Many people believe in omens and believe that they are true. Everyone knows the belief that if the swifts fly above the earth, it will soon begin to rain. Many people were convinced that she had repeatedly come true. However, is it worth believing in omens? Maybe it's just a coincidence? However, there is another sign: "Swift flew out the window - to death." It is necessary to figure out what kind of omen, and whether to believe in it. What to expect if a bird flew through the window?

Sign “Swift - herald of bad news”

Swifts - weather forecasters. So many people call them, these little fast birds are able to tell if it's worth taking an umbrella, going to work or doing other things. However, there is another well-known sign: the swift flew through the window - is it good?

What does the sign of a swift flew into the window?

Interpretation of belief

There are three hypothetical consequences of this omen:

- If the swift flew through the window - you should expect death or illness;

- Swift, flown out the window, heralds the news;

- If the bird flew through the window, it foreshadows pregnancy or childbirth in a short time.

If the swift flew through the window, more often it foreshadows that soon the news will be known, but the bad or good news - you can find out based on how this bird behaves.

What to expect if the bird flew out the window?

The sign "Swift flew into the house" attaches importance to the behavior of the bird. Depends on it, it is necessary to be afraid or rejoice. It is necessary to understand what exactly this omen means. Swift flew into the house through the window and began to flutter, but was silent - to the bad news. If the bird does not make a single sound, it is believed that you should also expect bad news.

However, there is another version of the behavior of the bird, which involves a sign. Swift flew through the window and began to squeak loudly - for good. Oddly enough, this behavior of the bird foreshadows good news. Even if he shouted silently and mournfully, still expect that everything will be fine soon.

To approval of affairs and undertakings

It is also worth saying that these birds can confirm the correctness of your actions. If you are in doubt about how to act correctly, should you continue to act in the same spirit, then the haircut that has flown through the window is good news for you. It is believed that this bird approves of the deceased loved ones and relatives, so if you do not know if you are doing everything correctly - do not hesitate. Swift - is the approval of your actions and deeds.

It should say on the behaviour of Swifts that carry the news of the death. Many people believe in superstitions and are afraid if their window flies swift. This is due to the fact that most often, if the bird flies into the window, it heralds someone's death.

If the swift actively chirped and did not refuse to eat, it portends a fast birth or pregnancy. In this case, the bird usually behaves very calmly and non-aggressively.

Many are afraid that this is the sign. Swift flew through the window and behaved very aggressively, but did not squeak, did not chirp and did not make any sounds - to death. If you try to feed the bird, it will not take the proposed food. If the swift behaves this way, it is considered that death will soon come to this house.

It is worth saying that it is necessary to pay attention to how the bird will behave in your house. If she cannot find a way out for a long time, she will stumble upon all the objects, a sign says that grief will soon come to the house.

Many people wonder what to expect if the black swift flew through the window. The sign says that swifts come to the house to the news, but to the good or bad - you can understand from the way the bird behaves. You can't say whether to believe in this sign, because there is no 100% chance that a haircut will bring any news to the house.

It must be said that a swift that has flown in through a window or through a balcony can only portend a change in the weather. This can be explained by the fact that the midges that appear before the bad weather, fly absolutely everywhere, and therefore swifts, hunting them, can accidentally fly into your window.

Many people are interested in what it means if the swift flew through the window and shat. A sign says that this behavior of the bird foreshadows a lot of news.

Should I offer bird food?

It is worth remembering that if a swift has flown into your house, you must offer him food. So you will understand with what news he flew. If he starts to eat - to the good news, and if not, then, most likely, to the bad. It is believed that if the swift takes food from the hands of a woman, she will become pregnant in the near future. If the swift took food from the hands of a man, a representative of the stronger sex must wait for success in all his affairs and undertakings.

Is it possible to protect yourself from the consequences of the arrival of a swift to the house?

If a swift flew through the window, and you are afraid that he brought bad news or death with him, do not despair. There are several ways to help protect against the effects of his arrival at the house.

The first one is to go to church and put candles there for the health of their loved ones. It is impossible to say for sure whether this method works or not, but many people who were afraid of the consequences of the arrival of the bird in their house, claim that it helped them.

The second way is to order forty days for the health of all members of your entire family (including yourself) for whom you fear.

It must be said that there is another way that can help protect against the effects of an incoming swift. After the bird flies away, you must throw a handful of any cereal at your house and say: “Fly for food, not for soul!” It’s not that this way is effective, but if you are afraid of the consequences of an unexpected “visit” ”, You can try to protect yourself and your family from disease and death in this way.

You can not say whether to believe in omen. Each person decides for himself, it is necessary to protect themselves from the consequences of a bird that has flown in or not.