Probably every person today has certain health problems. Panacea from all diseases. However, there are devices that can help to get rid of some of the abnormalities quickly and painlessly. Such a device is "d'arsonval". Contraindications to this device too, but let's consider everything in order.

What is a product?

Darsonval: contraindications, indications for the procedure

Presented device is a high frequency unit in the base which are alternating currents of small strength, but high voltage. It was developed not so long ago French scientists. Mostly there have been positive results in the treatment of a specified device.

"Darsonval" (contraindications we will consider later) is used not only in medicine but also in cosmetology. With this you can apply it not only in the office of the specialist, but also at home. Of course, you must know exactly how the procedure is carried out. "Darsonval" can be applied not always.

The advantages of the device

This unit has the following advantages:

– Improves metabolic processes and blood circulation.

– The effectiveness of some local preparations (ointments) increases after additional treatment of the skin by this device.

With the aid of the device you can get rid of harmful bacteria.

– A restorative and healing effect on the body.

– Fast regeneration of the skin that helps eliminate scars and scars that remain after acne.

The principle of operation

"Darsonval", the price of which ranges from 2 000 to 3 000, works very simply. Electrical impulses exercise their influence through a special glass electrode (vacuum). Due to this expands blood vessels, improves blood circulation.

To operate the device in several positions. For example, necessary for the body oxygen and ozone is created in the "spark discharge". The nozzle apparatus may come in contact with the skin, and can act at a distance (0.5 cm). Of course, a very important angle of the nozzle, which depends on the penetration of the pulses inside.

If you need to touch the device to the skin, the area to be treated need to apply a small amount of talc.


"Darsonval", the price of which is not too high compared to the benefit that the device brings, has the following performance parameters:

1. Pulse frequency 100 Hz.

2. The weight of the device electrode is not more than 850 g

3. The output voltage ranges from 8 to 25 kV.

4. The device should be connected to a conventional AC power, the voltage which is 220V and frequency is 50 Hz.

The dimensions of this phone are small, so it does not occupy much space and does not require any special storage conditions.

Indications for use

Now we should understand, in what cases is the procedure. "Darsonval" can be applied to resolve such problems:

– Acne, pus formation or inflammation on the face (other parts of the body).

- Sluggish and problem skin, diathesis, allergic manifestations, dermatitis.

– Cellulite (all forms and stages).

– Varicose veins in the legs and trophic ulcers, wounds that heal slowly.

Headaches, migraine. Painful excessive hair loss, seborrhea.

- Climax in women, neuroses caused by changes in the endocrine system.

– Pathology of the peripheral nervous system.

If you want to know what else can fix the "d'arsonval", the testimony you can read in the instructions for use of the apparatus.

Contraindications to the use of

Despite all the good reviews and the proven effectiveness of the device, it also has certain drawbacks. If you want to use "Darsonval", contraindications should be remembered:

– Problems with blood clotting, frequent and excessive bleeding.

- An established artificial cardiac stimulant (a shortage and a breakdown of the apparatus that supports the work of your heart may occur).

Arrhythmia or other cardiac diseases that can be aggravated due to the use of electric current.

- Infectious or inflammatory pathologies in the stage of exacerbation.

– Too pronounced vascular net.

- Excessive and rapid growth of facial hair.

As you can see, the "d'arsonval" can be produced not always. This is the main drawback of the device. For example, you cannot use the "d'arsonval" during pregnancy, as it can not only lead to premature birth, but also harm the baby.

Package and features of the choice of apparatus

The device can be different not only in appearance but also the strength of the current. In addition, each model has a different number of nozzles. Choose the unit based on what you will use it. For example, if you need to seriously treat acne or varicose veins, then the user should choose the product with a high degree of tension.

You should also pay attention to the number of attachments and additional functions. These include the possibility of infrared heating. There are models that can be used by all family members.

As for baits, there are several:

1. Spot. It is necessary if a small area of ​​skin is affected by a rash.

2. Mushroom-shaped. It is best suited if it is necessary to treat large areas on the body.

4. Scallop. It is suitable for treating scalp and restoring hair growth.

Rules for the use of

In order not to harm yourself, you need to understand how to apply the device at home without supervision of experts. First of all you will have to prepare for the procedure. The front electrode should be disinfected with alcohol and dried. Only then the device can be enabled.

From the body you must remove all jewelry and metal objects. If you decide to use the “d'arsonval” (contra we've already covered), try to follow the instruction on carrying out the necessary manipulations.

The surface must thoroughly wash and wipe. However, do not use cosmetics that contain alcohol or any acid. Otherwise you risk to burn. In addition, it is not necessary to smear skin creams that are not compatible with ultraviolet radiation or push it. If they are needed for your treatment, apply a medicines only a few hours after application.

During the procedure, do not touch other people. They may suffer from electric shock. It is best not to exceed the set authorized use time of the device. The exposure should not exceed 5 minutes.

If the skin is significant damage or inflammation, it is best to apply a non-invasive method of treatment. Have a better nozzle on the massage lines. In problem areas should be delayed.

It is better if during the application of the device you will sometimes change its frequency. Sometimes it is necessary to switch the current. This will prevent overdrying of the skin. Movements should be gentle and neat.

That's all. As you can see, the presented device is very effective and multifunctional. However, do not forget about the safety rules. Good luck!