of "torch", "fire". It is these meanings and define the main traits of our heroine. In Russian fairy tales is the name with special qualities, remember, Beautiful, wise. In our country the day of the angel Elena perceives as a special event.

Tell me your name...

The character Elena is a cheerful, active, very cheerful, indefatigable visionary with a rich inner world. It is able to recharge their energy of others, sees all the positive aspects. His nature is modest, quite reserved, capable of a special sacrifice for others, always ready to help, very attentive and caring. As a rule, a woman with the same name is creative, prefers music, painting, literary work. She gets on well with people, trying to avoid various conflicts. Elena is a caring mother, a loving wife. However, it is not always finds understanding among relatives and friends – they think it is overly meticulous and demanding.

Negative qualities can be attributed to the vulnerability and excessive curiosity, laziness, cunning, in some cases quirky, and sometimes prudence and passion.

However, the positive qualities much more that makes the owner of a beautiful name, interesting, spiritually rich man.

And the angel of the white feet...

Day of his name day, i.e. birthday, to celebrate once, but the day of the angel Elena says repeatedly.

Parents choosing the name of the daughter, based on the Church calendar, which contains a list of holidays. In the Orthodox Church calendar Elena allotted its rightful place. Its the day to celebrate a few times a year. This is due to the different patrons who wore this beautiful name. Angel Elena on the Church calendar can celebrate in different time of year – in summer, autumn and winter.

Patron saints name

Day, Angela Elena (the date is scheduled for June 3) can celebrate in the summer. This date is associated with Queen Helena of Constantinople. All her life she preached the Christian faith, organized excavations in Jerusalem. Through its activities, has been found of Church artifacts.

Day, Angela Elena (date – Nov 12) may also dedicate to the Queen of Serbia. She always reconciled the enemies, helped the poor and orphans, financially support the Church. After the death of her husband, the ruler of the family's welfare was her concern. This woman is an example of courage, endurance and patience.

On 24 July, the day of the angel Elena says with veneration the great Kiev Princess Olga, who in baptism was called Elena. Its contribution in the development of Russia as a Christian state, and that the Church considers equal to the apostles Princess. Mention of this significant historical figure, as a wise and fair ruler can be found in the famous "Tale of bygone years".

The day Elena can mention 10 Aug. Martyr Helen of Diveyevo (manturova) had lived a good life, he preached the Christian faith, for which he was executed by the Bolsheviks.

It should be noted that all holders of the name Helen, which are referred to in the Christian Church, was a role model, was a symbol of high morals, honor and the desire for everything beautiful.

It is noteworthy that a girl with this name may choose their own patron Saint, based on personal affection or the date closest to the day of birth or baptism.

How to celebrate the day of the angel

The day Elena tries usually lush not to mention. She prefers quiet solitude, prayer and gratitude to their patron Saint. Not be amiss to go to Church to take communion, to put the candle.

In the evening there's the day to celebrate with family and friends by preparing variety of treats, and once again to prove that Elena is a welcoming, friendly host, excellent conversationalist and just a "bright" person. Owner name likes to receive gifts, but even more to give. Therefore, once angel Elena, you can get not only positive emotions, but also a small souvenir.