David De Gea - a football player of Spanish origin, playing the position of the goalkeeper, the goalkeeper of the Spanish national team and the English football club Manchester United.

Childhood De Gea

David was born in 1990 in the eastern parts of the capital of Spain. When he was seven years old, his father took him to the academy of FC “Atletico” (Madrid). David De Gea grew up in a family of a bank employee and a housewife. He was the only boy in the family, his parents tried their best to support his son in his interests.
Since 2003, David began to advocate for the youth team “Atletico”.

Career at Atletico

For four years from 2003 to 2007, goalkeeper David de Gea played for the youth team of the Madrid club, after which he moved to the double of “mattress”, where he immediately became the main goalkeeper. There he played 35 matches in the 2008/2009 season. in which he missed 38 balls. At the same time spent 10 dry matches in the course of the championship.

David De Gea: the biography of a football playerIn 2009, he gets a chance to play for the main team of Real Madrid. September 30 in the Champions League match in the group stage against the team “Porto” (Portugal), when David De Gea was only 18 years old, he made his debut in the solid composition of “mattress”, replacing the injured goalkeeper Roberto, who was second goalkeeper madridtsev. The main goalkeeper Sergio Asenkho at this time participated in the youth world championship in the national team. David De Gea used his chance. And although Madrid lost in this match with a score of 0: 2, the goalkeeper made a good impression on the head coach Abel Resino, who himself in the past defended the gates of this team. Already in the next match, he released a young player in the first team for the match against “Zaragoza”, which ended in victory for “Atletico” 2-1, the young goalkeeper reflected in the match penalty, thus affecting the outcome of the meeting and securing a good impression of himself in the eyes of the coach and fans.
As a result, by his 19th birthday the young goalkeeper turned from the third goalkeeper to the main one.

"Manchester United"

The official meeting, the first in a T-shirt “red devils”, the player spent in the match for the Supercup of England. The rivals were “citizens” (“Manchester City”). The match ended with the victory of Manchester United with a score of 3: 2, and De Gea himself in his first match for the English club was able to win the first title.

In the first championship matches, David De Gea was marked by his first dry victory at Old Trafford in the match against Tottenham. He also distinguished himself off a penalty kick in the confrontation with the “gunners”, which ended with a score of 8-2 in favor of Manchester. In that season, David De Gea becomes the best goalkeeper by the number of saves. In the next seasons, the footballer continues to be Manchester’s main goalkeeper. Many rivals' coaches call his saves fantastic, and the player himself often falls into various symbolic teams.

In the 2012-2013 season, Manchester United goalkeeper David De Gea becomes the champion of England, and in 2013 also becomes the owner of the English Super Cup. August 2015 was marked by the fact that David did not play in the first team of the “Red Devils”, because he was actively negotiating with the Madrid “Real” about the transition. The deal almost took place, however, fell through at the last moment. After that, a new agreement was signed with Manchester United, which is calculated until 2019.

Spain national team

In 2004, goalkeeper David De Gea was first attracted to the games of the Spanish youth team under the age of 15 years. After that, David was always called into the national team of different ages. From 2014, he began to be involved in the basic composition of the Spanish national team, and at Euro 2016, Spain’s head coach Vicente Del Bosque entrusted De Gea with a place at the gate. The form of David De Gea never gave grounds for criticism, and the player himself is very deserved for his years because he has already won 10 titles in the composition of clubs and national teams.

He is the winner of the UEFA Super Cup, the Europa League, the English Super Cup (three times), the FA Cup, the champion of England, the European champion in football as part of the Spanish youth teams of different ages.