The name Daniyar common in Kazakhstan and other Asian regions is very unusual for the Russian ear. This article is devoted to what it bears its owner and what to expect from a person with this name.

Daniyar: the meaning of the name and characteristics


This name originates in the language of the ancient nomadic tribes of the Turks. If you try to translate it literally, you get something like a "gift of the sun" - this is how the name Daniyar is usually interpreted. The meaning of the name in Islam, however, acquired other connotations related to knowledge, the idea of ​​reason and intellectual qualities. Therefore, it is also translated as “intelligent” or “knowledgeable”.

Characteristics of the name in childhood

Daniyar, the meaning of whose name is reflected from the first days of a baby’s life, usually completely changes the habitual way of life of parents. The child is extremely restless and extremely curious. In childhood he fills a lot of bumps because of this, and it’s very difficult to keep track of every step a child takes. He strives to sneak out from under the watchful parental care. The boy loves to play with peers and spends a lot of time on the street. At home, he, too, is not an example of perseverance - constant initiatives, games and experiments do not tire the boy at all, but their parents are incredibly exhausted. Daniyar loves when the house is noisy and festive, when relatives come and visit other people. Daniyar, the meaning of the name for which foreshadows a lot of knowledge for him, does not really like spending time with books. The research spirit in him has purely practical interests, and therefore he does not miss the chance to go on a hike or other journey. The child loves immensely to be in nature, walk in the woods and climb mountains. And Daniyar has a huge predisposition to sport. Where you physically need to temper and train yourself, this boy will always like it. And if one day to bring him into any sports section, then pull it out from there will be almost impossible.

It is also necessary to mention the excellent education of the boy. Daniyar, the meaning of whose name comes from the word "sun" (and it was revered in ancient times as a deity) really demonstrates almost divine charm. He is very courteous and by nature knows how to respect and honor his elders. His manners can be improved and brought up by the efforts of parents, but in itself it is noticeably different in this respect against the background of peers. This is very pleased with his older relatives and attracts peers. The boy also does not tolerate injustice and tries to protect the weak if he has the opportunity. He will never offend girls, but because they love him very much.

Characteristics of the name in youth and youth

When Daniyar goes to the upper classes, he more and more begins to reveal his features, conditioned by his name. For example, Daniyar, the meaning of the name, character and life of which flow under the sign of an active life position, begins to show its impulsivity. It is difficult for a young man to cope with his emotions, and the lack of tact often provokes quarrels with those around him. The young man is extremely honest and straightforward, not knowing how to play up, cunning and cunning, he prefers to always say everything as it is. Because of this, he has some problems with mutual understanding, but in general he is loved and appreciated by close people. They know the young man as a responsible and devoted friend. At the same time, he is very demanding and, for example, betrayal by a loved one does not forgive. Daniyar, whose name is associated with the sun, attaches great importance to its freedom. He likes to shine for people, but does not tolerate any pressure and attempts to manipulate himself. The freedom to dispose of himself and his life at his own discretion is his main value. Daniyar loves his parents very much, devotes a lot of time to helping them, and tries to regularly visit the paternal home. But he does not allow himself to be educated in his youth, preferring to learn all the lessons in life on his own.

Personal life

The amorous deeds of the young man are also not deprived of the influence of his name. Daniyar, whose meaning, character and fate largely determine his life, rarely suffers from loneliness. For girls, it is a very attractive object because of its sporty appearance and elegance. However, one-lover of a young man is difficult to call. In girls, Daniyar appreciates mainly the external effect, and therefore uses them as a beautiful attachment to herself and a reason for pride. Despite the demands on her friends, he rarely appreciates them for real, and therefore his youth is full of many fleeting romances and intrigues. In a relationship very jealous and inclined to keep the girl under control. At the same time, he very much values ​​his freedom and becomes infuriated by any attempt to drive himself under the heel.

Daniyar is rarely knocked out in chiefs. First, because the leadership of people is not in the circle of his interests, and without interest he will not work for any money. Secondly, he simply does not have enough flexibility, diplomatic instinct and tact. But he is very straightforward. Therefore, the favorite, and accordingly, the protégé to senior management positions, Daniyar becomes rare. In her work, the young man appreciates the tangible benefits that she brings to people and their recognition. And also, as has already been said, it is very important for him that his profession be consistent with his personal interests.