Little children are one of the most favorable symbols of dreams. They bring positive and good news. Dreams with children are most often seen by women. Subconsciously they worry about their offspring or are preparing to give birth to a baby. If a woman or a future mother saw a child in a dream - what does this mean?

Dreams about children

Women often have children. This is due to the fact that the beautiful sex is more aimed at the family, the relationship in it. Such dreams reflect feelings about health, the upbringing of your baby or a grown child. The interpretation of dreams for unmarried girls and mothers can be different.What does it mean if I saw a child in a dream? Interpretation of sleep

If a woman has seen a child in a dream - this is a favorable sign. He promises joyful surprise or pleasant news. If the baby is cute and cute, it means that soon there will be mutual love on the horizon. To see in a dream a child who walks alone - to the opportunity to become pregnant.

Care must be taken to detail. They will help to explain correctly what they dreamed. So, a laughing kid promises joy and fun in the near future. And the crying prophesies problems.

To dream a child-boy

Such a dream is treated as anxiety, inner tension. Unplanned situations may arise, which will require immediate resolution. Bustle, trouble, worry - that's what it means to dream a child-boy. If the boys are few - worries and problems will increase.

Trouble at work or in your personal life will not be too serious. But, nevertheless, the sleeper will have to deal with their resolution. Depending on the mood of the child will also change the interpretation of sleep.

The cheerful game of the boy means happy changes in career. Successful transactions, profitable projects will increase the prestige of the sleeper in the eyes of colleagues. If the boy cries, such a dream warns that the dreamer pays little attention to his relatives. It is necessary to return good relationships, eliminate the previous misunderstanding.

For a woman, a vision with a boy is for luck and profit. For the girl - an early wedding.

Seeing a child in a dream

But a dream about a girl will bring a pleasant event. There will be joy in the house or something good will happen at work. Sometimes such a dream predicts the birth of a baby. If on awakening there was no unpleasant residue - all problems will end, and life will again shine in rainbow colors. To see a child in a dream is a positive change in life.

If it is joyful - then good news or events await ahead. A girl in a dream carries gifts of fate. There are travels, new acquaintances. A chance meeting will lead to mutual love.

If the girl is naughty, stomping with her feet - there is no misunderstanding in the family. Perhaps, we should pay more attention to our relatives and friends. Reconcile and restore a warm relationship.

For a woman, a dream with a girl promises peace of mind. For the girl - a pleasant meeting.

Sleep during pregnancy

Women expecting the birth of a baby are very sensitive to signs and dreams. They are worried about the health of the newborn, preparing for childbirth, trying to guess the sex of the baby. For a pregnant woman to see a child in a dream - to happy troubles, small unrest, unexpected events.

If the boy had a dream, to mild childbirth. It promises a successful resolution of the burden, good health of mom and baby. If the dream of a girl - it means that around the pregnant many loyal friends. They will support good advice, come to the rescue at a difficult hour.

What does it mean for a pregnant woman to see the child move in a dream? This is a good sign. Such a dream predicts a successful birth. But there is another interpretation. Wiggling the child symbolizes that friends have become distracted and will not be able to provide support at the right time.

If a pregnant woman is ironing her belly in a dream, then she is happy with her relations, feels calm and protected. Pacification during sleep speaks about mental balance and emotional stability of the future mummy.


To see a baby in a dream is a happy life. Even if there are some difficulties - they will briefly stay in the life of the sleeper. All problems and obstacles miraculously leave the dreamer, and he will only have to enjoy a serene reality.

If the unexpected appearance of the baby was imagined, it is necessary to have good luck in love or an unexpected acquaintance. The purer and neater the baby is, the more positive changes can occur. And, babe - a symbol of personal life. Therefore, all positive changes will be associated with new, pleasant acquaintances or the restoration of former friendly (or love) ties.

To see a baby in a dream is a good sign if the sleeper's career is just beginning. Such a dream is a symbol of future victories and prosperity. It may be an exhausting work, but it will subsequently lead to career growth.

If the baby has a dream in the problem period - it means that soon all the affairs will be solved in the best for the dreamer's side. The alarm will be left behind, life will return to the usual course.

A lot of children

What does it mean to dream of many children? Well-being in the family, joyful events are already on the threshold. The most important thing in this dream is that the kids do not cry, they are cheerful and joyful. Then you can expect better relations with surrounding people, the achievement of goals, free material support. After such a dream, you can safely realize your most grandiose plan - it will end with deafening success and respect for the authorities.

