What are the goals and objectives? How to identify them, starting a new project? These issues concern not only modern entrepreneurs, but also modern schoolchildren. According to the new federal educational standards of the second generation, all pupils of secondary schools should engage in project or research activities.

What are project goals and objectives?

Goal setting

How to define in the project goals, objectives, methods? It’s quite difficult for a child to do this independently, so it’s important to accompany his project activities by an experienced teacher. It is the teacher who helps the student to set goals and objectives of the work, to choose the methods of the experiment. In order to develop an algorithm for the entire subsequent project, it is important to set the goal correctly. It should be clear, specific, understandable for the student. In addition, it is important that the goals and objectives set are realistic, relevant for a particular locality, educational institution.

Examples of goal setting

Energy saving in the modern educational process is given special attention. The topic is so relevant and timely that it is often the guys who choose to conduct their own research and development projects. What goal can be defined for such work? For example, to analyze the relationship between measures for the insulation of an apartment (house) and energy saving. The project on the analysis of the psychological attitude of children in the educational process can be offered to children of the senior classes. The goals and objectives of this work are related to the study of the psychological characteristics of each school age, conducting a sociological anonymous survey, analysis of the results. Based on the obtained results, the subsequent work is built, the methods and technologies of work on the study are selected.

Selection of tasks

In order to correctly select and formulate the main goals and objectives, the analyzed topic should be relevant. What is meant by this term? Of interest are those studies and projects whose results have practical value for a specific field of activity, a particular region, school, class. For example, determining the level of compliance of homework with the physiological features of schoolchildren is relevant for a particular class. Identification of anthropogenic sources of air pollution is relevant for a particular area.

Project examples

Consider a few specific projects that implement the concept in question. Goals and objectives are set on the basis of the chosen subject of work. For example, the work of “Marine valor of Russia” may set the following goal: preserving the memory of Pakhtusov Peter Kuzmich, who contributed to the development of the territories of the North and their connection to the Russian Empire through public information.

The main tasks for such a project can be formulated as follows:

  • to study the life and activity of Pakhtusov PK;
  • analyze the contribution of Pakhtusov PK to the development of the territory of the North;
  • find the burial place of Pakhtusov PK;
  • find a monument to Pakhtusov P.K .;
  • share the results of working with the public.

The hypothesis for the work can be made the following thought: the activities of Pyotr Kuzmich Pakhtusov identified an important role in the exploration of the expanses of the North.

In order to choose an algorithm of actions, certain methods will be required: collecting information on the problem of research, conducting a sociological research, statistical processing of the results obtained.

For the project “Landscape design of a garden plot with your own hands using waste natural materials”, the main goal will be to develop an individual landscape on a personal garden plot with minimal expenses. You can set the following tasks for the project:

  • review of magazines on landscape design;
  • selection of materials for work;
  • analysis of the environmental and economic component of the work;
  • development of the design of the garden plot;
  • conclusions and suggestions on the research problem.


The question of the correct choice of goals and the setting of tasks is relevant for all spheres of activity of a modern person. The final result of the whole work directly depends on the correctness of their statement.