It happens, sometimes you want to go on a bicycle to a place where a person’s foot has not stepped. Slides, branches, pits are natural obstacles that are very difficult to overcome on this vehicle. Dvuhpodvesny bike - out of this situation. It is specially designed to overcome serious natural obstacles. So which bike is better: dual-mounted or single-hung?

What is a two-suspension

There are three types of bikes in terms of depreciation. They differ among themselves by their emollient properties. So, the two-suspension bike has the highest degree of depreciation among all the others.What to choose: single-suspension or dual-suspension bike? What is the difference? Tips for choosing a bike

What are the bikes

In nature, there is either a single-suspension or dual-suspension bicycle. But there is also a third class - unmarked. Such vehicles do not have shock absorbers at all. They have a stiff fork. All urban, folding and children's two-wheeled friends belong to bespoke bicycles.

Under the single-suspension take an ordinary mountain bike. Their characteristic feature is a rigid frame and a fork, which partly absorbs shocks. In another they are also called hardteit, which means “heavy or strong tail”.

Well, dvuhpodvesy. The British call them fuls (full suspension), which means “full suspension”. They have two shock absorbers that save the lower part of the cyclist from the touchdowns.

Device dvupodves

On all bikes of this type install two forks. From this he began to be called. One - on the front wheel, and the second - on the rear. The front fork is usually made more advanced than on hardtails. It is made with a twenty-centimeter reserve of the working stroke, which is enough for quite serious jumps. The rear shock absorption device is a cylinder with a piston. Inside it is a spring and a special brake fluid, which is compressed by pressure. In fact, it is a hydraulic mechanism.

Where is the two-suspension used

There is a type of cycling called cross-country. This style of riding has already won many cyclists. It mainly contains rugged terrain, mud, snags and holes. Such an extreme way of driving should include the maximum level of protection for both the athlete and the vehicle itself. That is why for this style of riding is chosen dvuhpodvesny bike. That it is most suitable for the requirements that are made by cyclists.

The positives of the fouls

Dvuhpodvesny bike has clearly some advantages over the rest of their fellows. First of all, its permeability is much higher than that of a hardtail. As a result, you can safely cut through the forest paths, our "dead" roads and many other places. Its suspension helps to keep both the cyclist and the transport itself in perfect order.

A very important indicator when driving is grip. Due to the fact that the mountain bike is endowed with a good suspension, all the obstacles that meet the wheels in its path, as if enveloped. Because of this, road grip is only increasing. For this reason, and increases the maneuverability of the bike and the ability to brake. One can not say that they put durable and wide tires on dvuhpodvesy, often with an aggressive protector, which also increase traction.

Another good plus is the absence of vibrations. Well, absence is loudly said. Most likely, all the same mitigation of vibrations. Many of the bumps and defects of the road surface due to good shock absorbers can be hidden, but still it does not guarantee the complete absence of shaking while driving.

Negative side dvuhpodvesov

No matter how strange it sounds, but there are a lot of flaws in the packs that confuse some cyclists. It makes sense to buy a bike of this class only when a person is really going to ride over rough terrain, mountain slopes and forest trails with a lot of hummocks and holes.

Ordinary dvuhpodvesy, which are not intended for any sports competitions, have a huge mass. Their weight can reach up to twenty kilograms. On such a bike it will be very difficult to develop high speed or climb a hill, but hardtail will cope with this very easily. But on the bumps is not so much shakes.

When riding on a flat road in the saddle man constantly shakes. This is due to the fact that when the pedals spin, at this moment oscillations are made. It is their suspension and wants to muffle. From this and starts a person a little rock up and down. Feelings are like walking in a deep pit of mud. To this, of course, you can get used to. By the way, this buildup takes a certain amount of energy. So that fatigue and pain in the legs will remind you very soon.

Full suspension bike: price is everything

It is impossible not to write about the price of the bike. Many newcomers, having learned about dvuhpodvesy, immediately want this for themselves. But first you need to think about everything. There are pseudo-fouls on the market and in shops that only “mow down” for a real bike. In fact, they have one hundred percent worth of pseudo-whips. What it is? This is when they, it seems, are there and maybe even absorb something, but the sensations are completely different. Benefit from this like goat milk. Usually such bikes cost a hundred or two hundred dollars. On the bikes of this price category is the most terrible equipment, especially mechanics. They can be compared with the legendary Ashanbike, which won fame as the most terrible bikes. Many of the components of cheap double overhangs will be made, of course, in China, which means that the quality leaves much to be desired. In addition, the weight of such a bike will reach about twenty kilograms. Who needs it at all?

Since the price issue when choosing something is very important, then we can say at once: really worthy of attention bicycles with two suspensions will go from one thousand US dollars. According to the class, they will still be considered amateur. If you need a good professional bike, you need to lay out more than one thousand green bills for such pleasure. Therefore, before buying dvuhpodvesa should think carefully, and is it worth it to buy it.

Folding dvuhvodnyy bike: is it possible

The designers have already reached the double girders. Trying to please potential buyers, the bicycle manufacturing companies somehow created a foldable ful, which immediately interested cyclists. What is this vehicle, and what are its capabilities?

Such skladniki produces many firms. One of the famous - “Land Rover”, “Hummer” and “Onibike”. You also need to pay attention to the price of this product. On average, such bikes can cost about twenty thousand rubles. It all depends on the components and build quality.

Pros and cons of a collapsible bike

Such a bike differs from conventional folding only in that it has a rear and front suspension. Plus it is that in the folded state, it takes up very little space. If there is no place to put your bike in the apartment, then the skladnik will be a real find. Due to this property, it is often taken by a lot of traveling people. Folded and threw in the trunk. It will also easily fit in a bag in which you can take it with you on the subway or train.

Well, let's start about the bad. Do not forget that the weight does not go anywhere. He weighed twenty kilograms, and will weigh the same. Due to the fact that there is a folding mechanism that connects the two halves of the frame, the reliability of such a bike deteriorates several times. This bike will lose all the qualities of this two-suspension - endurance, unpretentiousness and reliability of the design. On such a bike you no longer jump from slides and bumps. It turns into a simple skladnik not intended for cross-country. It makes sense to buy it only when you need to save space.

A bit about “Stealth”

Dvukhpodvesny bicycle Stels - a favorite negotiable object among cyclists. Stealth is a Russian bicycle company. A separate topic is dvuhpodvesy. Often, reviews of these models are unsatisfactory, and sometimes sharply negative color. It can be seen, have not yet learned their designers to produce high-quality equipment.

A separate model “Stealth Navigator” (the most expensive) deserves attention from buyers. According to numerous reviews, this is a pretty good technique that can really compete with the rest.

Dvuhpodvesh travel

If we talk about long cycling trips, then the full here is clearly losing. It's all about his huge weight. Before you go hiking, you need to install the trunk on a full-bodied bicycle, fenders, flashlight. All this is overweight. Such a bike will really weigh very much, so it will be very difficult to travel on it comfortably.