Seeing in a dream many children who cry - bad forebodings, a near misfortune lies in wait for the sleeper. It is possible that the treachery of friends will lead to the complete collapse of projects. Deceptions, betrayal on the part of the closest people will haunt the dreamer. He can not change the situation. We will only wait and hope that the difficulties will not last long.

Dead child

To see a dead child in a dream is trouble at work. Do not be afraid of such a dream. Nothing terrible after him will not happen. A child is just a symbol. In a dream, it can mean long cherished plans, cherished projects. Therefore, to dream of a young child who died - to the ruined dreams, projects, but not to the death of his own child. There will be difficulties with the bosses, colleagues who will be unhappy with the work of the dreamer.

In some sources, the interpretation of a dream is related to health. There may be some worsening of the condition, a short illness.

It's great if the child suddenly comes to life. Such a dream guarantees a happy resolution of cases, a speedy recovery. The dreamer will have an interesting journey, an exciting adventure.

Sick child

If an unfamiliar kid is sick - what does the dream book say? To see in a dream a child, who was struck by an ailment, is to lose the family's well-being. Perhaps, there is a serious financial loss. Or the debtor will not return the money on the promised date. Conflicts and quarrels in the family are coming. After such a dream, we must try to prevent impending dislocation.

If, in a dream, the child recovers - this means that all material problems will be safely resolved. Most likely, a new source of income will appear in the family or one-time help will return the former welfare to the family.

If your child is sick, it can become a harbinger of a real disease. Thus, the subconscious mind warns parents that they should take care of their health.

To bathe the baby

Seeing a little child in a dream and bathing it in a bath - to spiritual purification. Water washes away the mental mud of man. Therefore, bathing a baby is a sign that the sleeper will be forgiven for the bad deed, and his emotional experiences will cease. Dream says that the dreamer should be attuned to good deeds, charity.

Bathing a child promises to get out of an unpleasant situation. It is possible to receive material compensation. However, if the sleeper is to travel a long distance - it is worthwhile to be afraid of casual fellow travelers. Deception, theft can spoil the mood on the road.

A clear sign is the clear, clear water in the bath. It will bring only a positive attitude and good news.

If the sleeper washes the baby with a sponge, it is a signal that in real life there will be a chance to show oneself in all its glory. In work - this is an opportunity to take a higher position. In his personal life - the prospect of achieving a loved one or reestablishing a relationship with him.

Swing the baby in his arms

Sucking a baby is a favorable sign that promises good changes. To dream of a child in his arms means that the sleeper expects an unprecedented career growth. Closer respect for colleagues, a bonus from their superiors. Success in work will give self-confidence. And with it comes happiness in his personal life.

If a man dreamed of his beloved with a baby in his arms - a harmonious marriage foretells such a dream. It means that the couple shares common views and interests.

A sick child who is rocked is a sign that serious problems and complications in reaching plans are coming. Such a dream promises unhappy changes in life, so it is worth mobilizing all your strength.

If a dreamer is rocking on the hands of a disabled child - in real life he is carrying a heavy load of problems. He faces numerous worries, which will be difficult to get rid of. This is a dream-warning, after which you should think about your own health. Mental overexertion is best prevented by the avoidance of unnecessary cargo problems.

The asleep baby

A sleeping child is a symbol of defenselessness. If in a dream the baby sleeps - it means that the dreamer or his relatives are threatened with an unknown danger. Calm sleep kid is treated as a problem, which will soon be passed. If the crumb restlessly screams, rushes - serious obstacles will stand in the way of the sleeper.

Another interpretation of sleep is the quick receipt of money, the start of a new project or the appearance of new plans. A sleeping child can mean a disease or ill-wishers that have prepared for the dreamer an unpleasant surprise.

The child who has gone to sleep is the beginning of new discoveries. Sleep signals about spiritual growth, revaluation of values. New awareness can lead to a change in the rhythm of life or work. There will be troubles in the family, which will bring the long-awaited peace and tranquility.

The child fell

The fall of a child in a dream is treated as a loss of confidence, self-esteem. Therefore, the dreamer should pay attention to the problems that have arisen and try to solve them. Perhaps such a dream warns of a loss of understanding with relatives. It is necessary to establish relations with them and with other surrounding people.

