Daniel Cormier is a popular American fighter who performs in mixed martial arts and is the UFC heavyweight champion. He twice participated in the Olympic Games, was a member of the American freestyle wrestling team. On his account, many victories over the most famous athletes, such as Anthony Johnson, John Jones, Antonio Silva, Josh Barnett and Dan Henderson. In 2016, he got the fourth place in the official rating of the UFC. And according to the estimates of Sherdog, he is in second place among athletes who perform light heavyweight.Daniel Cormier

Brief biography of the fighter

Daniel Cormier was born in 1979, on March 20. His hometown is Lafayette, which is in Louisiana. Daniel's family is quite large. He has two brothers, an elder and a younger brother, and a sister. During his studies in high school, Cormier began to be interested in wrestling. He was a talented young man, so quickly achieved success in the ring. In Louisiana, Daniel received three times the title of champion of wrestling. In high school, he won fights several more times. After studying at school, Daniel decided to enroll in Colby Community College. Here he twice won the national championship. After graduating from college, he wished to pursue the career of an amateur fighter. In 2007, he managed to get a place in the United States team in freestyle wrestling. And in 2008 he already participated in the Summer Olympics.

Carier start. Contracts with Strikeforce

After the success at the Olympic Games, Daniel Cormier decided to leave his classes free-style wrestling. He began to be interested in mixed martial arts, so all his free time Cormier devoted hard training. His sparring partners were the most famous and strong wrestlers. After a while, Cormier was seen by Strikeforce. He was offered to sign a contract. He agreed and debuted at the Strikeforce Challengers promotion. During the participation in this show, he held an important official duel. His rival was Gary Fraser, whom Cormier won, technically knocking out. The second battle against John Devine also won.

Climbing the career ladder. Success and glory

During the Xtreme MMA 2 tournament, which took place in 2010, Cormier held a very important duel. His opponent in the ring was a champion in the category of heavyweight Lucas Brown. Daniel defeated his opponent, thereby depriving him of the championship title. After just two weeks, the second MMA tournament took place. It was again attended by Daniel Cormier. Johnson became his rival in that fight. The fight was exciting. Many spectators looked at the ring without taking their eyes off. After all, Tony Johnson was a fast and strong opponent. But Cormier managed to win again. After that, he was able to successfully defend his champion title, having won an important fight with Koa Pallem. During the participation in the tournament Woodley vs Saffiedine Daniel held a fight with Devin Cole. It was a duel of extreme importance, because after the victory over Cole, the judges announced Daniel an undisputed winner.

Participation in the UFC

After Strikeforce was closed, Daniel agreed to sign a contract with the UFC. He made his debut in this organization in 2013, in April. His first fight was crowned with success. Daniel's opponent was Frank Mir, whom Cormier defeated in three rounds. After another successful battle, the athlete decides to go to the light heavyweight category. In one important battle his opponent was John Jones. Daniel Cormier fought with him for the title of champion of the UFC. But this battle was a loss for the fighter. He failed to resist the opponent, so the judges gave victory to Jones, who soon lost his belt, because he had problems with the law. In 2016, there was to be a revenge between the former opponents. The following fight was announced: Daniel Cormier - Jones Jones. It was a chance to win over the ex-UFC champion in the light heavyweight category. But during the doping test, Jones found a positive reaction. The fighters were replaced by Anderson Silva, whom Cormier had packed in the ring.

Almost in all his battles Cormier uses purely boxing technique. He rarely uses his kicks. Since Daniel Cormier has an excellent freestyle wrestling school and also for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, he is immune to any of the opponent's attempts to take a takedown, or a throw. Daniel never liked to fight in the stalls. The stern is demonstratively removed from the opponent, thereby allowing him to rise to his feet, and then he continues to conduct a methodical attack with boxing punches. So it was in the battle of Daniel Cormier - Jones Jones, although the fight was not successful for the fighter. Without a doubt, Cormier has an impeccable fighting technique and lightning-fast reaction to the blows of opponents. His boxing tactics often allow an athlete to win over strong rivals who do not have such skills.