What does it mean to dream a child who fell? Sudden obstacles can upset the dreamer. It's easy to accept new problems and gradually solve them. Perhaps, there will be a deceit on the part of close people.

For a man, this dream signals problems with potency. Possible one-time embarrassment in bedding. The greatest trouble should be expected after a dream in which the child fell and was injured. In this case serious problems with the opposite sex, scandalous gossip about sexual incompetence are expected. Or the work will have difficulties, overcoming which will take a very long time.

Loss of the baby

If a woman saw a child in a dream and lost it - this is an unkind sign. Disappointment, frustrated plans, unfulfilled promises come. There are also possible financial losses that can not be prevented in any way.

For a girl such a dream is just a projection of self-doubt, complexes. He does not carry any life complications.

Completion of the dream should try to remember. If the baby is found, it means that in real life everything will end well. If the child is brought by other people, unexpected help rushes to the dreamer, well-wisher. If the crumb is not found - the sleeper will have to accept the inevitable losses. They can not be restored.

Feed your baby

What other situations can you see in a dream? Feed the child - to implement plans. All conceived at last will come true, all problems will be solved.

If the sick person sees a baby feeding in a dream, his health will soon return. For a woman, a dream of breastfeeding a baby in a crowded place means that her secrets and secrets will be revealed. There will be gossip that will damage its reputation. Do not try to justify yourself before people. It is better to wait out - then the gossip will come to naught.

When the milk was missing in the dream, it means that the failed projects, the mockery of colleagues are waiting for a dreamer. Failure will pursue it in work, public affairs. If a woman with love and joy is breastfeeding the baby - she can overcome all obstacles and adversities on the way to the cherished dream.

Baby in the carriage

The details of sleep will help to correctly predict the real events. If the baby is comfortable, the stroller is clean and the new one is joyful news, good events are approaching in the life of the sleeper. Everything beautiful and aesthetic dreams about positive changes.

A dirty, untidy stroller, in which there is no child - to betrayal of a loved one. Possible cheating favorite, which will inevitably lead to parting. After such a dream, it is not necessary to take on new business - they will fail and bring disappointment.

If a woman took the baby out of the stroller and took it in her arms - she will have a harmonious happy marriage with her beloved person. Such a dream portends a family idyll that will last for many years.

If the carriage has a neglected appearance, and the child has dirty diapers - the dreamer is facing legal proceedings, unpleasant worries. Broken transport means that in front of you waiting for loss, parting with close people.

A dreamer who sees himself in a wheelchair as a child should immediately postpone all matters. He needs a full rest. Otherwise, overvoltage can lead to failure.

Unexpected gifts and acquisitions await the one who found in the dream a baby carriage. A dreamer in real life will receive something from which he will rejoice, like a child.

See your own children

If a woman has dreamed of a child (her son or daughter), such a dream means possible problems. The subconscious mind warns her that soon there will be mutual misunderstanding. You should pay more attention to your child, try to eliminate the troubles that have arisen.

Another interpretation of sleep suggests that a son or daughter is waiting for a disease. A timely examination will help prevent an illness.

To see your children in a dream - to the arrival of distant relatives. Or family reunion at a friendly table. Sleep can warn about the imminent wedding of a son or daughter.

If a very thin child is pricked up, unpleasant events are already on the threshold. Bad news, gossip, quarrels, meaningless trouble, illnesses will soon appear in the family. A woman such a dream will bring disappointment. However, do not take to heart future problems. This is a temporary phenomenon, after which the clear days will come again.

If the dreamer saw himself as a child

To be in a dream as a child means that the dreamer feels insecurity in himself. He aspires to support, feels his insecurity in front of the outside world.

If the child looks happy and healthy - in the life of the dreamer, favorable changes are expected. If he is sick and fussy - it is necessary to prepare for serious tests, unpleasant news.

The psychological aspect of this dream speaks of infantilism, inability and unwillingness to take responsibility for one's own deeds and words. The inner child does not want to grow up and accept the realities of life. The subconscious with the help of sleep warns that the sleeper has chosen the wrong road. You should dramatically change your life. Outline the circle of interests, set real goals and methodically pursue them.

Such a dream indicates that the dreamer is still clinging to childish grievances. It is worth forgiving and reconciling with the idea that the past can not be returned. Let go of your grievances and start a new life of self-confident person. Enjoy your dreams!